Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 28 A Microcosm Of The Future

Level 2: The Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1


Swordsmanship Specialist – The combination of human and sword: The comprehension of swordsmanship is greatly improved!

Thunder Control – The Rebirth of The God of Thunder: You can freely control the power of thunder!

Energy: 277/1000

“The power of thunder is also stronger.”

Opening the attribute bar and taking a look, Rhodes smiled lightly. Practicing Haki will also increase energy, which is a pleasant surprise.

As for swordsmanship, its growth was temporarily stagnant.

At the stage of the sword master, the effect of pure hard training is low, the only way to improve is through fighting stronger people. In order to make a breakthrough and improve your swordsmanship, you must seek temperament in the battle!

However, the increase in physical strength and Haki, made the sword Qi’s power increase a lot.

In general.

Rhodes’ combat power at this time, compared to before the practice of Haki can be said to be much stronger.

Practicing Haki is the entry ticket to the field of powerhouses, and the increase in strength is too great.

“Let’s call it a day.”

“It seems to be quite lively outside.”

Rhodes sheathed his sword, opened the door of the training room, and walked outside.


The training hall.


The two shadows were entangled together, and the fists and feet collided more than a dozen times in an instant. Every punch and every kick brought a roaring wind. Wherever they fought, the ground was shattered, leaving tiny cracks behind.

This place is the training hall. The construction materials are naturally extremely tough. Usually, they wouldn’t have too many problems while training here.

“No wonder the captains usually don’t come to the training hall to practice.” Someone muttered.

“I way far behind. After this test, I have to practice harder.”

Rez thought in his heart, hoping that the captain on his side would win, otherwise the reserve staff at the headquarters would be ashamed.

Listening to the sound of “ping”, the two figures in the field suddenly separated, one person stood on the spot, and one person took seven or eight steps backward, swaying.

Rez and the others took a close look, their eyes darkened, and the man who was barely standing was the captain of the fifth team.

His body was trembling, and there was an evident trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, he took a deep breath, then said unwillingly, “I admit defeat.”

The opponent’s physical techniques are not much stronger than his, but their actual combat experience is not at the same level at all, it was just like a battle of a veteran versus a new recruit, he got completely crushed.

Originally, he was thinking of being a blockbuster in front of the many high-level revolutionary army leaders present today, but he turned out to be a stepping stone for the other party.

“I didn’t expect that the reservists at the headquarters are actually just some greenhouse flowers. You’re nothing but brute force, you’re no different from a reckless pirate on the sea.” Sass’s expression and voice were still calm, and he retreated after speaking.

Shanoa, Nia, and the others all felt a little bit troubled.

The headquarters is located in the New World, and there are fewer opportunities for actual combat. Unlike bases in other regions, it is easier to accumulate combat experience.

After Sass stepped back, another figure walked out. This man looked like he was only in his early twenties, but his eyebrows were frowned like two swords and seemed extremely energetic. There was a sword hanging from his waist, which looked clearly like a Famous swordsman.

“Eastern Army Reserve, Crow.” The young man said lightly and seemed even more indifferent and fierce than Sass.

“I’m coming!” Nia walked out slowly, holding an iron rod.

“You are not my opponent.”

Crow shook his head, looked at Shanoa, and said lightly, “You are also a swordsman, step in, don’t waste my time.”

In an instant, the audience fell silent.

Everyone did not expect that this young man would call out for Shanoa

Nia frowned, a swordsman, she really is at a disadvantage, but she has already come out, and if she steps back now, it will really affect her reputation.

“You’re scared?”

Nia held the iron rod and showed no signs of flinching.

“Since you want to lose, I will fulfill your wish.”


Nia snorted coldly, this was too arrogant, even with her temperament, she couldn’t stand it, she moved suddenly, and rushed over then smashed down with her iron rod.

clang clang clang…

Sparks splashed everywhere, and the sound of gold and iron clashing exploded.

The weapons of the two people on the field collided one after another. Nia exerted her strength and speed to the extreme, and her strikes were continuous, like a violent storm, to the point that the reservists could not see it clearly.

Unexpectedly, Crow had a sword in one hand and one hand behind his back, and he took all of Nia’s attacks with ease.

“Too slow.”

For a moment, Crow seemed to lose interest. He swung his sword away to attack, and then stepped forward, slamming the sword sideways, sending Nia flying out.

Completely crushed!

Nia knew that the other party had shown mercy, and although she was a little unwilling in her heart, she could only retreat.

“Damn, his strength is not as strong as Rhodes, yet he’s more arrogant than Rhodes. If he were here, it will be strange if he doesn’t beat you to death.” Nia felt indignant in her heart.

“Aren’t you going to take action yet?”

Crow stood with his sword, looked at Shanoa, and said, “You should be Shanoa, the captain of the first team, don’t waste any more time and step in.”

His tone was calm and stern as if he was talking about something irrelevant, and everyone could feel his confidence and arrogance from it.

“This guy has some strength,” Sabo said with a low chuckle.

Pride is either out of ignorance or from momentum accumulated through constant victories.

The same is true for Sabo, but he has a milder personality and won’t show it.

Karasu, commander of the Northern Army, smiled and said, “I heard about this little guy’s story on the way here.”

“He has challenged countless dojos. After winning all of them, it is normal for him to have such confidence. Most of the young swordsmen are like this.”

Koala laughed because she thought of a new reservist who also shocked the headquarters, suddenly, she couldn’t help but look forward to the scene when Rhodes shocks this audience.

During this period of time, she stayed at the headquarters and watched the growth of these new reservists. She still favored the headquarters in this little clash.

“He’s really arrogant.”

Rez and other reservists all clenched their fists and stared coldly at the enemy.

But they were also shocked.

In the past, there have never been so many young powerhouses on other bases. Not only are they numerous, but they are also stronger than the captains of the headquarters.

“The era when the strong are like clouds, maybe this is a preview?”

Rhodes, who just arrived here, couldn’t help but whisper to himself, because he remembered what will happen next year, that turbulent era.

There is a pirate group carrying a dream, starting from the East Blue and stirring the sea… Blackbeard, Ace, the largest war in history, the outbreak of the battle on the top, the end of the legend…

A series of characters and events flooded into his mind, and Rhodes couldn’t help but feel emotional.

Hearing this voice, Rez and the others hurriedly looked back, and all of them suddenly showed joy.

“You’re finally here.”

“Those people are too arrogant.”

The reservists opened their mouths one after another, holding their grudges.


Rhodes nodded slightly. From the situation on the field, he could easily distinguish the ins and outs of the matter.

The only thing that surprised him was the appearance of Dragon.

This is the first time he has seen him since coming to this world, a real existence at the peak of the world, whether it is strength or status.

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