Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 13 Nia In Danger

At this time, the monitoring room was noisy.

“The power of thunder?”

“How is that possible? Is something wrong with these screens?”

All the soldiers of the revolutionary army seemed to be in disbelief as if they had seen a ghost.

“His sword was covered by the lightning…”

Koala looked at Hack solemnly, “He doesn’t seem to be a devil fruit person, nor is he from a special race, so there is only one possibility.”

Her tone was trembling as if she was shocked by her own guess.

However, after eliminating all possibilities, only one is left, even if it is impossible, it must be the case.

“That’s right.”

Hack took a deep breath, his eyes were full of disbelief, and there was a hint of surprise in his tone: “It seems that we all underestimated this young man’s swordsmanship talent.”

“It’s shocking enough to step into the realm of a swordsman at a young age, but I didn’t expect that this wasn’t his limit.”

“At the age of sixteen, he realized his own sword intent.”

“And it’s the power of thunder.”

Koala shook her head and murmured, “This is really…”

She has always been smart, clever, and good with words, but at this time she doesn’t know what to say.

As the top leaders of the revolutionary army, although they do not know the way of swordsmanship, they were still aware of the various divisions of swordsmen.

From the most common swordsman to the swordsman who understands the breath of all things, who can condense the slash into a single line, cut through steel, and even cut out the sword Qi.

Going a step further, it is the top swordsmen who have realized the meaning of the sword, such as the captain of the fifth division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Flower Sword Vista. His sword intent is related to flowers, so petals are scattered when he swings his sword. And there’s also McGuy, who can channel electricity into his saber and so on.

After a long time, Koala came back to her senses, smiled, and said, “But this guy is obviously too tender, and his physique is far from the great realm of swordsmanship.”

“In a real fight, I feel that any swordsman can abuse him.”

Koala was small, but in fact, her physical skills were extremely powerful. Naturally, she would not be fascinated by the cool scene of Rhodes covered in lightning, and instantly saw through the essence of Rhodes’ weak physicality.

“Even so, his potential is unimaginable. Compared with him, Sabo is at most a little bit better.”

Hack shook his head and sighed, “It seems that I won’t have anything to teach him very soon.”

If the students are too talented, the requirements for teachers would naturally be higher, just like the young Sabo.

The conversation between the two made the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army feel as if they were listening to a book from heaven.

At this time, they finally understood why Hack was comparing Sabo with Rhodes.

Sabo is the leader of the revolutionary army and a student of Monkey D. Dragon. He is extremely talented and powerful, and will almost certainly become one of the pillars of the revolutionary army in the future.

And if Rhodes can be compared with him. Everyone knows what this means.

Involuntarily, everyone firmly remembered the name “Rhodes”.


At the black ape corpse.

Just when Rhodes had just left.

A figure dressed in exceptionally cool clothes suddenly appeared here.

“This monster was actually killed, who did it?”

Nia frowned slightly, feeling a little unhappy. When she came to this island last time, her strength was still a bit lacking, so she was driven by the black ape. This time she came back to seek revenge.

Unexpectedly, when she came to the scene, there was only his corpse left, oh, and an arm.

“It’s a sword wound.”

She walked closer, looked at the sharp and neat incision with a slightly burnt smell, and said slightly solemnly: “The only one who can cut off the tough body of a black ape with a single sword is Shano.”

“In the reserve force, there are many master swordsmen, but there are only two swordsmen here, one is the captain of the first team, Shano, and the other is the newcomer, Rhodes.”

“It’s impossible for Rhodes, that kid is weak, only his swordsmanship talent is good. “

“I didn’t expect that Shano has improved so much during this year.” Nia came up with such a conclusion in a solemn tone.

After carefully analyzing the situation, it seems that Shano only needed two or three slashes to kill this black ape that she thought about day and night.

Nia admitted that even she, wouldn’t be able to do it.

This sharpness belongs only to swordsmen!


When her revenge plan failed, Nia felt very unwilling, but she had no choice but to turn around and leave.

Time passed minute by minute.

In every corner of this island, bloody battles were taking place again and again!

Although the strength of these beasts exceeds that of the newly promoted reserve forces such as Rez, humans have one critical advantage, and that is wisdom!

And the beasts on this island have no wisdom, only their instincts.

Near night.

The activities of the beasts are becoming more and more frequent. Most of the reservists, even the captains, have found a safe place to rest since they were reluctant to act at night.

Waling in the jungle at night, and fighting with wild beasts, while suffering from the dim vision, is simply a nightmare for humans.

Under a towering tree.

Rhodes had a big fire, and he was leisurely preparing for dinner.

Today’s dinner includes roasted rhino, roasted white elephant, roasted whole deer…

“Unfortunately, there are not many tableware and supplies, so I can’t make other things.”

Rhodes shook his head and sighed, the desire for the space ring in his heart became stronger and stronger.

A strong desire that was coming from him being a big foodie!

On the edge of the fire, Rhodes was nibbling on the fresh chicken legs, summarizing today’s experience.

Today’s battle gave him a total of four points of energy, and the efficiency is four times that of ordinary exercise!

It’s really more efficient to increase energy in battle. Moreover, when he does the lightning forging at night, he can still gain some more energy, which is nice.

“But there’s still a long way to go.”

Rhode felt that the road was long, which made him a bit sad, so he ate another big mouthful of poultry leg meat.

This is a bird that looks the same as a turtledove, but it is much larger. It was grabbed from the sky by Rhodes, plucked, and grilled. Its meat is extremely delicious. Listed by Rhodes as one of the top delicacies.

“In the future, I must go out to sea and taste all the delicious food in the world!”

“I heard that there are dragons in the pirate world, but I don’t know what dragon meat tastes like…”

As a descendant of the Great China family, Rhodes’ thirst for food is endless. (T/N: Oh we know that)

At this moment, Rhodes suddenly felt that the ground began to shake as if there were thousands of troops in the distance trampling the ground at the same time.

Immediately afterward, he heard the howls of wild beasts in the distance, filled with a sense of panic, as if they were frightened.

“What’s going on?”

Rhodes frowned slightly, stopped what he was doing, and looked up into the distance.

He saw a light and vigorous figure suddenly running from a distance.

“Nia?” Rhodes blinked, feeling a little puzzled.

However, she looked a little embarrassed, sweaty, and a little messy.

Rhodes was even more puzzled. With Nia’s strength, she could still be chased so badly?

There shouldn’t be such a strong creature on the island, otherwise, wouldn’t the ordinary reservists die if they encounter it?

But in the next moment, he understood.