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P.A.S Chapter 82: Crisis

“Why is Big Mom Pirates here?”

Bastille hurriedly snatched the telescope from the hands of the watchman, looking at the far away ship in the sea.

After checking the ship’s flag several times, and confirming that it was indeed Big Mom Pirates, Bastille was frozen in place, with a forehead overflowed with cold sweat. His face was pale and uncertain under his grey mask.

“Rear admiral Bastille…Should we steer away from their ship? we will definitely encounter them if we remain on the same track!”

The captain next to Bastille warned him with a trembling voice.

If there was a vice admiral, three or more rear admirals on the warship, even if they encountered the Big Mom Pirates, they would never retreat, but this was a simple escort mission to North Blue, and only Bastille, a rear admiral, was dispatched. Who would predict that they will encounter BIGMOM Pirates there?!

Bastille, with a sullen face, startled for a bit. Before he started giving orders, he took out the Den Den Mushi and quickly dialed the marine headquarters.

The officer who answered the call from the headquarters was Aokiji, the admiral.

“Alala, the Big Mom’s ship appeared in the North Blue?”

Aokiji, which was lying lazily on the chair, immediately got up after receiving the call, and his expression became serious, saying: “You are carrying out an Escort mission, right? “

” Yes.”

“Immediately change course and avoid any conflict with Big Mom Pirates. “

Aokiji nodded slightly, then gave orders without hesitation.

Although they had no idea about the Big Mom Pirates intentions appearing in such area, or the crew members on board of the ship, it was too dangerous to face such pirate group with a warship having only a rear admiral on board.

On top of that, the Noonal waters, were so far away from the HQ, that support wouldn’t arrive on time, even if they leave the HQ immediately.

Besides, it was an escort mission. Hence, the protection of King Earl was undoubtedly the most important thing, which obliges Bastille’s warship to avoid any unnecessary conflict that would endanger his life, let alone facing one of the Yonko.

Although it was very humiliating for the marines to take the initiative to avoid pirates, it was more important to complete the mission successfully.

“Hai, sir!”

Bastille also knew that very well. Although he was depressed, he responded immediately. After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, he ordered his crew to deviate the course 30 degrees towards the North-East to avoid the Big Mom’s ship.


Even though the warship changed its course, the Big Mom’s ship didn’t completely disappear from their field of vision. Instead, it became more and more clear!

Bastille stood on the deck, looking at the ship of the Big Mom pirates Group, which was gradually approaching, having an ugly expression on his face, he said: “It does not seem that we encountered each other by chance. They are here for us!”

In general, pirates wouldn’t just attack a marine warship, and that goes even for the Yonko. So, there was no doubt that this marine warship itself was their target.

And their goal should be evident!

King Earl!

“Go and ask King Earl if something happened between him and Big Mom Pirates!”

Said Bastille to the captain next to him.

If it turned out that Big Mom pirates’ target was King Earl, as an escorting warship, a battle would be inevitable. In any case, it was out of the question to let King Earl fall in pirates’ hands.

Such a disaster would result in huge problems for the marines, the head of the marines would lose face with the world government.

As he heard the words, the captain immediately rushed out of the deck, used Geppo, and landed on the King Earl’s ship.   

At that moment, 

King Earl and his family were gathered on the deck.

They also noticed Big Mom’s ship rushing over, and fear was all over their faces.

As he reached the ship, the captain didn’t give a f*** about etiquettes, and directly said to king Earl: “Have anything happened between you and Big Mom Pirates? Are you targeted by them! The situation is very dangerous now.”

“This … this … “

The king was anxious, unable to talk as if he swallowed his tongue.

As soon as the captain saw his attitude, he knew that something happened, and the king couldn’t reveal it. The captain could not help but shout at him: “King Earl! The situation is so serious, and your lives may be in danger! We must understand the situation, so we can act accordingly! Otherwise, we would not be able to protect you!”

‘’How rude!”

‘’How could you speak to his majesty with such tone!”

Although they were trembling in fear, the royal guards couldn’t stay quiet after witnessing such rudeness toward their king.

King Earl was pale as if he saw a ghost. Seeing the fierce look on the captain’s face, and the ship of the Big Mom Pirates group getting closer and closer, he murmured: “Yes, there are some problems… but I thought I could hide from them…”

As King Earl narrated the story, the captain’s facial expression became awkward.

Being in the middle of losing war with a neighbor kingdom and unable to ask the marines for help, the king contacted the Big Mom Pirate Group for help under desperate circumstances.

And the price was to regularly provide BIG MOM Pirates with one of the top ingredients in their sea area for making desserts.

Till last month, the king was fulfilling his part of the bargain…

However, last month, the ship carrying the ingredients encountered a storm and was swallowed by the sea. And the spare ingredients, stocked, were mostly damaged by fire. The remaining ingredients were not enough to meet the required amount.

Hence, the Big Mom Pirates didn’t get the ingredients and suddenly went rampage like tigers broken free out of their cages, revealing their fangs. Being afraid of the Big Mom pirates, King Earl brought his royal family to the world government, trying to gain some time.

He thought about procrastinating for a month, till the storm calm down, and next month he would replenish the ingredients and send some more treasures, which should solve the problem.

A month passed, and the king intended to return to his kingdom to solve the problem as he planned, but unexpectedly the Big Mom Pirate’s ship was waiting for him. The captain couldn’t hold himself and shouted angrily:

“How could you make a deal with pirates! King Earl! You should be more than aware that deals with pirates most of the time ends with blood paths…”

“The only way to solve such mess is for you to go and negotiate with them!”

When King Earl heard the captain’s words, he backed off in fear, and almost fell, then said: “No…no…no! I can’t! I can’t go to them…Please protect my family… How could the marines let pirates do as they wish?”

Even if the negotiation was needed, the king wouldn’t dare to face the BIG MOM Pirates in person. At most, he would send some of his subordinates or use Den Den Mushi to contact them, and even if he did it, he would receive one obvious answer ‘Mom is furious and does not want to communicate with you’.

The captain was so pissed, but he couldn’t ignore the royal family.

He said: “King Earl, take the boat and leave immediately with your family. The marines will deal with the pirates… Another thing, leave your guard behind, we need troops! “

“Okay, okay.”

King Earl nodded and directed his men to support the marine warship.