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P.A.S Chapter 80: Eternal Runes and Enchantment


The third time still failed, but he completed 40% of the whole process.

The fourth time…

The fifth time…

The sixth time…

Then other six or seven consecutive failures, which drained a lot of Ron’s mental powers. He meditated a bit to restore his spiritual energy, and then started again.

On the twenty-third time, Ron completed the combination, but the result was a failure. As he guessed, this combination would not release second-level magic.

The first combination failed, and Ron began to try the second combination.

After spending nearly half an hour, the second combination was also a complete failure.

Ron frowned at the railing.

“This feeling… what is this…”

Despite the fact that both combinations failed, but Ron had the same strange feeling while trying them.

This feeling couldn’t be explained in words, as if he did nothing wrong.


Ron tried again, and the result was still a failure.

This failure caused Ron to sank into stormy contemplation, his thoughts were flashing quickly. He was standing there like a stone statue, looking up at the sky.

In this confusion and strangeness, Ron’s eyes suddenly widened, and gasped as if he woke up from a nightmare.

“Is that it?!”

Without hesitation, rolling his sleeves, he started forming the runes combination.

That time, when the runes were constructed, instead of the usual three golden light, only two appeared, then extended quickly in the void, and finally, they were combined together.

It did not disappear!

It did not collapse!

Although he didn’t hear any system prompt sound, Ron knew that he was indeed on the right track, and that he successfully created first-level enhanced guardian magic!

It was the same for the fire and wind enhanced abilities, and he named the abilities himself.

“The first-level enhanced magic…”

Ron’s face showed a smile, and as he approached his elf wand to the formed magical circle, the golden Rune swayed instantly, turning into a translucent magic barrier.

This enhanced version was very different from the ordinary magic barrier. It wasn’t just about the same thickness, but also it had a holy shield pattern engraved on its center.

“Well, it looks like it should be called the Holy Shield.”

Ron was standing there, holding his chin, looking up and thinking. An ordinary magic barrier could block the combined second-level magics. He wondered if the Holy Shield could stop the third-level magic attack, but thinking about the huge difference between third-level and second-level magic, he was pretty sure that it shouldn’t work.

If he wanted to block abilities having the same power and scale as his third-level magic, Ron was afraid that he had to master the second-level guardian magic.

“Well, it’s better than nothing.”

Ron tilted his head. In any case, this enhanced version was tougher than his ordinary shield.

Thinking of this, Ron reached out and shattered the eternal Rune on his left hand, preparing to replace it with the eternal Rune of the Holy Shield barrier.


Something unexpected happened.

The golden Rune of the Holy Shield could not be linked with his spirit, and could not be imprinted on his palm. Once imprinted, it would endlessly draw spiritual power, keeping the barrier open, and wouldn’t be closed.

“What the hell?”

Ron was stunned… and couldn’t help but rubbing his temples.
[Does this mean that the Holy Shield is just like any ordinary elemental magic? Requires the construction of a rune to release?]

Although the release time of the Holy barrier was not that long, it was at least 0.5 seconds, which wasn’t short either. There was a huge difference between instant release and 0.5 seconds release!

This deficiency would make the new enhanced version inferior to the ordinary shield!

“The f*** is this?! What should I do now…?”

Ron looked at the golden Rune in the air, twitching the corner of his mouth. He got irritated and waved his elf wand towards the golden Rune to smash it.

Something strange happened again!

As the elf wand touched the golden Rune, Ron felt as if he hit a spider web, and the golden Rune twisted instantly, and immediately wrapped around the elf wand.

At the same time, a system prompt sound rang in Ron’s ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Enchanting Apprentice”, and got 1 achievement point]

Ron froze.

He stared at the elf wand in his hands in amazement, and when the spiritual force penetrated into the wand, he felt that he became able to “enchant” the shield magic Rune on the surface of the wand….

It only took a thought to infuse spiritual power into the Rune.

“This is …”

Ron was shocked for a few seconds, and then immediately summoned the achievement system. Looking at the achievement interface, there were a few more achievements that never appeared before.

[Enchanting Apprentice: Successfully enchant a rune]

[Enchanter: Successfully enchant 30 runes]

[Enchanting Master: 10 Successful high-level enchants]

[Enchanting Grandmaster: 100 Successful high-level enchants]

In addition to the “Enchanting Apprentice”, which was already achieved, there were three other achievements in the same series.

Looking at the new achievement and the elf wand in his hand, Ron gradually showed a sense of awakening.

“It turns out that when it is linked to the spirit, it will continuously extract mental power, so instead of engraving it on the spiritual level, it must be engraved on some material, which is the so-called enchantment.”

Ron’s eyes flickered, and immediately went inside the warship’s cabin, and entered a special training room.

Several marine officers were exercising in the room.

Ron ignored these few people and walked straight to the barbell stand. Standing in front of the discus box, Ron tried to pick the smallest one.

He thought he could pick it up at once, but he couldn’t. Ron twitched the corner of his mouth, and immediately wrapped the discus with his mental strength.

“… It’s too heavy.”

Ron said aloud, relying on his mental strength to pick the discus. It was a disk slightly larger than the palm of his hands, but marked as 100KG.

Holding this discus, Ron walked to the corner of the training room, soon, a golden light spot appeared in the void above the discus, and quickly the Rune of the Holy Shield was engraved.

Afterward, Ron pushed the Rune towards the discus.

A spark!

As the discus touched the Rune, instead of fusing silently like what happened with the elf wand before, it burst a spark.

This scene made several officers in the training room look at each other, turned their heads towards the source of the spark, confused, not knowing what Ron did to the discus.

Ron ignored the surrounding people. He opened his God Mode, and stared at the discus suspended in front of him from a spiritual perspective.

He could see that the golden runes were destroying the structure of the discus, but at the same time, they were also merging with the discus little by little, gradually becoming stable.


The discus stopped sparkling!

Ron reached out and touched the discus.

It seemed like nothing changed, just some texture was added on the discus’ surface, but the Holy Shield was engraved on it, and with a simple injection of spiritual power into it, the Holy Shield would be activated.

Ron did not hesitate to activate the shield rune inscribed in the discus.


The discus vibrated, and a golden light appeared on the surface, forming a magical circle, and a translucent barrier bloomed in front of Ron.

“It’s bad …”

Looking at the barrier, Ron frowned slightly.

It was true that the Holy barrier was released successfully, but it seemed weaker and thinner than the one previously released by the elf wand, and even weaker than the ordinary barrier.

Trying to inject more spiritual powers into the engraved Rune, the later started cracking and cracking.

[Hum, it should be a matter of materials.]

After all, the elf wand was formed by the legendary branch of the World Tree. Ron was standing there, wondering about the fitting composition of materials that could withstand the various elements and spiritual powers.

But even if it was a low-level barrier, being able to engrave the Holy Shield rune on the discus had extraordinary significance for Ron, because of this… He would be able to grant items to others!

This way, he could create magic props!

After a few seconds.

After Ron stopped the infusion of spiritual power, the Holy Shield faded away.

He looked again at the discus in front of him.

There was no change in the discus itself, but there were a lot of tiny cracks, dense interweaving on the texture of the engraved eternal Rune.

“The Rune was destroyed?… No, the eternal Rune exists forever. The Rune isn’t destroyed. It was because of the material of this discus! It wasn’t enough to perfectly support the eternal Rune, so it was damaged.”

Ron stared at the discus carefully, and said to himself.

Judging the Rune and the discus conditions, a discus could be used to release at least two or three Holy Shield barriers. Afterward, it will be completely fragmented and become a heap of waste.