Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 38 A Surprise Encounter

Bell was a very good businessman, and due to that Chronos got very prosperous, the storefront was complete, and the goods were from all over the world!

Walking on the street, sniffing the fragrance in the air, Rhodes couldn’t help but point with his finger to a certain place.

Following the scent, the three of them came to a restaurant.

This restaurant looked unusual, it can only be seen from the door.

The crystal lamp behind the door was shining brilliantly, and the door was full of complicated gilt patterns.

On both sides of the luxurious carpet, there were sturdy security guards in uniforms standing upright, and two welcoming girls with top-grade looks.

“The old good rule. Eat first and then do the task!”

After speaking, Sabo laughed lightly and walked inside first; walking gracefully, his every move was full of aristocratic temperament, he didn’t seem like a revolutionary army soldier engaged in underground activities at all.

This kind of temperament naturally attracted the attention of the welcoming girls, and the two greeted them with sweet smiles.

Koala gestured at Rhodes slightly and walked into the restaurant.

Rhodes followed closely, feeling a bit excited because he also had high expectations for the food in such a high-end restaurant.

“It seems that the life of the revolutionary army cadres is not bad.” He thought to himself.

Initially, he thought that the daily life of the revolutionary army was to hide in the dark and shoot secretly.

If you think about it, you are right; however, Sabo and Koala weren’t your every other revolutionary army soldier, and they were also special cases.

The three of them took their seats, and Sabo quickly ordered dishes.

The strong people in the pirate world may not be picky, but they are all foodies. This is due to their strong physique, which requires sufficient energy and nutrition to maintain.

While serving the dishes, Rhodes looked around casually. Suddenly, he was slightly startled, then his body trembled, and he immediately retracted his gaze.

Because he saw an unexpected tall figure.

“Why is Gion here?” Rhodes was slightly horrified.

She’s one of the rare female great swordsmen in the world. As a candidate for being the next admiral, her strength is unfathomable, and her attack power may surpass the three current admirals!

Along with the horror he felt, Rhodes couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

Meeting with a great swordsman. It is extremely rare. If he can ask her…

Although as a revolutionary army soldier asking an Admiral candidate to become your master seems a little unreliable, Rhodes didn’t care about this at all.

Strength is the foundation of everything.

For Rhodes, whether it is a pirate, a marine, or a revolutionary army soldier, it is essentially just an identity and a position, and it is completely unable to impose any restraints on him as a traveler.

Gion’s Kenbunshoku has already reached its peak, and even though Rhodes didn’t look at her for more than a second, it has caught her attention.

After her gentle light glances swept over Rhodes, Gion seemed to have noticed something about Rhodes and couldn’t help but smile, then gracefully raised her cup in greeting.

“He’s a really sharp boy.”

Seeing this scene out of the corner of his eyes, Rhodes was a little surprised, but he kept his calm expression and also raised his teacup and drank it.

“Interesting kid.”

Gion blinked, then retracted her gazes.

Although she was a little surprised that the three of them have such a strong aura at their age, as a candidate for the Admiral position and a great swordsman, she has seen countless winds and waves, and many of them are young and strong like Rhodes and the others two with him.

To put it bluntly, even these three at this time could not arouse the interest of this great swordsman.

“Well, it’s getting late, I should go out and buy some clothes.” Gion got up gracefully.

It was only at that moment that Rhodes found out that this female great swordsman was really tall, she should be more than two meters tall, wearing short shorts, revealing her pair of long beautiful legs. There was also a spider tattooed on her left leg, which gave her graceful but luring vibes.

Many young men in the restaurant were looking at her secretly, but they didn’t dare to approach her, because although Gion was beautiful, she had a noble, cold presence that was indicating that she cannot be played with, and it is difficult to approach.

“This woman seems very strong… very strong!”

After Gion left, Sabo took a deep breath and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Like you know anything…” Rhodes secretly complained, she was a great swordsman, she probably doesn’t need more than her hands to defeat the three of them.

Koala pondered as if she was recalling. After a while, she suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, “She must be, Gion, she’s a Vice Captian and an Admiral candidate!”

“Vice Captain?!”

Sabo took a deep breath.

He is not one of those supernovas who have goals higher than the sky and the guts to challenge the Yonko before even stepping into the new world.

As the future Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo has a very clear reflection on his own strength. He knows very well how powerful people like Admirals are!

Legends say that Rayleigh, the dark king, cut an island with one slash. The three current admirals of the marines are comparable to him in the humanoid natural disasters aspect, and can easily destroy the climate of an island. The legendary strongest man in the world even possesses the power to destroy the world…

The so-called fearless are just ignorants. The more you know about the world the more you become humble.

Even if he firmly believes that he will be able to compete with these legendary figures in the future, at this moment, he is still too far away.

Koala was also shocked, and her forehead was covered in a cold sweat: “I don’t know why these people are here, but they shouldn’t be able to interfere with our mission.”

“You think too highly of yourself.”

Rhodes was speechless, “As a candidate for becoming an Admiral, Gion, may not have as much power as a true admiral, but her status is almost the same.”

“Her status is high enough to dispatch an army to this place.”

“It was probably just a coincidence that we met her here. Maybe she was just bored, and ran from the warship to have a cup of afternoon tea.”

Although what Rhodes said was a little unreliable, it was inexplicably reasonable, and both Sabo and Koala felt relieved after hearing it.

Soon, the food was served.

The rich aroma and delicate dishes finally diverted the three’s attention, and they calmed down and enjoyed the food.

To be able to open a restaurant in the new world, the chef of this restaurant naturally has two forks, not to mention the color and fragrance, there was also a special sauce, after mixing it together, the taste became excellent and the fragrance was stronger.

Since the three of them had great appetites, they gradually forgot their surprise encounter with Gion.

Such a terrifying existence that conquered the sea was still not too far away from them.

However, Rhodes didn’t think too much about it. Even if he wanted to become her disciple, he couldn’t rashly say “I’m very talented, accept me as a disciple”.

Masters of the blade pay a lot of attention to the predestination method, just like Zoro is to Mihawk.

Rhodes had a hunch that he would meet Gion again, and it wouldn’t take too long.