Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 14 Super Beast

The moonlight was like water, swaying on the jungle at night, and the atmosphere that previously have been quiet and reassuring has completely overturned.

“A snake? That big?”

Rhodes was stunned for a moment, with a trace of evident disbelief in his eyes.

Not far away in the forest, he saw a big snake chasing the figure of a familiar person madly. As it passed by, any rocks and trees that were in the way were shattered, as the snake forced its way into the jungle

Its body is probably twenty or thirty meters long, and it was as thick as a bucket, its dark green scales were the size of a palm, and on the inverted triangular head of the snake is a pair of golden vertical pupils, which looked eerie.

No wonder the other beasts in the forest seemed unstable, it turns out that these top predators are being hunted by this snake.

With the size and length of this big snake, I am afraid that any black ape or pig will be entangled, and once it catches them it would be their end.

“Why you!”

At this time, Nia, who was rushing over, saw Rhodes next to the fire, and her expression changed instantly.

Without hesitation, she slammed the ground with her feet, folded her body, and turned in a different direction, planning to escape in another direction.

Although she was a little unhappy with Rhodes, she wouldn’t lead such a super beast to Rhodes.

But just after she ran out more than ten meters, she was suddenly startled, because she couldn’t feel the terrifying waves of wind-breaking from behind.


She hurriedly stopped, turned her head to look, and her expression changed drastically.

The big snake abandoned her and rushed towards Rhodes.

“This damn bastard. It’s so late now. Why were you barbecuing here, do you think you’re having a bonfire party?”

It was obviously the aroma of the food that Rhodes was preparing that attracted the big snake to him.

Nia cursed, turned back again, dashed over, and then jumped into the air, the iron rod in her hand, wrapped in a fierce sound of breaking the air, and slammed on the black python king.


I don’t know how long this big snake has survived, but its skin and scales are so hard.

Nia truly deserves to be called the strongest in the reserve force.

This powerful strike actually managed to due damage, and the skin got even flushed red and slightly swollen.

However, that’s it.

It was completely unable to hurt the big snake; it actually angered it.


The air roared.

Its tail suddenly swept across with incomparably powerful strength. The aftermath alone caused a gust of wind. If it connects, it could easily destroy houses or crack the ground.

Such huge creatures, in terms of power alone, are difficult for humans to compare to them, at least in this case, Nia is completely unable to fight.



In an instant, Nia’s figure disappeared in place, leaving only her footprint.

Immediately afterward, the tail of the big snake fell.


Like a meteorite hitting the ground, the ground exploded with thunder!

The entire forest trembled instantly, and then a layer of invisible airwaves swayed, and the surrounding stones and soil were thrown out.

The ground cracked open, and then it spread for five or six meters.

“Huh, it’s dangerous.”

Nia swallowed and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

This is terrible.

Too unlucky.

She was resting on a big tree when suddenly it got destroyed, and then she saw this big snake. She was upset for a moment and gave it a stick on the head, then she was chased to this point.

Fortunately, she is extremely fast and extremely flexible, and she has also learned how to use the explosive movement skills of the Rokushiki, Soru, so she could barely escape from the pursuit of this top predator, but it is still dangerous.

Because of Nia being on the spot, Hack and the others didn’t move, but Koala was already thinking about how to deal with this big snake if something happened.

Snakes are cold-blooded animals.

Lurking underground, their presence is weak, and after one hunt she can survive for a long time and this is how the revolutionary army agents didn’t know about it. It was not discovered until this mission. Fortunately, no casualties were caused for now.

Seeing the serpent’s attention being attracted again, Nia breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to continue the marathon, out of the corner of her eyes, she suddenly noticed that a sword-wielding figure was approaching the serpent step by step.


“Is this guy trying to piss me off?”

Nia couldn’t help but feel anxious, the kind lady tried her best to help you get away, and you still want to die here?

Before, she only thought that this guy was ignorant and fearless, but now she really thinks that this guy is a total idiot.

He saw how her attack didn’t do anything to this snake, and even she was barely escaping it. This bastard doesn’t even have the slightest bit of self-knowledge, so he rushed forward out of his capacity.

Do you think that only because you become a swordsman at such a young age, you will be able to kill all your enemies?

Too proud.

Nia couldn’t help but be full of disappointment, “Talent is only talent after all. I’m afraid that with this kind of character he will not grow at all.”


Looking at this scene through the monitoring equipment, the Hack couldn’t help but frown and said, “It’s reckless.”

With his strength it’s difficult to fight against such super beasts, unless his strength is crushing, it is difficult to cause fatal damage.

Just like Nia, she can fight against this big snake, but with the vitality of this big snake, I am afraid that if she’s drained first, she will not be able to kill this big snake.

Koala smiled.

“This is a true swordsman for you.”

In the world of pirates, any swordsman is extremely proud and confident. They firmly believe in their own path and believe that the sword in their hands can cut through all obstacles.

This is a trait that belongs only to a swordsman, not to mention a young swordsman like Rhodes!

At this time, Rhodes was approaching, looking up at the large snake, which was nearly thirty meters long. Even if only half of the snake’s body stood up, it was several stories high, and humans in front of it were as tiny as an ant.

It stands to reason that when normal human beings look up at such a behemoth, would only have awe in their hearts.

But Rhodes’ eyes were a little strange. He looked at the big snake up and down as if he was a butcher looking at a fish on the cutting board, thinking about where to start and what to eat later.

He remembered that the longest python he saw in his previous life was only more than ten meters, but this one is almost twice as long!

With just one glance, it looks extremely delicious, and the more he looked, “Aaah I want to eat it now!”

“It’s a pity that you met me.”

Rhodes shook his head and sighed slightly.


The arc exploded, and the thunder roared.

There was a sudden hint of numbness in the air.

Rhodes was instantly submerged into lightning, and turned into a blue light man, illuminating this dark forest.

“What the hell? The power of lightning?”

Just as he was about to step forward, Nia, who was about to attack with a stick, saw this scene, and her mouth opened slightly in shock.

However, when she saw Rhodes suddenly she kicked the air with her feet, and stepped away. The invisible airwaves blew the dust away, and the ground shook violently. At the same time, his body swiftly rushed towards the sky like lightning.

At the moment when he soared into the sky, the power of lightning on Rhodes’ body was surging, then it all spread to the blade, turning into a giant lightning sword with a length of five meters.

The next second, he held the five-meter-long Lightning Sword up high over the top of the serpent’s head.


Nia, who was below, watched this scene, with a shocked face.

In her eyes, the handsome young man stood on the top of the snake’s head, holding a divine sword transformed from lightning and heavenly might, overlooking everyone as if one was to replace the heavens and the earth and bring down divine punishment.