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P.A.S Chapter 77: Admiral’s Strength

Zephyr asked Ron to use his strongest attack, undoubtedly, he wanted to repel it with a single blow to show the power of physical skills, so that the recruits regain their focus on training their bodies.

Ron was not a stingy person.

After all, magic could only be mastered by only a few people, and so was the devil fruits. Most people in this world relied on physical strength.

Ron did not mind to cooperate with Zephyr to guide the recruit. After all, even if he managed to break through Ron’s third-level magic, it wouldn’t be a surprise. He was a former Admiral!

“Since it is the request of Chief Instructor Zephyr, onegaishimasu (Please do your best).”

Ron responded to Zephyr.

He wanted to see the extent of Zephyr’s power, a semi-retired admiral with a broken arm. He was eager to know how big the gap between vice-admiral and an admiral, between him and a general.


Ron floated in the air, and retreated towards the rear, about tens of meters away.

The other recruits standing not far away, started looking at each other stupefied. As they saw Ron distance himself from Zephyr, they unconsciously backed off to the rear.

“Vortex Storm!”

Ron drew out his elf wand without hesitation. As he reached the highest possible altitude, he directly released his strongest attack, the third-level magic “Vortex Storm” of the wind system!


In an instant, a storm gathered and erupted right in front of Zephyr.

Feeling the horrible oppression resonating from the storm core, the expression on the instructor’s face standing next to Zephyr changed instantly, and backed away without hesitation, just like the recruits.

“Not bad.”

Zephyr looked at the storm in front of him, and said indifferently.

He saw this attack before, so he was expecting it or something similar. In his judgment, most of the rear admirals, if not all of them, wouldn’t able to break through such ability. Even HQ vice admirals would have troubles if they get caught, and didn’t take their distance from such attack.


That was just the case for the rear and vice admirals.

The eye of the storm converged, and erupted suddenly, turning into a shock wave, bursting out in all directions.

It was also at that moment that Zephyr made a move. His fist was instantly covered with Haki, and then slammed the erupting vortex core.


The world went quiet.

Under the stunned eyes of many recruits, the storm core burst suddenly.

The shockwave that was about to burst in all directions, under Zephyr’s fist, all rolled backward, leaving a massive rift on the ground, stretching for dozens of meters!

“This is…an Admiral!”

Looking at the scene, Ron’s eyes flickered.

Zephyr was indeed strong, far above Gumir. Even though he was an old man, half retired, and with a broken his arm, but an admiral remains an admiral!

The fleet admiral and the admiral represent the top core of power and strength in the marines, and the vice admirals are only the backbone, as for the gap between vice and rear admirals was even greater.

The third-level magic shattered under the fist of Zephyr!

“Not bad, but that’s it.”

Doing so, Zephyr started talking casually: “No matter what kind of ability you are facing, it could be broken through by a fist covered in Haki.”


As he finished talking, Zephyr’s figure suddenly flickered and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Ron. There was merely one meter between them, and then the instructor stretched his hand in an attempt to grab Ron’s body.

“Your defect is that your body is too weak and too slow!”

“Once your opponent dodges your attack and approaches you, you are doomed!”

Seeing Zephyr suddenly appearing in front of him, Ron was slightly surprised. He did not expect Zephyr to attack him after breaking his magic.

Without hesitation, the magic barrier was released.

Zephyr’s big hands, covered in Haki hit the magic barrier.


The magic barrier shattered instantly.

Zephyr smashed the magic barrier with a single blow. It didn’t even slow him down, and then he pressed into the mental power barrier, and finally pushed Ron’s chest with his open palm.


Ron was blown away in an instant, fell from the sky, and hit the ground with a bang, stones, and dust splashing around.

Seeing this scene, the rear admiral, the other instructor, retreated a little, while twitching his eyebrow.

[Wasn’t that too much…?]

The instructor was looking at Zephyr, but couldn’t say a thing. He saw that Zephyr was so upset with Ron, that he couldn’t defend him at that moment.

“This what happens when you focus solely on enhancing your devil fruit ability, instead of trying to cover the shortcomings and weaknesses of your body skills.”

Zephyr flew down from the air, looking at the dusty front, speaking in a stern tone, then turned his head to look at the shocked recruits standing not far away: “While training your body skills, you can achieve an all-round improvement, without defects and shortcomings!”

“And if your body becomes strong enough, having a devil fruit ability, would be like icing on the cake. Just an enhancement! “

The many recruits were stunned while hearing Zephyr’s words.

No one could blame them. They just witnessed a complete overwhelming power! The way Zephyr broke through Ron’s tremendous magic attack like it was nothing, the Soru he used to come to Ron instantly, his defense, strength, and speed were a huge shock for the recruits!

“Strong … Too strong …”

“If only I could reach 30% of instructor Zephyr’s strength, it would be more than enough.”

“30%? You are daydreaming… with our qualifications, I’m afraid we won’t be able to reach even 10%…”

Many recruits gradually recovered from the shock.

And at the same time, from the dusty place in distance, a rock clanging sound was heard, and suddenly Ron’s figure appeared flying out of the dust.

There was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

Ron looked at Zephyr with cold eyes.

‘Too far.’

‘Zephyr, you went too far.’

Ron didn’t mind Zephyr breaking his third-level magic, to explain to the recruits. That should be it, but the subsequent blow was completely unnecessary! It was just bullying!

Although Zephyr’s attack shouldn’t be deadly, it could result in serious damage. If it wasn’t for his stone armor, and his mental power shield wrapped around his body to slow down the impact of falling, he could get heavily injured.

Ron didn’t care about Zephyr teaching or demonstrating his body skills and abilities to the recruits, but taking advantage of the demonstration to attack him in such manner, was too much that Ron couldn’t accept.

Such behavior was excessive.

“If you can use your ability to kill your opponent in one shot, then why bother to enhance your body skills?”

Without wiping the blood on his mouth, Ron refuted Zephyr coldly.

Zephyr snorted and said: “Those who have a strong body, wouldn’t be killed in a single attack! If you don’t pay attention to your physical strength, your end will be soon!”

“If that was the case, then it would be because the abilities are too weak. Not his body skills are too strong!”

Ron said calmly: “If you can’t kill with one blow, then you need to continue improving your abilities to be able to do so… Even if you couldn’t finish him, then a heavy blow resulting in heavy damage would be more than enough. Just finish him afterward!”

“Nonsense!” Zephyr shouted.

“This old man sailed all the seas, and countless pirates were captured by these hands. I dealt with powerful people than you can’t even imagine how strong they were. And you are still questioning this old man’s concepts?! Relying on your devil fruit ability, neglecting your body skills, you will never be strong! “

” Yeah, that’s right… “

Ron looked at Zephyr coldly.

Zephyr’s words happened to be heard by someone who noticed the fuss down there.

“…Zephyr-San, this is too arbitrary. Focusing on the development of some abilities could be more profitable than just physical training.”

A joking-like voice came from far away.

The crowds turned their heads and found Kizaru standing there, with his hands in his pockets.


Zephyr’s face suddenly turned cold when he noticed Kizaru.

Kizaru did not conflict with Zephyr, he narrowed his eyes and smiled, saying: “Zephyr-San, continue your lecture, I was just passing by, don’t mind me, don’t mind me.”


As he finished talking, Kizaru’s figure flickered and disappeared instantly.

Thanks to his Pika Pika no Mi ability, the short-distance movement could be achieved near instantaneously.

Looking for Kizaru, the recruits were surprised by him appearing again in front of the fortress. He already crossed the square in an instant, and then walked inside the stronghold.

His speed was beyond imagination.

Even compared to Zephyr’s speed, Kizaru’s speed was at another level!

“That’s…Admiral Borsalino!”

“… that speed, is he even a human?!”

Many recruits looked at this scene, amazed.