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P.A.S Chapter 81: Big Mom Pirates

With this discus inscribed with a rune and a magic shield, Ron’s thoughts flowed like a tide.

Even if it was a low-level shield, and it could only be released three or four times at most, it still opened doors to other new possibilities.

The possibility of changing the world!

If he could find a more suitable material, he could create magical items, with a stronger bearing capacity and capability to release more power than this inferior discus.

If the enchantment of the Holy Shield barrier could exert power close to the ordinary magic barrier, it would withstand any type of firearm.

If these magical items could be mass-produced, the significance brought would be unimaginable.

Such products would be standing at the apex of this world, rivaling Vegapunk’s technologies, which was leading the world for the last 500 years, and even surpass it. It was a force that could rewrite the era!

Not only science and technology machinery, even Haki and devil fruits, could be overshadowed by the power of magic!

“Change the world … that must be one of the ultimate achievements.”

Ron couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Although it did not appear on the achievement interface, he could vaguely guess that there must be such an achievement. He was sure that it would be written on top of the achievement interface, with golden-like texture!

“We are at the dawn of a new era!”

Ron smiled.

The age of pirates would meet its end soon.

A new age of Great Magic will rise!

Pirate king, pirates in general, the world government ruling this world for more than eight hundred years, empires and kingdoms, would be nothing but history!

And Ron would stand at the top of this new era of great magic and become its supreme god (Dharma)!

With his current mental power and state of mind, Ron couldn’t help feeling so excited, and getting lost in his dreams, his ambitions to be more precise.

Ron took a deep breath and slowly regained his composure.

At that time, he didn’t have the ability to rewrite the world, yet. First of all, he did not know if there was any material that could perfectly hold magic. Secondly, his current strength, once he starts revealing the existence of such magic equipment and mass-produces it, the world government, without a doubt, would directly ban them.

The world government would not care if some Individuals possessed certain special abilities, but if something came up, capable of changing the world, it would definitely act and suppress such a threat. The world government will never sit idly by.

Not just the world government.

All other top powers, the Yonko, the Revolutionary Army, the underworld forces, would act!

“Not yet…”

“Can’t take the magical item out yet…”

Ron took a deep breath.

At the same time, he still didn’t have the ability to mass-produce it yet. It’s just that he didn’t know what material could hold magic, and there were only two people who could make these magical items.

But soon, he would be strong enough to get a higher level of magical marks and grant it to suitable people. At that time, it would be the right moment to introduce the magical props!

Ron stared at the discus in his hand.

A few seconds later, his mental power gushed out, wrapped the discus, and instantly destroyed the inscribed rune completely, turning the discus into a scrap.

Then he left the training room.

There were only a few marine officers left, standing there amazed, staring at Ron, trying to figure out what he was doing, wondering what Ron was doing with the discus, sometimes crying and laughing in others.

“That guy…is a recruit from the headquarters.”

“I heard.”

“He seems a bit abnormal, facing the discus that way…”

The officers kept whispering.

Ron was just a marine trainee, but he broke the discus easily. In addition, his strange behavior made surrounding marine officers careful to not approach or provoke him.

[It would be better to avoid someone mentally unstable…]

Ron gave up the study of enchantment for the moment.

Although the ‘’Enchanter’’ achievement could be easily done, it was not suitable to do on the warship. It would be better to find a more suitable place and then quietly achieve it.

Ron took a deep breath and decided to leave the enchantment dilemma for another time. He thought that he should focus on the exploration of the runes of the guardian department for the time being. Since the “amplification” rune couldn’t build the second-level guardian magic, he had to explore other derivative runes.

Ron went back to his rune exploration, as the warship was gradually approaching the waters where the Earl’s Kingdom was located.

Since the Kingdom was located in North Blue, the chief officer on the warship who was responsible for this escort mission was only a rear admiral.

“Are we there yet?”

Rear admiral Bastille, wearing a perforated gray mask with curved bull horns, wearing his justice cloak, asked the captain next to him.

The captain nodded and said: “We are currently at the Noonal sea, and we will soon reach the Earl Kingdom.”

Then the captain added: “It is just an escort mission in North Blue. Isn’t rear admiral Bastille a bit too serious?”

“Don’t slack off.”

Bastille said calmly: “No matter where we are, during an escort mission, we have to stay alert, we can only relax after we reach our destination.”

The captain shrugged and said:” We already reached the North Blue waters…Nothing could happen.”


Bastille nodded.

Having arrived at the North Blue, no matter what trouble they would face, it would be minor. Even if they encountered the strongest pirates in this area, they would be wiped out effortlessly. Compared to the Grand Line, this area was a mere child’s playground.

However, suddenly, a loud shouting was heard.


Bastille looked up and saw the watchman with the binoculars in his hand. As he descended from the observation deck at the top of the sail, he rushed in panic.

“Rear admiral Bastille! Thirty degrees to the port side, a pirate ship was spotted!”

“Why the panic?”

As Bastille saw the watchman’s horrified, he could not help but scream: “What a pirate? Did you recognize their flag? “

Most of the officers from the headquarters, wouldn’t recognize most of North blue’s pirates, unless they were one of the strongest in the area, but an HQ rear admiral would crash them instantly.

The watchman was all sweating, still in shock, unable to talk, his forehead even overflowed…. Then he said trembling:

“The… the flag of the Pirate Ship… It is the Big Mon Pirates!”

“Nani?! (What?!)”

Hearing the Big Mom name, Bastille couldn’t help but take a few steps backward, he raised both hands and yelled at the watchman, saying: “What did you say? “

The watchman was sweating heavily:” I have confirmed it many times. It is indeed the ship of the Big Mom Pirate Group…and no one would dare to use the flag of one of the Yonko…”