Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 30 Flowers And Green Leaves

The training hall of the headquarters was full of geniuses.

Whether it is the defeated headquarters reserve force captains, or the opponents, Crow, Sass, and the others, are essentially geniuses. They all have monster-like strength at a young age.

“Green leaves should always get rid of so that flowers can show off their uniqueness.”

Aside, Hack watched Rhodes slowly appear and smiled.

In the beginning, he was also amazed that so many young and strong men came out of other bases and secretly felt guilty for the defeat of the reserve force captains at the headquarters.

But when he saw Rhodes appear, he suddenly realized something.

Of course, there are many young people worth mentioning from other bases, but it is almost impossible for these people to truly reach the peak of the sea, and they might even fail to become one of the future cadres.

But Rhodes is different.

Hack saw all of Rhodes’ growth process.

During just four months, he mastered the Thunder Sword Intent, Soru, Geppo, and the Busoshoku Haki…

Learning this series of incomparably powerful abilities, at this age, ordinary people would be proud if they’ve learned even one of these abilities in such a short period, but Rhodes mastered them all.

This terrifying growth rate gave him a bold idea.

Perhaps, Rhodes may become a true pinnacle figure such as the Admiral of the Marines, or the Yonko, and stand on the top of the world!

At least his potential is absolutely enough!

Hack was convinced of this.

“Is there a stronger reserve force reservist at the headquarters?”

The reservists at other bases all looked at Rhodes who came out with strange expressions.

However, although Rhodes’ appearance is very eye-catching, the performance of the headquarters reservists was really poor, so the audience is still full of confidence in Crow, and no one thinks that anyone can beat him.

“You are… the strongest one?”

With a hint of inquiry and scrutiny in his tone, Crow asked curiously, “Since you are the strongest, why aren’t you the captain of the first team.”

Before he came, he had learned about the situation of the reserve force at the headquarters, which is divided into ten teams. Generally speaking, the captain of the first team was the strongest.

“I only joined the reserve force a while ago.”

In this regard, there is nothing to hide, Rhodes was very calm.

As soon as he said this, the whole place fell silent.

All those who didn’t know the truth couldn’t help but show a little disbelief.

As for the answer to Crow’s question, they had some guesses before they heard Rhodes reply. They thought that he didn’t like being the captain because he wanted to act alone. This can be seen from Rhodes’ late appearance.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a newly promoted reservist!

Judging by the period they usually recruit new reservists, Rhodes should have only been in the reserve force for only four months at most!

He shouldn’t be lying, but in this situation, who would dare to lie!

Everyone on the opposite side looked at Rhodes with extremely suspicious eyes.

“He’s a new reservist??”

Karasu, commander of the Northern Army, couldn’t help but look at Koala.

“Well, that’s true,” Kerla said.

“Then how old is he?” Sabo asked.

“Seventeen, two years younger than you.”

Noticing their surprised and inexplicable expressions, Koala wanted to laugh a little.

Even Dragon looked a bit surprised.

Youth represents potential. If Rhodes is really this respected at the headquarters reserve force at this age, then the future will be a bit difficult to estimate.

In the field.


Hearing Rhodes’ answer, Crow’s expression froze, and he laughed lowly.

“Since that’s the case, let’s see what you have.”

“Take the first move, you won’t have another chance,” Rhodes said calmly.

His expression was also indifferent as if he was not facing a powerful enemy that swept the reserve force captains at the headquarters, he seemed like he was going to point out an arrogant junior.

That attitude was very similar to Crow’s previous attitude towards Nia.


Crow snorted coldly and suddenly slashed down with a sword.


The turquoise sword Qi was wrapped in a frightening chill, tore through the air, and cut towards Rhodes. Before the sword Qi reach him, a faint stinging pain could be felt on his face.

Looking at this scene, Rhodes lightly held the hilt of the sword with his right hand, and then suddenly drew his blade.

A simple and unpretentious slash, but with Rhodes’ power, the reservists only saw a sharp cut like a flash.


In the next instant, the turquoise sword energy suddenly exploded, dissipating invisibly, and the rolling wind blew Rhodes’ hair and clothes.

Rhodes took care of this sword Qi so easily, which made Crow’s expression suddenly change, stopped his underestimation, and started to look at him solemnly.

The sword Qi just now had a Haki aura attached to it.


Crow’s eyes sank, and the whole person turned into an afterimage. When he reappeared, he was facing Rhodes’ back, and the blade imbued with Haki slashed down sharply, as if to cut Rhodes into two pieces.

But at this moment, Rhodes turned around as if he had eyes on the back of his head, and with a light sword, he blocked Crow’s surprise attack.


Seeing this, Crow’s heart trembled, but he quickly responded.

His right foot suddenly swiveled, and with the help of his waist, his left foot slammed into the air like a dragon swinging its tail.

This is the Rankyaku one of the Marines’ Rokushiki, which can be used to kick out a slash no less weak than a sword.


The people watching the battle couldn’t help but exclaim. No one expected that Crow was so good at physical techniques in addition to his swordsmanship!

Such a close-up of Rankyaku burst out, and his blade was still caught, making it impossible to defend.

In the blink of an eye, Rhodes seemed to be in a pinch situation, and he would lose at any moment!

“As expected.”

Rhodes muttered to himself, and with his bare left hand, he suddenly clenched his fist and slammed the Rankyaku.

“Are you trying to block the Rankyaku with your bare hands? Does he want to die?” someone shouted.

However, in the next instant, everyone was left shocked.

His clenched fist suddenly became dark and shiny, and the high-density black color was attached to it as if it was stained with ink.


As if he punched the glass, the Rankyaku was instantly shattered by Rhodes’ punch.

At the same time, Rhodes made use of this stagnation in Crow’s movement and waved his blade, and then raised it to the roof ready to strike Crow down!


The light blue thunder sword Qi ripped through the air and slashed towards Crow.


Crow’s mastery of the Rokushiki was obviously extremely skilled. He stumped the ground hard with his feet and tried to open the distance, but the speed of the Thunder Sword Qi was too fast to avoid from the range.

“One Style Sword, Thunder!”

Rhodes took a deep breath, held the sword tightly in both hands, and slammed it out.

There was an extremely sharp tearing sound in the air. The speed of this sword energy was close to the speed of sound!


The thunder sword Qi and Crow’s blade collided together. The force generated pushed Crow to slide back a full seven or eight meters before it finally collapsed, and then splashed in all directions.

However, before Crow could breathe a sigh of relief, his expression suddenly changed.

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