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P.A.S Chapter 83: War!

And just after most of the guards of King Earl boarded on the marine warship, Big Mom’s Ship was already a few hundred meters away.

It was a large ship with many enormous canons, but even so, its firepower was still inferior to the marine warships.

The marine warship had the most powerful firepower in the world.


For this level of battle, pure firepower was negligible and wouldn’t affect the battle outcome greatly. For high ranked marine officers and pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million, the shells hardly posed a threat.

Whether it was avoided or split into two, it could be easily solved.

“Report to Lord Baron… King Earl’s ship was spotted.”

On Big Mon pirates’ ship, a pirate put down his long binocular and stood in front of the deck, wearing sunglasses, a magenta teacup was on his head, and an egg shell-like shape went up to his belly.

Baron Tamago, holding a walking stick, reached out to the teacup on his head, took a sip of tea, while looking at the sea in front of the ship: “Bon, I did not expect that he would be escorted by a warship, troublesome…”

“Mama must take King Earl’s head, we can’t help it.”

Pekoms stood aside and said with a helpless tone, then added: “Well, he is a fool for stopping the supply of ingredients for mama’s banquet, and now she is furious. Now, only his life could calm her down, gao.”

Baron Tamago sighed: “Bon, Let’s hope that his meaningless life stops her rage-soir.”


As the warship entered the attack range, Baron Tamago had no intention to communicate with the marines, and just waved his cane, issuing the attack order.

In an instant, all the canons were fired at once.

Almost at the same time, Bastille waved his hand violently, yelling: “Bombard them! Sink their ship!”

Originally, Bastille’s plan was to delay the fight the maximum, to give the king time to escape and wait for the support coming from nearby marine branches, but as the pirates’ ship approached, they started preparing their canons, aiming at the warship. Obviously, they were getting ready for battle without a prior warning.

Bastille wouldn’t just cross his hand watching the enemy attacking. Hence, he ordered his crew to be on guard. At the same time that the pirates’ ship launched its attack, he also issued the attack order simultaneously.

boom! boom! boom!

The firepower of the warship was superior to that of Big Mom’s pirate ship, the shells fired by the warship was almost twice the amount fired by the pirates. In addition, the warship had three immense canons, which fired heavy and powerful shells.

“It’s a marine warship. Its artillery power shouldn’t be underestimated. It will be very troublesome if our ship got destroyed-soir…”

Baron Tamago said as he saw the sky filled with flying shells.


At the next moment, Baron Tamago jumped up and rushed towards the shells.

Suddenly, his long wooden cane turned into a cane sword. Waving his light sword, the huge shell was split into two parts.


The cut shell exploded in the air.

At the same time, Pekoms also jumped up, hid within his turtle-like shell, and directly slammed the second heavy cannonball.


It exploded suddenly, blasting Pekoms back onto the ship.

Some black gunpowder appeared on Pekoms’ shell, but he suffered no damage, and he immediately returned to his normal state.

“That guy is… Baron Tamago with a bounty of 341 million Berries.”

“Pekoms is also with him! This mink has a bounty of 210 million Berries.”

On the warship, the marine recognized the identity of Baron Tamago and Pekoms who destroyed the heavy cannon shells.

Bastille, holding his huge sword, stood on the deck, looking at Big Mom’s Pirates ship sinking: “Do you see any other cadres?!”

In addition to their captain Charlotte Linlin, Big Mom pirates had 3 sweet commanders generals, all of which had a powerful presence in the new world. Big Mom obviously didn’t come in person for such trivial matter, but one of the sweet generals could be on board of the ship, which would worsen the situation.

“No other cadres were found.”

The captain said as he cut a cannonball with his sword, then added: “But these two…are strong…”

Even if there was no sweet general, dealing with just Baron Tamago and Pekoms was troublesome. After all, the marine warship had only the rear admiral, Bastille, which was capable to hold his grounds against them, however, it wasn’t necessary to win the fight.

Although Bastille was considerate as one of the strongest HQ rear admirals, both of them were high ranked officers at the Big Mom pirates with a bounty of more than 200 and 300 million!

“Continue firing!”

After giving orders to keep firing the canons, Bastille tuned to the captain standing next to him and said: “These two…they are too much for us to handle, but as long as we can wreck their ship will be able to win!”

Bastille knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight Baron and Pekoms on his own, and the five captains with him wouldn’t be able to do much.

The only advantage the marines had was that they outnumbered the pirates, in addition to the warship’s cannons, which could suppress the other side.


“Sink them!”

“Don’t hold back!! There is nothing to be afraid of.”

There were captains and commander and other officers, roaring while resisting the cannonballs, boosting the other soldiers’ morale.

Baron Tamago kept swinging his sword against the shells, sighed softly, then said: “There is no end of this. We need to do something! Approach the enemy!”

“the warship’s cannons are too much trouble, gao, let’s rush over and tear them apart.”

Pekoms kept resisting the shells, then flew back, and gave the same orders as Baron.

Amidst the artillery fire, the pirates’ ship quickly approached the warship.

“They’re coming! Rear admiral Bastille!”

“At such a close distance, it would be impossible to avoid hand to hand combat!”

Seeing the pirates’ ship approaching, most of the marine officers gathered beside Bastille, and gritted their teeth, getting ready for the battle.

“Don’t be afraid! We got this!”

Bastille shouted loudly: “The first squad, the second squad, the third squad, go to the deck to encounter the enemy, the fourth squad, the fifth team go cover the stern, the sixth and seventh, cover the top of the cabin. Shoot directly any pirate set foot on the warship. Finally, the eighth, ninth, and tenth teams follow my lead! “

“Our forces are strong enough to wipe them out! “

Hear Bastille’s words and orders, the steady voice immediately calmed down the many panicked marines. All clenched their weapons in their hands, and snarled in response.

But Bastille, the one in charge of all these teams, secretly gritted his teeth afterward. Although they outnumber the enemies, Baron and Pekoms were indeed big trouble!

[What should we do…How to resist this?!]