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P.A.S Chapter 79: Escorting mission

“Actually, Chief Instructor Zephyr and I just have different opinions, but today, he was so tense and went too far. However, since Uncle Garp said so…”

Ron smiled and said: “Anyway, it won’t take long before I apply for graduation; I will soon leave the new barracks, and I won’t have anything to do with the instructor Zephyr again.”

Things between Ron and Zephyr weren’t working, and despite the latter behavior, Ron never thought of going so far as to try to kill him.

Moreover, if the storyline followed the path as in the original plot, when the pirates who slaughtered Zephyr’s trainees and cut his arm will be promoted as one of the Shichibukai, Zephyr will immediately rebel against the marines and become an enemy to the marines, pirates and the world government.

Zephyr, who could be called a hero, became a moving corpse since the moment he retired from the admiral post, he became a distorted and broken existence.

Ron didn’t even need to do anything by himself.

He had only to take it easy, and then step by step, he would explore the mysteries of magic, reach the pinnacle of the sea, and then watch Zephyr self-destruction from the top.


Garp shook his head and smiled when he heard Ron’s words.

In fact, he thought that Ron and Zephyr could reconcile, but it was impossible. Ron, who had such strength at a young age, wouldn’t bow his head to Zephyr, and the latter would never admit that he was wrong.

Garp left afterward.

Nami didn’t interrupt their discussion, but as soon as Garp left the house, she looked at Ron in surprise and said: “You fought with the chief instructor of the newcomer camp? I heard that he was a retired admiral, who had some accident.”

Ron smiled indifferently, and said: “It was not a fight, and indeed, he is a former admiral, but don’t worry, there is nothing to be concerned about.”


As Nami heard his Ron, she Rolled his eyes.

Ron killed one of the Don Quixote family’s elite officers before, and he made an enemy of Doflamingo, one of the Shichibukai.

In her imagination, the magician should be respected, noble and calm, but Ron didn’t match any of them…

Ron quickly changed the subject of the discussion, and started talking about the runes and magic. After he got plenty of food and water, he devoted himself to practice.


Three days later.

Under the clear sky, the sea was very calm.

Two ships were sailing on the sea.

One of the ships had the marine flag, it was a marine’s warship, while the other ship had a peculiar logo on its flag, which looked very luxurious and seemed to be a ship of a country’s king.

At that moment.

On the board of warships, many marine soldiers were scattered, patrolling the sea.

Their eyes fell on a young man in a trainee uniform at the stern of the ship.

“What is that recruit doing? Squatting there every day.”

“Who knows…it’s been three days.”

A soldier next to him shrugged and said: “they don’t need to gather, to listen to orders, and then get military merit without doing anything. I am really envious of these recruits…”

There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone, obviously he was very dissatisfied with this situation. After all, he had to patrol in the wind and sun here every day. As the new recruit was just chilling, looking at the scenery every day.

“Hush, be careful! He will hear you!”

A soldier next to him raised his finger on his mouth and made a silent gesture, said: “He is a recruit in the newcomer camp, and he would be a seaman recruit after graduation. You may regret provoking him later. “

“Regret it? how could a mere seaman recruit take charge of the squad being in? “

The other marine soldier couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and said:” Because you will be stuck at this rank forever, hahahahaha”

“Yaro! (jerk)”

On the other side.

Beside the railings at the stern, the recruit, being talked about, was holding a glass-like scepter, looking at the sea. It was Ron!

In the air in front of him.

A golden light spot that could only be seen from a spiritual perspective emerged and extended quickly, transforming into a rune mark.

After the rune mark was formed, it flickered for a moment. It didn’t neither collapse or scatter, instead, it was solidified in the void.

At the same time, a system prompt sound rang in his ear.

“It’s done!”

Ron had a wide smile on his face, looking at the runes: “It is finally completed…a derivative rune that represents ‘amplification’!”

After getting the status of a marine trainee three days ago, Ron received a mission from the office of marine affairs to help in the escort of King Earl and several royal families to return from the world government to their governing country.

Because it was an escort mission, as a marine trainee, he only had to travel with the warship, without any responsibilities, and it was the most suitable mission for Ron, so he took it without hesitation.

Because he was the only marine trainee, so he didn’t have a separate cabin, and Ron couldn’t study the runes there, so he went to the stern.
In the past three days, he was studying the derivative runes of the guardian system, and finally, he unlocked the first derivative rune.

“I don’t know if this derivative rune will be enough for the second-level guardian magic combination.”

Ron thought about it. Although he felt that the basic runes and “amplification” runes might not be able to form a second-level magic, he wanted to try it anyway.

Because he was dealing with the guardian system runes, and it wouldn’t result some type of explosive power, Ron did not fly away, and tried it at the stern.

Basic, Basic, Amplification.

Basic, Amplification, Amplification.

He had only two possibilities, so there was no need to think about it too much.

Ron first tried the first combination.

Because the magic runes of the guardian system were more complicated than the elemental runes, they were difficult to combine. His first attempt was a complete failure.

“Almost one-tenth of my mental power was consumed…”

Feeling the loss of mental power, Ron could not help frowning. The second-level guardian magic mental power’s consumption was really so immense. With a failed attempt, one-tenth of Ron’s mental power was gone…What if it was fully completed?! He was afraid that one-third of his total mental strength would be used!

Ron shook his head helplessly, regained a little of his mental strength a little before starting his second attempt.

The second attempt also failed during the combination process.

But Ron was also not discouraged. After thinking about the reasons for his failure, he began his third attempt.