Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 15 One Cut!


The big snake finally felt that something was wrong, and turned its head back suddenly, and hissed when it saw that big sword in the sky.

It was suddenly startled, and the scales all over its body stood upright, like a cat with fried fur. When it was about to retreat, it saw Rhodes, who was holding the long sword, wave it gently.


Words cannot describe the sharpness of this sword!

When that sword fell, it felt that even heaven and the earth could be split into two pieces. All the people watching the battle, couldn’t help but feel the sharpness of that sword on their bodies.

The Lightning Sword brought a series of afterimages that cut through the sky, and then directly cut through the snake’s head.

The snake body with the thickness of the bucket, and the extremely hard scales, felt like paper paste under the sword of lightning.


The big snake let out a piercing roar.

Its snake head slid down as the long sword slashed through it, and a stream of blood spurted out of it, and the wound was charred black.


The body of the snake that was more than ten meters high fell from the sky and landed in the mountains and forests, causing the dust to raise up to the sky.

The big snake that had been dormant for decades was slaughtered as soon as it appeared, and killed by Rhodes’ sword.


Nia at the bottom was left dumbfounded, who she was trying to save?

Also, why is this kid Rhodes so powerful?

Isn’t his Doroki only 249?

Also, what the hell is this exaggerated power of lightning?

Is Rhode a person who ate a lightning fruit??

A series of questions popped up in her mind, and Nia couldn’t find any answers to them. The iron rod in her hand fell to the ground with a bang, but she didn’t realize it, her face was still sluggish as if she couldn’t believe what she saw with her own eyes.

But the snake body that was cut into two pieces on the ground was irrefutable proof and reminded her times and times again that what Rhodes has just done, is something earth-shattering.

Even Koala and the others in the monitoring room were left shocked.

“The power of lightning is a bit too strong,” Koala muttered to herself.

Can the sword’s intent be this strong? She wasn’t very clear and couldn’t help but look at Hack.

“I’m not sure either.”

The Hack shook his head slightly. Sword Intent is something vague to people who don’t follow the way of the sword. Even if he was an instructor of the Revolutionary Army Reserve Force, he only knew a little about it.

As for the rest of the soldiers of the revolutionary army, they were all showing a hint of awe.

Before when they saw Rhodes kill the black ape with one cut, they were only amazed by Rhodes’ potential.

But at this moment, Rhodes slaughtered such big snakes with one cut too, but it proved that this young man already possessed the strength to be side by side with them.

“He’s only sixteen years old!” Everyone was silent and was a little bit shocked. When Sabo was sixteen years old, he didn’t have such strength.

At this time, Rhodes, who exhausted his strength, slowly fell from the sky. He was motionless, his expression was calm as if he had done a trivial thing that was not worth mentioning at all.

“He really can pretend.” Nia secretly complained and felt very displeased with Rhodes’ calm look.

“Is this all the damage I can do by combining all of my lightning power into my swordsmanship?”

Rhodes’ eyes flickered slightly, secretly blaming the sword he was using.

He can’t blame the combination, the destructive power is naturally extremely strong.

After all, swordsmanship and thunder are both very powerful, and when combined together, they are stronger.

“But it can only be used to deal with such large and bloated beasts. Humans of the same level should be more difficult to hit.”

The powerhouses in the pirate world not only have vitality comparable to those of beasts but also have powerful strength and unbelievable speed. When they fight, normal people cannot capture their shadows.

Just like Nia used Soru; that kind of terrifying speed is not something that Rhodes can match.

“Also, the consumption of physical strength is also a problem.”

This extreme use of power directly consumed half of Rhodes’ physical strength. If he really wants to fight, his endurance needs to be leveled up.

“Lightning body forging needs to be stepped up. Although the internal organs cannot be directly tempered, the muscles and bones got strengthened, which can also promote the improvement of internal organs.”

While thinking about his future plans, Rhodes also slowly came to the body of the big snake.

“Well, it’s too big, it will be a little hard to grill.”

Nia, who had just come over, heard Rhodes’ words, and a few black lines burst out on her forehead. She snorted and turned away.

“Hey, why don’t you stay and eat with me?”

“I’m not hungry”

Before she could say the word “hungry”, a faint cooing sound suddenly sounded out of her stomach.


Nia’s pretty face blushed, she couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and wished she could find a crack on the spot to hide in it.

Obviously, her stomach was very dissatisfied with this answer, and she chose to betray her master without hesitation.

In fact, Nia ran for a long time and used the Rokushiki techniques from time to time, which was extremely physically exhausting. In addition, in the daytime, in order to find the black ape, she didn’t have time to eat, so she was naturally a little hungry now.

“Let’s eat together, you can’t eat it all alone anyway.”

Rhode smiled. He noticed how this woman’s previous behavior changed. She has a good character and is a friend worth making.

Nia wanted to leave, but the big snake that was being prepared before her eyes, looked extremely delicious, which made her a little unable to move, so she had to stand there and pretend to look at the scenery.

“Hey, it’s so dark, what are you doing? Looking for a ghost? Come and help make a fire for the barbecue.” Rhodes pierced her without hesitation.


When the fire started, Nia watched Rhode make his magic, he used a lot of salt, honey, and other condiments.

As for the way of being a foodie, she was still too far behind too.

I don’t know how many years this big snake has existed. The meat is surprisingly delicious. After being carefully roasted, it tastes ridiculously good. And the two of them had a great time eating it.

But this snake’s body is too big.

Even if Rhodes and Nia were both big eaters, they couldn’t eat all of it, and there was still a lot left.

“It’s a sin to waste such delicious food.”

Rhode’s face was full of heartache, and he once again felt a great desire for a space ring.

At this moment, a delicate voice suddenly came from behind.

“Give me some too.”

The two turned their heads to look and saw Koala standing on the branch of a big tree, saying with a smile.

The moonlight swayed down like water, setting off Koala’s charming face.

Rhodes couldn’t help but sigh, “This girl is even more charming than her actual drawing in the manga.”

However, in the next second, that charming breath suddenly faded away

And it was as if a fairy had fallen into the mortal world… After being seduced by the smell of the food.

She instantly turned into a big foodie and ate more than Rhodes and Nia…