Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 12 The Terrified Ape

What an astonishing appetite for Rhodes.

Under the watchful eyes of Koala and the rest of the revolutionary army agents, the whole roasted pig was eaten and wiped clean, not even the head of the pig survived this.

“This guy… he was prepared to do this from the start.” Koala’s mouth twitched, unable to bear to look directly.

What level of one being a foodie is this? He even brought salt, honey, and other things with him.

In the center of the room, Hack looked solemn. He watched the whole process of Rhodes beheading the spiky wild boar. At this time, he couldn’t help but say: “His strength is good. He is considered to be in the middle of the pack in terms of brutal force. However, this is a bit unreal, because I heard when he joined the reverse force that his physical test didn’t go well. It seems that this month he has become a lot stronger.”

“His swordsmanship is precise, but he is obviously inexperienced. With his strength, there are many ways to easily kill a spiky wild boar, but he chose the most laborious, beheading.”

“However, these are just small flaws.”

Speaking of which, Hack couldn’t help but show admiration, “Rod’s fighting awareness is very good, and he handles unusual situations in battle very well.”

“He’s much stronger than his peers.”

Listening to Hack’s precise and well-phrased analysis, the revolutionary army agents in the room couldn’t help but nod their heads in admiration.

“He’s a doctor, so his mental state is indeed much better.”

Koala nodded, but she couldn’t shake that strange feeling in her heart.

She felt that Rhodes chose to behead it, just because he wanted to get rid of as much blood as possible; so he could have a good barbecue…

“I think he…”

Hack was going to say something but he suddenly looked stunned.

Koala’s expression also changed slightly.

On the surveillance screen, not far from Rhodes, a huge humanoid creature was rushing furiously toward Rhodes.

The earth trembled, and the mountains and forests shook violently.

The rocks, the big trees, and everything along the way were smashed, and nothing could stop it.


Everyone from the revolutionary army watched with open mouths, the gigantic monster slapping a stone half the size of a house, sending it flying, as if it was nothing, then things got messier.

“He stayed in place for too long. The smell of blood attracted this super beast.” Someone shouted.

“Aren’t you going to rescue him?” Koala looked at Hack.

“Read the situation, although this black ape is powerful on this small island, and it can be regarded as a first-level overlord, Rhodes is not weak either, even if he can’t beat it, he can still deal with it. If you really can’t hold it, then you better not watch.”

Hack pondered and said.

He is an instructor, but he is not a nanny. If he feels that things got dangerous, he will send someone to rescue him. But he still needs to evaluate his skills.

At the same time.

Rhodes, who had just gotten up, also felt the vibration of the ground and turned his head in surprise.

A black ape with a height of four meters was rushing in his direction, and its terrifying power seemed to be as unstoppable as a tank.

“Oh, it seems that I have loured a big guy!”

Rhodes narrowed his eyes slightly and looked a little dignified.

This black ape is obviously not a creature of the same rank as the wild boar before.

I am afraid that if Rez and the more than 30 reservists who were in the same group as Rhodes joined him, they will only be slaughtered.

Under the sun, the black ape’s huge and robust body seemed as if it was made of steel, full of a sense of majestic power.

At the same time, it exudes a fishy smell, as it was hunting preys all year-round, with a strong scent of blood.


Not far away, the black ape glanced at the skeleton all over the ground, then suddenly slapped his chest in anger, and roared up to the sky.

“What the hell?”

This made Rhodes feel inexplicable, it made it look as if he stole food from this black ape.

The next moment, the black ape lowered his head and looked down at Rhodes with red eyes, showing a hint of bloodthirst.


Beasts don’t speak harshly.

Almost in the next instant, the black ape rushed over at an extremely fast speed. The gust of wind alone blew the white bones on the ground into the air, and the sand rose to the sky.

The huge fist of the black ape smashed towards Rhodes head-on, and the air was blasted.

“Get out of the way!” Through the surveillance, the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army couldn’t help but exclaim.

On the other hand, Rhodes unexpectedly stood there, he didn’t seem like he was planning on dodging or evading, it wasn’t until the wind blew his hair that his sword finally moved.


Blood splattered all over the place, and a bloodstain appeared on the ground.

The biological strength in this world cannot be calculated by common sense.

Rhodes’s sword cut through the robust fur of the black ape, but the power of that slash was reduced, and it stopped when it reached his strong bones.

“The strength is still a little short.”

Taking the ape’s strength to his advantage, Rhodes flew back more than ten meters, then landed safely, watching this scene from a distance.

Regular swordsmen spend years practicing and improving step by step. After more than ten years of physical training, their physical strength becomes unbelievably strong. Therefore, after comprehending the breath of all things, they can wave out a slash that cuts through steel.

But Rhodes is different.

He had a realm comparable to true swordsmen, but he didn’t have the strength to match it, so he was shriveled under the tough bones of this black ape.


The damage of a few fingers deep cut is obviously nothing to the black ape. On the contrary, the irritated it even more and became more violent. It looked as if he was provoked by the ants.

In this mountain forest, although the black ape is not the strongest one, it is the most arrogant one. And its humanoid body makes it extremely flexible.

It was a little unbearable for it to be injured by an ant at this time.


The black ape roared, shaking the forest, making Rhodes’ eardrums hurt.

“Shut up!”

Rhodes shouted at it, and a tingling aura suddenly rose from his body.

“Thunderbolt Mode!”

Under the incredible gaze of Koala and the others, the young man on the screen suddenly burst into extremely dazzling light. Electric arcs surged out of him and lightning flashed.

He was bathed in the light of thunder, just like the god of thunder who they heard stories about in myths.

Lightning, the power of heaven!

All living creatures feared it, it’s in everyone’s natural instinct; thus, no one dares to despise it.

“Hoo! Hoo!”

The black ape felt a little restless, and his instinctive fear of lightning made it want to retreat, but the fury of the animal nature made it want to smash this weak creature in front of him that provoked it.

Stopped by hesitations, it could only use roars to vent its emotions.

“You’re noisy!”

Before he finished speaking, Rhodes seemed to have turned into a ray of light that flashed across the battlefield in an instant, and then the blade was wrapped in lightning, with flickering blue light.

Instantly Rhodes’ blade cut through the air and slashed down.


Like a hot knife cutting butter.

The tough bones that had stopped him before were almost shattered and broken in an instant.

The huge arm fell to the ground, and blood gushed wildly.

The pain of the chopped limb, and the paralyzing fear brought by the lightning, finally completely broke the black ape’s defenses.

The monster was so terrified!

Must run!

But at this moment.

A figure suddenly flashed past the black ape, then its muscles twitched inexplicably.

It froze in place immediately, while its red eyes reflected the figure that was bathed in lightning, like a god.

The redness in his eyes quickly faded.

Then a line of blood quickly spread to the abdomen along the left shoulder.

Its body swayed slightly, and the small half of its body began to slowly slide down the bloodline.

Rhodes glanced at it, waved his sword twice to get rid of the blood, then sheathed the sword, before he turned and left.