Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 33 Arrival

“Is Rhodes still going to graduate after all?”

Listening to the conversation between Rhodes and Hack, Rez and the others were left in a bit of disbelief. Although they knew that Rhodes have already surpassed them, they always felt that they should graduate together since they joined the reserve force at the same time.

“In the future, the gap between us and him will only get bigger and bigger.” Someone said.

Others may suspect that Rhodes will encounter setbacks after going to sea, or even die prematurely, but his peers have an inexplicable feeling that he will only sing all the way up until he overlooks the sea.

At this moment, Crow walked over and said, “When I master Haki, I will come to fight you again.”

He felt that when he lost to Rhodes, it only happened because of Haki because his superhuman speed and strength should be levels above him.


Rhode nodded calmly.

Just like Shanoa, after being surpassed by Rhodes, the gap will only get bigger and bigger, because Rhodes will never stop to look at his back.

Besides, this Crow’s practice methods are too complicated. He is a fellow practitioner of martial arts and swordsmanship, and he has devil fruit abilities. He may be very strong at present, but if it continues like this, Shanoa may even surpass him.

Only by focusing on one style one can we reach the peak.

Although Rhodes has the divine artifact, the Book of Knowledge, swordsmanship has always been the core, with the rest of his abilities as auxiliary.


The task of cadre assessment is designated by the senior management.

Missions are usually complex and will test many abilities, not just combat effectiveness.

There are many things that cannot be solved by pure force alone.


This refers to a force that is not strong enough. If you’re as strong as an admiral, almost all tasks can be done with brutal force.

No matter when and where combat power is always the most critical and core element.

This is how this world works.

After three days of trekking, Rhodes, Sabo, and Koala rushed to the coastline and set out to sea by boat.

“Your mission is to kill the head of an underground intelligence organization, the Silver Fox “Crete”. This person has committed a taboo in selling intelligence and must be killed to set an example.”

“It should be noted that this person is extremely good at camouflage, concealment, disguise, etc., and has a keen sense of smell. If you miss the first shot, it may lead to the failure of the mission.”

“These are the deeds of the Crete, and a few other related materials, you can take a look.”

Koala introduced the mission to Rhodes and handed him a document at the same time.

The two of them didn’t specifically accompany Rhodes on the mission, they just dropped by.

If Rhodes can successfully complete the task and become a cadre of the revolutionary army, he will work with them to do another task that just needs young people like Rhodes.


Rhodes took the information and looked at it. With his almost unforgettable memory, he quickly memorized all information in his mind, and gradually started making a plan.

Silver Fox Crete’s strength is not strong, nor the most famous, and his bounty is just 120 million.

This time, it was Crete who provoked the revolutionary army.

Under the intelligence network of the revolutionary army all over the world, he was quickly located.

Rhodes’ task is actually very simple, go to the island and kill Crete.

It’s just that this person is good at disguising, so he may not be able to find the real person. If he is alerted and disguised in the crowd, the difficulty of the task will be greatly increased, and he might even fail.

“Do you think he can complete the task?” Koala asked Sabo.

Sabo blinked, pondered for a moment, and said, “This task is still a bit difficult. Let’s not mention finding the silver fox himself, even if he’s found, he will be difficult to deal with.”

The implication is that Sabo is obviously not optimistic about Rhodes.

People who are a little stronger in the pirate world become a bit harder to kill, not to mention intelligence dealers like Silver Fox who roam in the underground world.

His survival and escaping skills are estimated to be at full level, which makes him harder to kill.

After a week of sailing, the sailboat finally arrived at its destination.

This is not a big island, but it looks very prosperous. There are many ships docked in the port, including ordinary merchant ships and pirate ships, but they stay together harmoniously and do not offend each other.

Because this is an island under the protection of one of the Yonko, the Whitebeard.

A legend that ruled for two eras, his name alone is enough to end and stop a war!

Although the New World is full of lawless fanatics, few people dare to provoke the Whitebeard.

The sailboat gradually came to shore.

Seeing the people coming and going at the port, Rhodes couldn’t help but show a little excitement.

Although the sea is vast, it is too monotonous.


This is also his first contact with the outside world.

Looking at the scene of people coming and going on the port, there were even some strange creatures that were obviously not human, Rhodes’ eyes widened, and his heart could not help but fluctuate a little.

Rhodes was a human after all, but he quickly calmed down.

Then, he saw a slightly familiar figure.

It’s not that he took a fancy to him at a glance in the crowd.

But this person was acting very arrogantly, walking in the forefront of a large group of fierce pirates, looking for trouble, but everyone in the port looked afraid of him, and they didn’t dare to offend him.

“Maelstrom Spider, Squard?”

Rhodes was stunned for a moment, and then he showed an interesting look.

He was that backstabber.

At such an important moment in the war, under the deception of Akainu, he stabbed Whitebeard with his blade, which weakened the strength of the latter, who was already covered in injuries and almost indirectly led to Whitebeard’s death in battle.

The man who betrayed his father.

But this was Whitebeard’s family affair and it has nothing to do with Rhodes.

At this time, he remembered what Koala said: “You must keep a low profile, this is the territory of the Whitebeard Pirates after all.”

“After completing the task, call us and we will pick you up and leave.”

“It is good.”

Rhode nodded, got off the sailboat, and walked towards the island along the road paved with blue bricks.

Rhod was a little surprised by everything he saw along the way. This was a side he couldn’t see on the screen in his previous life, the real scene of the world of pirates.

“I need to complete the task first.”

Rhodes walked down the street, turned left and right, and quickly connected with the head of the revolutionary army here.

“The mission is to kill the silver fox… This cunning guy is not easy to deal with, he once killed a big pirate with a reward of over 100 million.”

The head of the Revolutionary Army looked at Rhodes in front of him and couldn’t help but show a hint of surprise.

Rhodes was too young. Although the identity proof is correct, it is a little hard to believe.

“Stop staring at me and just give me the latest information on the silver fox,” Rhode said.

“Young people are really angry.”

The person in charge shook his head and took out a document from the drawer.

Rhodes took the information, glanced at it, and walked out.

“Don’t you need help?”

“No.” Before he could finish speaking, Rhodes’ figure had already disappeared.

“Tsk tsk, whoever gave him this mission knows very well that it’s one level higher in difficulty than the usual cadre assessment task.”

The person in charge took a cigar, pondered for a while, and decided to take care of it.

Such a young man with unlimited talent and potential, if he doesn’t make friends sooner, he won’t have a chance in the future.