Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 34 The Assassination

In the town.

Rhodes didn’t rush into trouble with the silver fox, but wandered the streets casually, getting familiar with the terrain.

With a memory far beyond ordinary people, he quickly formed a simple map of the town in his mind.

“The power of thunder is not the same as the Goro Goro no Mi. I can read the electric waves, so the only choice I have is to strengthen my Kenbunshoku Haki, otherwise, it will be so troublesome here.” Rhodes curled his lips.

If he develops a technique similar to reading electromagnetic waves, even if his perceptual can’t cover the entire island, it’s not too bad.

It also has a monitoring effect, so it would have been impossible for the silver fox to escape from his palm.

“It seemed I should go to the Skypiea as soon as I have the chance. But I am afraid that killing Enel, who considers himself a god, would be easier than making him give me the secrets of his techniques.”

While thinking about it, Rhodes walked to the location of the silver fox.

The leader of the Revolutionary Army followed behind, watching Rhodes’ actions, and couldn’t help but be at a loss.

At first, he thought that Rhodes was getting familiar with the terrain, but in less than two hours, Rhodes was done?

“This kid isn’t playing around, right?”

The person in charge murmured to himself, feeling that Rhodes was a little unreliable because he was actually eating ice cream at this time…


A dark space.

A group of people in black gathered together and were discussing something.

“Lord Crete, Squard asked for a higher protection fee to keep us on the island.”

“Give it to him.”

From a dark corner, a slightly hoarse voice emitted.

It was a tall and thin figure, he didn’t have a strong aura, and looked like an ordinary person.

But all the men in black didn’t dare to be disrespectful at all, because they all knew the cruelty and moodiness of the silver fox.

No one knows the origin of the silver fox, and people who inquired are dead. They only know that the intelligence organization he built by himself can even compete with the dark emperors of the underground world.

Da da da……

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of very steady footsteps at the entrance.

The owner of the footsteps did not seem to be walking in the gloomy underground passage but was out walking leisurely and comfortably in the spring.

“An outsider!” said a man in black.

The people in the intelligence organization are all professionally trained and they all walk very lightly. These distinct footsteps can be distinguished instantly by these professional agents.

However, they looked at each other in disbelief, because there are many traps outside, and it is usually impossible for anyone to approach this level without triggering the alarm.

“You guessed it right.”

“I’ll reward you with a slash.”

Accompanied by the faint voice, lightning flickered, and the dazzling light illuminated the space.


The sword energy swept across, directly slicing this underground space in half, and an infinite current swept out, attacking everyone present.


The man in black avoided the direct attack of the sword energy, but could not avoid the lightning that followed.

Rhodes’ current thunder power is strong enough to even kill the reserve force captains!

These men in black with mediocre strength couldn’t bear it at all. They were all stunned by the lightning, and their hair stood on end.

In the not-so-wide space, the lightning flashed dazzlingly, and at the same time, there was a faint smell of burning.

With one slash, the men in black were almost wiped out!

Said to be almost wiped out because, at the other end of the space, a figure smashed through the wall, and rushed out before the electric current erupted.

“The response is quite fast.”

Using the Kenbunshoku Haki to sense this guy, Rhodes quickly chased after him. His speed was extremely fast, and he disappeared out of thin air with a flash of lightning.


Using Soru, Rhodes chased after the man in black to the hall.

Silver Fox rushed to the hall, looked around, and saw the bodies of men in black everywhere. They seemed to be killed in an instant, with an ignorant look on his face, Silver Fox looked at his fellow comrades.

“He should be a speed-type enemy, I’m afraid it’s hard to get away and escape.”

Silver Fox’s expression sank, but he didn’t panic, because he often encountered such situations and had rich experience in dealing with them.

“The dark line should have contacted Squard, and reinforcements will arrive soon.”

In the past, Silver Fox considered this situation and prepared for it beforehand.

Not only did he arrange multiple lines of defense in the base, but also positioned manned personnel in some inconspicuous places on the periphery of the base, so that when an accident occurs at the base, they will immediately contact reinforcements.

This island was under the protection of the Whitebeard Pirates. Of course, he has long been on good terms with Squard, and he can ask him for help if necessary.

The next moment, a thunderous sword Qi burst into the air, tearing apart the ground, and emitting a sharp whistling sound.

Having seen Rhodes’ sword Qi power in the basement, the silver fox didn’t dare to take it head-on. He quickly evaded, performed some kind of a smoke explosive technique, and disappeared in place.

But before he could completely escape, a figure appeared behind him and slashed down with a sword!


Fortunately, Silver Fox’s knowledge and skills are not bad. He predicted Rhodes’ attack in advance, raised his sword, and blocked it, and the sound of gold and iron symphony exploded.

The violent power erupted, and the silver fox was completely overwhelmed, and was blasted out, smashed through the wall, and slammed on the street outside, smashing a deep pothole.

“Get out of here quickly.”

“There are strong people fighting!”

The passers-by were very experienced, and quickly backed away and hid at a far distance to watch.

“It’s the silver fox!”

When the leader of the revolutionary army saw the flying figure, he couldn’t help but feel stunned. That young man’s strength was so powerful!

He only stood here outside for less than five minutes to observe the situation, but it was already over inside?

“But this is the Whitebeard Pirates’ island. If you don’t solve the silver fox quickly, you will be in trouble when the Whitebeard Pirates arrive.” He whispered.

He was not allowed to help with the assessment task. he already crossed the line by coming here to look after Rhodes. Right now, it depends on whether Rhodes can kill the silver fox quickly, otherwise, he will intervene to help Rhodes escape.

On the street at this time.

Clang clang clang…

The blades collided, and the two swordsmen clashed a dozen times instantly. The aftershocks of the sword Qi ripped apart the ground and swept across all directions, forcing passers-by to retreat.

As one of the famous masters in the underground world, Silver Fox was an extremely skillful Haki user, and mastered the hardening technique to the fullest, while his Kenbunshoku Haki also being way better than Rhodes’.

What a pity.

Under the unbridled charge of Rhodes, the silver fox soon encountered a pinch, because his body was affected by the violent power of lightning, his flexibility began to decline, and his muscles felt a little paralyzed.

He was still standing there only because of his strong physique and astonishing resistance, otherwise, he would have been electrocuted into a mentally retarded man already.

“Who are you?”

“Why do you want to kill me?”

“Who sent you here?”

Silver Fox fought and retreated, trying to deceive Rhodes with words.

However, Rhodes simply ignored him and slashed wildly with his sword.

This is different from the sparring battle at the headquarters. He no longer has to worry about the opponent’s life, and can unscrupulously release his power.

This kind of unrestrained battle is really cool!