Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 32 Rhodes’ Free Will

Headquarters Castle, the highest level.

The senior leaders of the revolutionary army gathered together and were analyzing the situation in the sea.

Under Dragon’s intentional training, Sabo, who has not yet stepped into the high level, was still fortunate to sit in. As for Koala, she was not eligible for the time being.

“The Yonko in the new world has been established, and the Marines has retreated…”

“The high amount of gold in the sky has caused many countries to suffer. Under these circumstances, our revolutionary ideas have been highly recognized, and many countries have been secretly contacting us.”

“The weapons trade in the black market is monopolized by clowns, and we have encountered a lot of trouble while making our moves due to that.”


Dragon listened carefully, occasionally expressed his views on certain subjects, and most of the time he remained silent.

Since the development of the revolutionary army, a relatively complete system has been established within the organization. Under the control of each layer, he, the leader, only needs to control the general direction and make the major decisions, and he does not need to pay attention to everything.

After a long time.

“This sea will soon be in chaos.”

If you want to overthrow such a behemoth as the world government, you will only find your way to death if you act rashly. Forbearance and tolerance are the most important things.

“Has the list of graduates from the reserve force been sorted out?”


The intelligence control officer, Gilteo said: “The graduated reservists, such as Nia, Sass, and the others, will be allocated according to their previous distribution principles.”

Dragon nodded slightly. Nia and the others are relatively normal reservists. Their strength is good, but they aren’t out of the ordinary. They still need to hone their skills before they can become revolutionary army cadres, they lack a lot in terms of strength or experience.

“As for Shanoa, Crow, and Rhodes, all of them are strong enough and learned Haki during their time as reservists. According to the rules, they can directly conduct cadre assessment.”

After speaking, Gilteo was silent for a while and suddenly said: “Leader, I think that due to Rhodes’ young age, he should stay at the headquarters and continue his training. “

As soon as these words came out, Karasu and the other cadres nodded.

They all watched the last exchange battle.

At this age, he’s really strong.

With this kind of potential, he’s really possible to become one of the strongest soldiers of the revolutionary army in the future, he’s fated to be one of the supporting pillars of this organization!

It can even be said that although Rhodes did not have a position at this time, and was only a reservist, in the eyes of Gilteo, Karasu, and the others, he was more important than some of the senior cadres.

He represents the future!

In the Marines, once a strong individual emerges the Gorosei evaluate his worth seriously, and based on the situation they act; either to eliminate him or keep him as a loyal servant.

The Revolutionary Army is completely different in this aspect because they lack such strong people. For example, when Sabo just showed his extraordinary talent, he was directly accepted by the leader Dragon as a disciple.

Hearing Gildto’s suggestion, Dragon pondered slightly.

Rhodes and Sabo are different.

Sabo was personally taught by him very early on. Whether it is the character, ability, or combat effectiveness, he’s truly remarkable.

However, Rhodes grew up in Baltigo since he was a child. He has never seen the big world. He’s very strong at a young age, and I am afraid he will easily become arrogant.

With such a character, on this mysterious sea where you can even find the dungeons of ancient dragons, it is easy to run into a wall and end up dead on a deserted island.

Besides, at the age of seventeen, he’s indeed a little younger. Sabo was already eighteen when he went out on a mission alone.

But as one of the peak powerhouses in this sea, Dragon understands very well that it is impossible to become a real powerhouse just by practicing.

After thinking for a long time, Dragon suddenly shook his head and said with a smile, “Let him decide on his own.”

“To be able to comprehend such a powerful Thunder Sword Intent at such a young age, his will is probably very strong, and he has his own ideas. Such a person, won’t accept to be chained by old people like us.”

As soon as he said this, Karasu and the others were stunned for a moment, and then couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

This was because they were negligent, and regarded Rhodes as a young kid, and even Gilteo might think that Rhodes was just a child, and he’s subconsciously trying to shelter him.

“Even though training at the headquarters can steadily improve your strength, you will always stay as a young bird that cannot fly.”

“Only by conquering the sky and experiencing life and death, you can grow into an eagle soaring in the blue sky freely.”

“The strong, never fear battle!”

Dragon’s tone was filled with an extremely restrained domineering.

After becoming the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon rarely won, but no one would doubt his strength and knowledge!

On the side, Sabo looked at this scene and couldn’t help but sigh.

So many senior leaders of the revolutionary army gathered together, but they were arguing over a teenager, this is a treatment that even he didn’t have.

“It seems that I have to practice harder, otherwise I will be embarrassed when he surpasses me.”

Having said that, Sabo was still full of confidence. He firmly believes that his talent and hard work are not inferior to others.

He will never be surpassed by the rising star Rhodes.


The training hall.

Hack found Rhodes, explained his purpose, and looked at him with a slightly complicated look.

He’s the fastest one to graduate among all the reservists he has taught in his life. In less than half a year, he has surpassed literally everyone.

“Of course, I choose to graduate.”

Rhodes said without hesitation.

The things that should be learned have already been learned during his time as a reservist, and it is meaningless to stay here.

Next year is the one that will bring chaos to the sea. Gods know what will change, who will emerge, and who will conquer the world. If he stays at the headquarters, I am afraid that it will not be long before he will be eliminated by the time.

He is eager to get out, fight, and stand on top of the world.

Hack looked at Rhodes’ sharp eyes, knowing that his student’s will could not be shaken; thus he sighed softly, “Since you have made up your mind, I will not persuade you.”

“But I hope you remember that the outside world is different from here, and all crises must be faced and solved by you alone. You must not act recklessly.”

“No matter where you are, you must remember that your life is the most important thing.”

“It should be noted that the one who has the last laugh is the real winner.”

His tone was extremely sincere and judging by his attitude he really considered Rhodes as his own child.

Rhodes nodded earnestly, expressing his understanding.

Hack is a true martial artist. He never hides his secrets. He also tried his best to teach Rhodes and gave him the perfect guidance in all aspects.

Sometimes, he even went to other revolutionary army cadres to ask for advice about Rhodes’ problems to ensure that every problem was solved in the best possible way.

He didn’t know anything about swordsmanship himself, so he also found a scroll inside the revolutionary army and gave it to Rhodes to practice.

When Rhodes started practicing Haki, he even went into battle in person and practiced against Rhodes.

In teaching, he has done his best.

Rhodes has always been grateful for his kindness and vengeance, and he will always remember these things in his heart.