Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 16 The Assemble

The next day, it was bright.

Rhodes stopped the lightning forging body technique, glanced at the attribute bar, and the two points of energy were increased, so he couldn’t help but be slightly startled.

Usually, a night of lightning forging will only add a bit of energy.

“Is it because I cut off that big snake yesterday?”

Rhodes touched his chin. It seemed that the stronger the enemy, the more efficient it would be to obtain energy from battles.

Either way, let’s find breakfast first.

Rhodes took a deep breath, the forest’s air in the morning was exceptionally fresh and refreshing.

He glanced around, and his eyes quickly locked onto a large ox that was grazing leisurely.

This ox is more than two meters tall, with a yellow-orange body, and the horns between its foreheads are pointing straight to the sky and seemed extremely sharp.

“It’s going to be you.”

Rhodes smiled and rushed up.


He was extremely fast and brought with him a gust of wind with great momentum.

The big yellow ox managed to survive in this forest to this day, and there is no doubt about its vigilance. It reacted instantly and looked at Rhodes.


It screamed in anger after being interrupted at breakfast, then its hoof trampled the ground, and rushed over without showing weakness, while its pair of horns were glowing with brilliant light.

“Ouff, someone is being moody in the morning.”

Rhodes shook his head, and before he got any closer, he suddenly waved his sword.


Light blue sword energy suddenly shot out from the blade, tore through the air, and head at the bull’s head as fast as lightning.


The dazzling thunder light burst, mixed with the sharpness of sword energy.

In an instant, the energy sword cut hit the big ox’s iron head and swept behind him to the forest. Blood was dripping, and both bull’s eyes were blinded, and his mouth was opened incessantly; it was still alive.

“The power of a long-range slash is really not comparable to a full strike.”

In the blink of an eye, Rhodes passed by the big ox, and the strong wind blew the hair flying all over its body.

Following the inertia, the big yellow ox still walked forward for three or four meters, before its head slid to the side suddenly, rolled to the ground, then blood spurted out like spring water.

With his back pointing to the big ox, Rhodes put his sword into the sheath, collected materials on the spot, and prepared to make a feast of beef.


The fire burned, and the grease fell into the fire and chirped.

Rhodes pondered quietly while biting the big beef shank.

Sword Qi is a long-range attack method for swordsmen, and it is only natural that its power is not as powerful as a true slash.

However, sword Qi, as one of the signature techniques of swordsmen, is also the most handsome ability.

During the war, the world’s largest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, split the earth with a single strike of sword energy, cut off icebergs, and shocked the whole world, declaring that he was truly worthy of the name of the strongest swordsman. He was really cool.

“The essence of sword Qi is that the swordsman compresses and condenses the power of the slash to a certain extent, and then burst it out to form a flying slash.”

This involves physical strength and a certain level of comprehension of swordsmanship. The two are complementary effects.

The stronger the physical strength, and the deeper the understanding, the more condensed the sword energy will be, the stronger the power, and the farther the attack distance.

Rhodes’ physical fitness has been tempered by lightning for more than a month. Compared with when he first came to this world, of course, he is much stronger.

But compared to the powerhouses who really entered the threshold, he’s still relatively immature.

Just like what Koala said, if its strength and speed competition, any swordsman can suppress him.

“However, with the lightning enhancing his physical strength, in terms of basic speed, and strength, he should be relatively close.”

Rhodes narrowed his eyes slightly. As for the comprehension of swordsmanship, with the powerful talent of swordsmanship specialists, he will never be weaker than anyone!

“Fight during the day, gain energy, and perform lightning forging at night, this is going to be my training menu to strengthen your body! “

Rhode’s path is extremely clear, he just needs to keep walking step by step, and it won’t take long before he finally gets rid of the title of “the weakest swordsman in history”.


Two days passed quickly.

The time for the mission finally came to an end. The assembly signal of the revolutionary army resounded on the island, so the reservists stopped their actions one after another and headed for the assembly point.

In the forest.

There were five dark shadows constantly attacking a handsome young man.

Those five black shadows belonged to lynxes. They were extremely flexible, fast as lightning, and has sharp claws, with a physique comparable to a tiger, they were one of the top predators in the jungle.

However, under these lynxes’ attacks, the young man was like a stroll in the courtyard, his posture was relaxed and calm as water, and he unbelievably avoided the attacks of these minions from all directions in a lighthearted manner.

This sharpness is truly amazing.

“The mission is already over?”

“Then I won’t play with you anymore.”

Hearing the sound of the horn that spread all over the island, Rhodes smiled lightly, then suddenly grabbed the hilt of the sword, and then slashed out.


The light blue sword energy bloomed as an arc, sweeping in all directions.

The surrounding lynxes were caught off guard, and they were slashed by this sword energy, and they were thrown out one by one.

The burst of sword energy at such a close range was completely powerful enough to cut through the lynxes’ not-too-tough skin and bones, causing them fatal damage.

At the same time, the power of thunder attached to the sword energy also made these lynxes lose their resistance.

One cut, five kills.

With a bang, Rhodes put his sword back into the sheath and then walked towards the assembly point.

When Rhodes came to the coast, the place was already full of reservists. He glanced at it. Rez and others were among them. Although they were injured a little and looked a little embarrassed, they were in good spirits.

Nia was there too and seemed to be chatting with friends.

Rhode was not interested in chatting with people, so he walked aside on his own, then opened the properties bar to take a look.

“When I first came to the island, I had a total of seventy-three energy points. Is it eighty-eight now?”

Rhodes was not surprised.

In the next two days, as more powerful beasts were killed, it was difficult for him to find powerful creatures, and the energy obtained would naturally be a little less. If he hadn’t found these powerful lynxes at the end of the day he would have gained much lesser.

However, this is enough. With fifteen points of energy, his lightning power got very strong.

“This kid is too lonely.”

Seeing Rhodes standing alone, and didn’t come to chat with the team members like everyone, Nia couldn’t help but shake her head slightly.

“But he also has some good standards. With his talent, I’m afraid he will soon leave the reserve force.”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look at the young man standing alone at the other end of the crowd.

“I wonder how Shanoa performed on this mission?”
(T/N: Made a mistake last chapter it’s Shanoa, like the character from Castlevania, not Shanon.)

“I heard that she fought against a group of crocodiles alone and killed them all!”

“Rhod’s attack power is strong too. It is really difficult for us to be compared to him in this regard.”

The captains talked a lot, and all looked at the proud young swordsman with awe-filled eyes.

There are also levels among the captains, and Shanoa is clearly ahead of them.

Nia looked funny. Four crocodiles? That cannot be compared to a big snake, right?

However, she really didn’t know which of the two swordsmen is more powerful.

She thought about it for a while but still felt that if Shanoa is seven out of ten, Rhodes is only three.

After all, although Rhodes mastered the power of lightning, he can’t even match Shanoa in physical strength, since he didn’t learn the Rokushiki yet.