Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 29 The Strongest One

At this time, Shanoa was in a somewhat awkward situation.

As the captain of the first team of the reserve force, and the strongest person on their side, Shanoa should be the final in line and should keep her composure.

But she never expected that her teammates would lose so quickly, and could almost be said that they were destroyed.

Currently, there were two battles and two defeats, if she loses, people will laugh at the performance of the HQ reserve force.

At this moment, she noticed the movement from behind and quickly turned her head to look.

At that moment she saw the scene she most wanted to see, or to be more precise the person she most wanted to see.

It was Rhodes, who she had been looking forward to fighting for a long time was now her hero, standing calmly at the back of the queue, looking over here from a distance.


Shanoa breathed a sigh of relief, took a step forward, and started her big duel with Crow.

The only sound that could be heard is “Keng”.

The two blades wrapped in violent power were colliding. The sparks splattered as the sound of gold and iron clashing frantically emitted.


Shanoa’s expression changed slightly, and she involuntarily took a few steps back, while Crow just shook his body.

In terms of pure strength, Crow was clearly superior, and Shanoa’s arm was numb.

“I have no choice but to use it.”

Shanoa breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes narrowed suddenly, urging some kind of power that she had just practiced to come out.

Busoshoku Haki… Imbuement!

The dark color of the Busoshoku Haki imbued her blade; with one side being black and the other white, revealing a cold sense of power.

Nia and the other captains couldn’t help but exclaim, showing excitement, this is Haki!

No one would have imagined that just before graduation, Shanoa managed to master Busoshoku Haki, and even learned how to use Imbuement.

Hack, who has been watching the battle, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If the headquarters reserve forces were completely defeated, his face as their instructor will be ashamed.

“Busoshoku Haki? That’s interesting.”

Looking at this scene, Crow nodded slightly.

Sabo laughed in a low voice: “Although it’s still a little unstable, it’s not bad that she can use imbuement.”

Koala showed admiration. With this ability, Shanoa was qualified to become a revolutionary army cadre.


The next moment, Shanoa rushed out, came to Crow, and slashed straight down with her black blade, as if it could cut everything off.

Rez and the others all looked at this scene with burning eyes. As expected of the captain of the first team, the might of her sword could cut through steel.

In the field, Crow stood there motionless, and when the blade approached, he smiled softly and slashed with his sword.

He moved after Shanoa, but his blade came first.


The two swords collided and large sparks exploded, but Shanoa was shocked and flew out. At that moment she couldn’t even keep her grip on her sword.

At this time, Crow had no intention to stop, instead, his body flashed, catching up with Shanoa’s figure flying backward, and then kicked it out.


Shanoa’s body was blasted out by Crow and fell to the ground in the distance with a little embarrassment as she coughed blood.

Shanoa reluctantly struggled to stand up, but she already lost the ability to fight.


As long as she’s not a fool, she can clearly see by now that Crow has the absolute upper hand in terms of speed and strength, and she has no hope of winning.

“Even Captain Shanoa lost…”

“That man could actually beat her Haki, it’s outrageous!”

The reservists present were all horrified.

It was clear that Crow was about the same age as them, but he already possessed such repressive power, and easily defeated Captain Shanoa.

“The headquarters reserve force should be the strongest.”

Looking at Shanoa who got up slowly, Crow did not continue to pursue, and said indifferently: “You reservists in the headquarters occupy the most resources, the most cutting-edge information, and the most complete training knowledge, but you’re still weak, It’s so disappointing.”

Nia and other reservists were furious when they heard these words, but they had nothing to say.

Shanoa wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, looked at the crowd behind him, and said with a smile, “I’m not the strongest in the headquarters reserve force.”

“Oh?” Crow raised a little interest and followed his gaze.

The crowd spread out like a tide, revealing a young boy standing calmly.

He doesn’t look strong, he even looked a little thinner than most people, but he had a unique temperament, which is shocking.

“Is Rhodes going to take part?”

The reservists couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Although there are some people who are worried that Rhodes may not be able to win against Crow.

But most people have full confidence in Rhodes.

Since seeing Rhodes’ amazing performance in actual combat missions, everyone has an inexplicable feeling that Rhodes will never lose no matter who he faces.

“It’s him!” Sabo said in surprise.

“Do you know him?” Koala looked at him strangely. It stands to reason that the two should not know each other.


Sabo nodded and told her what happened in the restaurant a month and a half ago.

“Oh? It’s very him.”

Koala smiled, and said mysteriously: “Keep an eye on him, this guy can surprise you.”

Hearing this, even the commander of the Northern Army, Karasu, couldn’t help but show a little curiosity.

Koala is not weak, and her vision is regarded very highly. If she can say such words, I am afraid that this young man really has some qualities.

“A brave young man.”

At this moment, Dragon spoke abruptly, with a low and steady tone.

This made all the cadres of the revolutionary army turn pale with shock. They did not expect that the leader would give such an evaluation to such a young man!

Before now, neither Crow nor Shanoa and others could cause Dragon’s expression to fluctuate, let alone give an evaluation.

No one would doubt Dragon’s vision.

The cadres couldn’t help but become curious and all looked in that direction.

Under everyone’s expectation, curiosity, disdain, or scrutiny, Rhodes’ expression was still calm and indifferent, as if a breeze was blowing on his face.

Such a calm and composed attitude gave all the revolutionary army cadres a good impression and secretly praised them.

“Be careful.”

Shanoa looked at Rhodes who was passing by, and reminded in a deep voice, “I feel that this guy still has some hidden trick under his sleeves.”

She didn’t know how strong Rhodes was, but from the fact that he had dominated an entire battlefield just two months after he became a reservist, he should have definitely surpassed her in terms of strength.

Moreover, when she was practicing Haki, she had heard Hack mention Rhodes’ practice process, and she knew that Rhodes had started practicing Haki, and he could even display Busoshoku Haki occasionally!

Now it’s up to Rhodes to defeat Crow, otherwise, the entire headquarters reserve force, including Teacher Hack, will lose face.

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