Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 11 The First Kill

The place where Rhodes and the others were going was very close to Baltigo. There were no accidents during the journey. They slept peacefully on the boat for a night and arrived at their destination the next day.

A large sailboat docked near the island.

Hearing the roaring of beasts from time to time in the distance, and occasionally seeing terrifying birds with a wingspan of three or four meters rising into the air, Rez and the others couldn’t help but look a bit terrified.

They grew up in Baltigo since childhood, but they have never seen such things.

Rhodes had seen them before, most of these monsters turned into food and were placed on the dining table of the Straw Hat Crew.

However, the others didn’t look as calm as Rhodes.


Rez swallowed, then looked at the other newcomers, who were looking at each other, all of them saw traces of fear in each other’s eyes.

“Relax.” Rez comforted, but everyone could see that he was also a little nervous.

Obviously, they are not strong enough to run rampant on this island of monsters.

Perhaps they were still maintaining their composure just because of the existence of a captain such as Nia with them.

At this time, the Fishman Hack began to explain the mission.

“Your mission is to survive on this island for three days and kill as many beasts as possible. Cooperation is allowed, but a team of three members is the limit.”

“There is surveillance around this island. If we detect a fatal situation, we will dispatch some people to rescue you. We might be able to save your life, but we don’t guarantee your complete safety, so you must rely on yourself.”

“Okay, let’s all go in.”

After speaking, Hack didn’t give everyone any time to think and lead them to the island directly, he also didn’t give them any supplements or food, so obviously, they will have to rely on themselves in this regard too.

After the reservists got off the ship, they did not leave immediately, but each found a partner and prepared to form a team.

Rhodes refused Rez’s invitation, then chose a random direction and began to go deep into the jungle.

The unique environment of this wild jungle seems to wake up some instincts lost in the human.

Rhodes could clearly feel a trace, like some sort of heat, raising from the depths of his heart.

“It turns out that I’m so eager to fight.”

Rhodes licked his dry lips and smiled.


And this time.

Koala came to a cabin.

There were many screens here, monitoring various areas of the island.

Obviously, this archipelago was specially developed by the Revolutionary Army to hone the skills of the reservists.

At this time, many soldiers of the Revolutionary Army were watching nervously in the cabin, recording the performance of each reservist, which will be used as part of the assessment at the end of the year.

Hack had a serious face, while his eyes were constantly wandering on the screen.

Of course, his focus is on the newcomers like Rhodes.

Good fitness and strong physical, or skillful swordsmanship do not mean that they can beat fierce beasts. After all, when some people see blood and face life and death situations, they can’t even show 10% of their strength.

“Watch carefully, don’t make any mistakes.”

Hack said solemnly.

When these reservists grow up, they will become the backbone of the Revolutionary Army, and some of them might even become cadres.


The soldiers of the revolutionary army responded.

“Don’t worry, everything that is too strong on this island has long been turned into bbq. There shouldn’t be any incidents.”

Koala smiled, then licked her lips.

“They’re still kids.”

Hack shook his head; of course, he was referring to Rhodes and Rez.

“That’s not necessarily true.”

“You mean that young swordsman?”

Hack nodded lightly and said solemnly, “That guy is indeed a monster.”

“It only took him a few minutes to learn breathing technique and make it a habit of his body! “


Koala was stunned for a moment, and then said in disbelief, “I Remember that Sabo spent nearly an hour just learning it.”

Sabo’s talent is notoriously high in the revolutionary army. When he came to the revolutionary army when he was very young, Hack admitted that he had nothing to teach him. Later, he trained under Dragon and his strength grew rapidly.

Although he is only eighteen years old now, many revolutionary army cadres are no longer his opponents.

The leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon praised Sabo’s fighting talent more than once.

“But talent is talent, and the battle is battle. There are so many people in this world that are very talented, but when they fight, they’re like a soft-footed shrimp.”

Hack shook his head.

“Let’s wait and see.” Koala smiled.


At this time, Rhodes, who was carrying an ordinary long sword, was walking towards the depths of the forest.

“This island should have been specially organized by the revolutionary army to train the reservists for actual combat.”

“In this case, the strength of the beasts shouldn’t be too strong.”

Rhodes never dared to underestimate beasts in the pirate world. He still remembered that there were even super beasts in the original book that required Luffy’s fourth gear to defeat.

If that kind of monster were to face Rhodes at this time, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to run away.

Suddenly, a shadow slowly appeared in the distance. With Rhode’s eyesight, he could quickly identify that it was a beast with a height of one meter.

The two huge fangs in that big mouth of the monster reflected heart-pounding light under the sunlight that shot into the forest.

He still remembered the fattest and strongest sow Rhodes had ever seen in his previous life in a video on the internet, it was about sixty to seventy centimeters tall.

In other words, this wild boar is twice as tall as that one.

“My first prey is going to be you.”

Rhodes hadn’t eaten barbecue for a while, and he felt instantly hungry when he saw this pig.

Therefore, he rushed quickly, then stopped in front of this spiky-looking wild boar, smiling.


The spiky boar stared at the strange creature with a long sword in front of him, and then let out a strange roar.

Immediately, the sturdy four hooves stomped on the ground, splashing mud, and a stench of a gust of wind rumbled towards Rhodes.

The two sharp fangs, like two giant scimitars, were pointing towards Rhodes.


At the moment when the spiky wild boar rushed over, Rhodes quickly flashed to the side, and the speeding wild boar didn’t have time to stop.

Then Rhodes’ eyes flashed, and the strength of his whole body suddenly burst into his arm, and the sharp sword with a hazy white light slid across the neck of the spiky wild boar from bottom to top.


The huge head of the boar flew up and blood spurted wildly.

However, the pig’s body in flight didn’t stop and rushed out for more than ten meters before it finally fell down with a bang. Its body twitched on the ground for a while, and then it died completely.

“It’s as expected.”

The blood spurting all over the place didn’t move Rhodes the slightest

As a doctor, these scenes never bother him.

“Well, I need to fill my stomach before fighting.”

Rhode skillfully took out a series of field survival supplies.

And in a matter of a minute, the fire was on the grill, and the flames rose to the sky.

It didn’t take long for the spiky wild boar to be roasted with golden oil sparkling on it, and the grease dripping into the fire chirping.

“It’s ripe.”

After waiting for a while, Rhode sprinkled salt and smeared a layer of honey to make the roasted meat more fragrant, then started eating.

“This guy……”

Seeing this scene from the surveillance room, Koala, Hack, and many soldiers of the Revolutionary Army couldn’t help but lick their lips, and a few black lines stretched out on their foreheads.

Can you consider the feelings of the people that are watching you?