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P.A.S Chapter 78: I wish he lives longer!

After the sudden interruption of Kizaru, Ron didn’t want to talk to Zephyr anymore.

Strength was paramount.

And Ron was aware that he was still far away from Zephyr’s level. Zephyr relied on his strength and his experience to suppress him, so words were meaningless.

“As for the trainee application, I hope that instructor Zephyr will approve.”

Ron riveted his gaze on Zephyr, and said calmly.

Looking at the direction in which Kizaru left, there was a trace of anger in Zephyr’s eyes. Hearing Ron’s words, he turned around and threw away the application form at him, and said indifferently: “You are following a wrong path, I don’t want you to waste your energy meaninglessly, go back and reflect on yourself! “

” … “

Ron glanced at the application thrown away by Zephyr. Without showing any hint of anger, he calmly said: “That’s excessive.”

“You can’t deny my strength, even if we have different ideas. I have enough military achievement points, and I can apply for graduation at any time. You are overacting!”

“Presumptuous”, Zephyr said with a cold face

“I am in charge of your training Here! Can’t you even understand the basic etiquette when speaking to your instructor?”

“I’m sorry…”

“I have nothing more to discuss with you! Get Lost! “

Ron stared at Zephyr indifferently, and said:” Since this is your attitude…Then, be it. “

Deep inside his heart, Ron wished for Zephyr to live longer, so he could witness the time when Ron reaches the summit of the sea! He hoped for him to live longer, to watch him surpassing the strongest marine and pirates in this world!

It wouldn’t be fun if he couldn’t see his face at that time!

As he finished talking, Ron flew away from the training ground.

It happened that the sky was so dark, and the wind was howling, a thunder burst in the sky, reflecting Ron’s back while flying away, like a white glow under the dim sky.

Looking at this scene, Zephyr slightly startled, but then shouted angrily:

“Insolent Kid!”

“Do you want to have your revenge? This is a joke, this old man will be waiting for you here, continue following that crooked path of yours! Even ten years later, you wouldn’t be able to scratch this old man’s body! ”

Ron disappeared into the sky, without looking behind.

As for Zephyr, who was still angry, stood there roaring, yelling coldly at the many recruits: “Line up! Run with weight! Thirty laps around the square!”

Hearing Zephyr angry tone, many faces were dull, but they couldn’t argue, and started practicing with pale faces.

[This is too much!]

[That b, he angered instructor Zephyr like this and then ran away!]

However, Ron really had some balls, going against Zephyr that way! He was once an admiral, after all!

It was clear to everyone that Ron was so eager to reach higher levels! Excited enough to go against a formal admiral!

It was not just the recruits, but even the rear admiral instructor couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart.

He also felt that Zephyr’s temper was a bit out of control today, but to collide like this with him, Ron was indeed so bold, however, no matter how high his talent was, he would reach higher ranks this way.

And as Zephyr said, if he wouldn’t enhance his physical skills, and keep relying on his devil fruit ability alone, at most, he would be able to reach the level of a vice admiral. It was almost impossible to become an admiral!

The news of the conflict between Ron and Zephyr quickly spread throughout the marine headquarters.

Due to the strength Ron had shown before, the news also reached the ears of the fleet admiral Sengoku.

“This Ron is really …”

Although he also felt that Zephyr was a bit improper in doing things, but the latter was after all a former admiral, and as a chief instructor, he was more stern.

He already knew that Zephyr became short-tempered, and it seemed that Ron was bold enough to piss him too. Sengoku was afraid that this would cause big troubles in the future, even more than Garp.

“Zephyr, he has changed a lot.”

Garp was sitting on the sofa, eating crunchy cookies. Instead of grinning like he used to do, this time, he said in a serious tone.

He looked at the glass of the coffee table in front of him, and saw a back-to-back fighting scene with Zephyr appeared in front of him. He couldn’t help but close his eyes for a while, and then reopen them, showing a hint of sorrow.

“Back in time, Zephyr wouldn’t do something like this. He wouldn’t forgive the government and the marines.”

Carp said with a deep sigh.

Sengoku also fell into silence, and it took him a while before saying a thing: “The Shichibukai system was needed to balance the forces. With such a system, the sea has indeed become a lot more peaceful.”

When the Alliance with the pirates were first mentioned, Zephyr tried his best to oppose it, along with Akainu, they resolutely rejected this system.

However, at that time, Zephyr was a retired admiral, so he no longer had a huge impact. Compared to an admiral, his position as a chief instructor at the new barracks was also too light.

Although Aokiji had an excellent relationship with Zephyr, he remained silent on this matter. On the contrary, Kuzan voted in favor.

The fleet admiral Sengoku, unconditionally supported the government’s decision-making and voted in favor, as for Garp, he abstained from voting as usual. Garp was unwilling to serve as an admiral, let alone intervening in any decision-making matters, he considered them as a pain in the a**.

If a decision made by the world government was opposed by all the senior members of the marines, it might be reconsidered. However, Garp was silent, and Sengoku wasn’t against it. Only one of the admirals opposed it. So, there was no strong objection to prevent the world government from passing this system.

Since that time, Zephyr was completely disappointed with the government and the marines.


Garp looked at the coffee table, and after a few seconds, he stood up and said: “I’ll talk to Ron. Try to find Zephyr and talk to him too.”

Sengoku sighed.

Regardless of whether Ron could become an admiral or not, at this age, with such strength, he would have no problem becoming a vice admiral. Maybe things weren’t working between him and Zephyr, but the latter was only in charge of the newcomer camp, and by the time Ron graduates, there should be no contact between them.

It was hard for Garp to say that Zephyr was mistaken, he could only say that Zephyr went too far. After all, they were fighting side by side, they were comrades that shared both joy and sorrow…Even if Zephyr did something wrong, he couldn’t go against him.

That’s why he thought to start talking with Ron first.


Ron’s home.

“Uncle Garp, welcome. Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you…I didn’t prepare enough food.”

Looking at Garp, appearing with Nami outside the door, Ron couldn’t help but shrug his shoulders.

Not to mention, that even he prepared three servings, or ten servings, it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Garp appetite, which rivaled the one of Luffy.

“Wahahahaha, do not worry about me.”

Garp grinned, walked into the room, and sat down on the chair: “I heard you had a bad time with Zephyr today…ah”

Ron already guessed that it was the reason behind Garp’s sudden visit.

Garp shook his head and said: “Boy, don’t fight with Zephyr, we owe that old man a lot…and also you need his approval for your graduation.”

As he spoke, Garp took out a document, handed to Ron and said with a smile: “Take this…you will need it to start you adventure as a marine trainee.”

Ron took the file, with a smile: “I’ve troubled you enough, but I really didn’t expect things to go that bad with him…I am sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you…thank you uncle Garp”

Because it was Garp’s warship that accompanied him and Nami to the HQ from the beginning, and he often visited his house, Ron had a good relationship with Garp. Along with Nami, they called him ‘’uncle Garp’’, instead of using his marine ranking.