Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 35 Squard

Haki, as a force in the world of pirates, has a great impact on combat. Bushoshoku Haki directly strengthens offense and defense, and with Kenbunshoku Haki you can predict the enemy attacks.

Silver Fox was clearly behind Rhodes in both strength and speed, but with his slightly stronger Kenbunshoku Haki, he took Rhodes’ attacks head-on and parried them one by one.

However, it’s true that if this continues he will lose.

If the battle continues, Silver Fox will definitely lose, but he didn’t plan to experience a life and death battle with Rhodes. He just needed to buy time until the arrival of the Whitebeard Pirates.


As the battle progressed, Silver Fox gradually felt powerless, and his body couldn’t keep up with Rhodes’ fierce movements anymore!

“Damn it! It’s because of his damn lightning.”

Silver fox started to get anxious; the more he dared to confront Rhodes with the sword, the weaker he got because of the lightning parallelization effect.

The speed of the two is extremely fast. In the eyes of most people, they can only see two black shadows flashing alternately, and from time to time they will be separated for a second, then once again clash causing a circle of invisible airwaves to explode.

Occasionally, a sword Qi flew out of the sky, tearing apart the earth and destroying the house.

The terrifying power was heart-pounding.

“That young man looked only seventeen or eighteen years old, but he’s powerful enough to force the other guy to fight!”

“But the people from the Whitebeard Pirates are about to arrive. If you dare to make trouble on their territory, those monsters won’t turn a blind eye.”

“It looks like this battle is going to be anticlimactic.”

People were talking casually during this battle. The pirate world advocates force and the battle between the strong is the most exciting to watch.

At this moment, on the battlefield, an accident happened suddenly.

The silver fox finally could not bear the parallelization effect anymore, his legs and feet stopped moving, and his movement looked more sluggish!

With the speed and reaction of the two of them, this little accident was enough to kill.


The blade cut through the air, like a drill, targeting the silver fox’s head.

With the current level of the silver fox’s Busoshoku Haki, he can’t block Rhodes’ slash!

“Aaah! Move me! Move!!!!”

Silver Fox’s eyes were blood red, he urged all his strength, exploding his potential, and finally, at the critical moment, his body moved sideways a little.


An arm flew out and blood spilled on the ground.

Severe pain coming from the shopped arm made Silver Fox grit his teeth, but he managed to endure the pain and quickly pulled away. Looking at Rhodes, a trace of fear and despair gradually appeared in his eyes.

As one of the top intelligence leaders in the underground world, he has seen countless powerhouses, and many of them were stronger than Rhodes.

But no one put more pressure on him than Rhodes.

Because during this battle, Rhodes always controlled the rhythm of the battle. He was rational and calm, but his tactics were fierce and violent as if two contradictory personalities were mixed together.

He doesn’t look like a young man who is just popped out of nowhere, but more like a big name on the Grand Line!

Silver Fox completely lost the will to resist. In fact, he actually lost the ability to resist.

After his arm was cut, the balance of his body declined, and the lightning that invaded his body had already erupted, burning the internal organs, his muscles were tingling and his body was paralyzed; he couldn’t mobilize any more power!

At this time, the silver fox could only stand because of his strong will.

Looking at Rhodes who was slowly approaching with an indifferent expression, the silver fox opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but words couldn’t come out.

Either way, Rhodes didn’t have the habit of listening to dead people. He raised his sword and wanted to give Silver Fox a quick ending.

But at this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from behind.


Accompanied by the sound, there were bursts of harsh whistling.

A figure approached quickly, at an extremely fast speed, and the gust of wind it brought up was like a typhoon passing through, blowing all the debris out of the street.

Seeing this, Silver Fox’s dim eyes suddenly came back to life, this was like seeing finally light at the end of the tunnel.

“This is Squard from the Whitebeard Pirates. He is my friend. If you kill me, you will offend the Whitebeard Pirates, and you will not be able to get out of this island.”

He spoke very fast but very calm, no aggression could be felt in his tone, because he was afraid of irritating Rhodes.


Rhodes let out a faint sigh, and his sword suddenly fell down.


A head flew out and blood splattered on the ground.

It can be seen that there is still a little joy and hope in Silver Fox’s wide eyes as if he never thought that Rhodes would completely ignore the fact that he’s under the protraction of the Whitebeard Pirates and simply kill him.

It’s the Whitebeard after all!


At this time, Squard just arrived at the scene, looking at the silver fox whose head was separated, his expression sank and he got a little annoyed.

He is one of the captains of the Whitebeard Pirates. On this island, he has always been one-of-a-kind, and no one has ever dared to go against him!

“Little devil, you are provoking the wrong person.”

Squard was holding a big sword, and he looked very imposing, and could definitely scare children to tears.

“What do you want?”

Rhodes stood with his sword in his hand, very calm, as if he was not facing a famous pirate, but a little cat.


Squard laughed in anger, and said coldly, “Your death!”

Before his words could be heard, Squard rushed out suddenly, wrapped in a violent momentum, and rushed towards Rhodes like lightning.

As one of the captains of the New World under Whitebeard’s banner, Squard’s strength was beyond doubt.

Almost at the same moment Squard rushed over Rhodes moved.


For a moment, Rhodes’ body turned into an afterimage, flashed by, and with the explosive speed of Soru, he suddenly slashed down with a sword!

Rhodes never thought that he would collide with an enemy of Squard’s level at this stage, but since the battle started, he would not have the slightest concern.

A sword in his hand is all that he needs!

Whoever dares to stand in his way will die.


The violent lightning overflowing from the sword energy formed a thunderous light curtain; the arc flashed, and it crashed towards Squard.

Everywhere you look, there is lightning, as if it can destroy everything!

The improvement of Rhodes from his previous battle was huge. Counting the last battle with Crow, the training in the middle, and the benefits of this mission, the energy bar has reached an extremely terrifying level, 156!

Correspondingly, the strength of the power of lightning has also reached an alarming level.

Track, prick, prick…

Rhodes released the power of lightning to the extreme, and the dazzling light completely covered this area!

The lightning shook, the thunder whistled and roared, and the world changed color.

“This is terrible!!”

“Is he a devil fruit user?!”

People retreated one after another while squinting to look at the battlefield because the light was too blazing, it could burn the eyes.

In the pirate world, there are a lot of lightning-related abilities, but such large-scale and high-intensity of lightning can only be achieved by the legendary devil fruit, Goro Goro no Mi!