Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 37 Chronos Island

The Den Den Mushi are special creatures in the pirate world. They are mainly used for long-distance communication. Anyone with a bit of identity in the pirate world will have one.

The Den Den Mushi that Sabo gave to Rhodes seems to be an original product that has never been held before because it was still maintaining the most basic state.

With the constant use of the host, the Den Den Mushi will gradually imitate the host’s facial features and will imitate his expression and tone when talking. It’s indeed a very interesting creature.

However, Rhodes was not interested in this. In his eyes, it was just a mobile phone.

Although this mission didn’t take long, it had gone through two major battles, especially the last big move he used, which used most of his power and left Rhodes extremely exhausted physically and mentally.

After making sure it was safe, he returned to the cabin and fell asleep.

The next day.

After waking up, Rhodes was no longer tired and felt really refreshed, and at the same time, the injury he suffered on his body seemed to have completely recovered after this short period of sleep.

“The energy of the Book of Knowledge is 493?”

Rhodes stretched his body and stood up with excitement in his eyes.


Things were getting great for Rhodes, and the road to the top was clearer than ever.

The color that the power of lightning was emitting was a bit darker now. Compared with the previous light blue, it is much darker and more powerful.

As for the gain of energy, at first glance, it seems that the energy collected from the battle with Squard is not as high as that of the Silver Fox.

But this is only because the battle between Rhodes and Squard was too short and the battle process was not intense, so it could not be counted as a complete battle.

“My Haki is still far from…”

After this battle, Rhodes had a clearer image of his current level.

Judging from Squard’s performance in the original, his level was roughly equal to the Vice Admirals of the Marines.


In the marines, there is a huge gap in strength between a Vice Admiral and another, and the exact position of Squard is still unclear.

However, to be able to fight against Scuard and suppress and kill someone like the silver fox isn’t that simple. Rhodes should at least has the strength of the Rear Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, and his destructive power should be even greater than that.

If his physical strength was stronger, and his mastery of Haki si more proficient, he would be able to defeat anyone weaker than three Admiral without any problems.

“Getting stronger physical strength cannot be rushed, it’s a matter of time and hard work.”

Rhodes’ eyes flickered, “Swordsmanship however is a bit of a drag.”

It is a pity that there are not many strong swordsmen in the revolutionary army.

Of course, the current Rhodes, ordinary swordsmen, or even top swordsmen, may not be able to guide him.

Only those great swordsmen who have stood at the top of Swordsmanship are qualified to instruct him.

But what kind of character is a Great Swordsman?

There are only a handful of dragons slayers, and it is a blessing to meet one of them, not to mention the other masters’ guidance.

While thinking wildly, Rhodes came to the deck.

At this time, there was only Koala on the deck, sunbathing in a leisurely manner. Her clothes were naturally extremely sexy, revealing large parts of her snow-white skin.

“Where’s Sabo?”

“You’ve finally woken up, Sabo should be practicing at this time.”

Koala took off her goggles and smiled.

“Oh, where are we going now?”

“Do you remember what I told you before? if you complete the cadre assessment, you will immediately join us in another task.”

Rhodes leaned against the railing, squinting to enjoy the sun.

He was eager to fight and eager to practice to become stronger, but he does not reject the enjoyment of exploring and adventure, which can be seen in his pursuit of food.


Koala sat up, pondered for a moment, and said, “The ruler of the Chronos Island, Bell, once served for the World Government. Although his status is not high, he has a lot of power and has participated in many important tasks.”

“This person is very clever. Knowing that such a relationship will never end well, especially with what information he has, he escaped during a mission and came to the new world, specifically to Chronos island to plant his new roots. With the help of the secret information collected in his previous work experience, he made good friends with many people in the underground world. and he’s now living a very good life under their protection.”

“This time, the mission is to steal the intelligence information in Bell’s hands.”

This intelligence information may contain secrets and scandals of the world government and may be useful to the revolutionary army.

“Are we going to kidnap and interrogate him?”

There was a hint of excitement in Rhodes’ eyes.


A few black lines appeared on Koala’s forehead, she glanced at Rhodes speechlessly and said: “Bell is well established in the underground world. He also recruited a lot of mercenaries for protection. He is in his old lair. It’s not impossible to rely on force, but it’s almost impossible to do it only with the three of us.”

“This mission is mainly about stealing.”

If you can’t overwhelm them you can always find another way around.

“Then what am I going to do?” Rhodes pouted.

In terms of infiltration, the only way he knows is to pursue the unparalleled assassin’s approach and kill all the witnesses, but this time he obviously couldn’t.

Koala stretched her body, got up, and replied, “Bell has the habit of running colosseum competitions, and the prizes are generous. The biggest prize is often a Devil Fruit, in order to attract strong people and recruit them.”

“If there is a seed with great potential, he will come to the scene in person, and it will be convenient for Sabo to act at that time.”

Is she asking him to take place in the competition and let him win?

“I can do this.”

Rhodes nodded, indicating that it was very simple.

Koala rolled her eyes and said, “I will be in charge of the central command. You have to be careful and don’t reveal too much of your strength.”

Bell is not a fool. Naturally, he knows that a devil fruit cannot attract a real powerhouse. If Rhodes’ turned out to be too strong, it will naturally arouse suspicion.


Rhode nodded lightly, this is very simple.

He just wanted to hone his swordsmanship.

In fact, in terms of swordsmanship, Rhodes’ strength is not that strong, and he is probably just a little stronger than Shanoa.

Without the guidance of a great swordsman-level teacher, if you want to improve your swordsmanship, you can only rely on constant battles.


By just relying on battles progress will be relatively slow, just like Zoro, before he apprenticed under Mihawk. Before that, although his performance was good, it was not amazing.

But after two years of studying under Mihawk, his strength has grown by leaps and bounds, and he was completely qualified to be the Vice Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.


After more than a week of sailing, the ship gradually arrived at its destination.

Under more than ten years of management under Bell, Chronos Island was very prosperous. There were many people coming and going, not only businessmen, pirates, but even people from the world government.

This obviously benefits from Bell’s huge network.

When Rhodes was still in the port, he even saw the flag of the Beast Pirates.

“It’s really prosperous.”

Rhodes sighed softly.

There are no real continents in the Pirate World. The world is composed of islands.

The islands are divided into small, medium, and large islands according to their size and area.

With a perfect ecosystem, there will be no shortage of necessities such as freshwater resources.

Small islands are usually inhabited.

Medium-sized islands are much larger, with at least a few small towns and usually a large town in the center.

And large islands, which can accommodate a country, such as Alabasta, Dressrosa…

The Chronos Island in front of you is a medium-sized island.

The development is very thorough. From the port, you can see a wide road leading directly to the central town.