Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 44 Sniper

Sabo really deserves the reputation of being chaotic. Koala had a headache, and the disturbance is really big.

Walking outside the arena, panicked people can be seen everywhere. Because of the previous vibration was almost felt like an earthquake.

“I don’t know what Sabo did…”

Rhodes was a little curious, but he wasn’t worried about Sabo’s safety. That guy was really strong.

After walking for a while, he came to a relatively remote street. There were gradually fewer pedestrians on the road, but Rhodes stopped and said with a light expression:

“Come out.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a burly figure walked out of the corner, it was about a 2.5-meter tall gigantic man.

He was wearing armor, a feather cloak, there were horns on his head, and he had long hair. He looked like a barbarian. Most of the official members of the Beast Pirates wore this costume.

“Boss Burkley wants to talk with you.”

Karl’s tone was very flat, without ups and downs, but it had a hint of force that could not be rejected.

As an official member of one of the Yonko’s Pirates Group, the strongest cadre under Burkley, actually using words before force is already a good deal for Rhodes.

Rhodes’ potential is indeed excellent, but as he is now, is just an empty shell.

In the world of pirates, strength represents everything, not potential.

“What if I don’t go?” Rhodes said lightly.

“That’s up to you!” A cold light flashed in Karl’s eyes.

“You alone are not enough.”

Rhodes lightly put his hand on the hilt of the sword, facing each other tit for tat.

The atmosphere suddenly became stagnant, and the scattered passers-by on the street felt a chill to the bones as they ran away quickly.

In an instant, only Rhrod and Karl were left on the street.

With a breeze blowing by.


The two figures disappeared in place almost at the same time, each brought a gust of wind and collided together.


The long sword collided with the machete.

Thunderous explosions roared inside the street, and the huge residual energy rushed away in all directions, and all the debris on the ground flew out. The blue brick ground cracked densely, and the entire street seemed to tremble.

After a short stalemate, Karl gathered his strength, and a violent force erupted, directly knocking Rhodes out.

“Zoan type devil fruit user?”

Rhodes’ expression was indifferent, he lightly stepped on the air, and then floated to the ground without a trace of smoke.

Most of the powerhouses of the Hundred Beast Pirates have Zoan-type devil fruits. They are famous for their rough skin, thick flesh, and amazing brutal force.

They are a group of big muscle tyrants who want to train their brains into muscles. It is normal for Rhodes to be suppressed in terms of strength.

“As soon as I keep using my forging lightning mode, this gap should be made up to the greatest extent.”

Most of the powerhouses in the pirate world work very hard. Rhodes does not have much advantage in hard work. If he wants to equalize the gap in physique, he can only rely on the particularity of the power of lightning.

At this time, although his internal organs have been strengthened to a certain extent due to the strengthening of his physique, it is still a little short to try and use stronger lightning currents.

Without more than 90% certainty, Rhodes would not dare to mess with his internal organs. It is different from muscles or bones and involves too many things.


After Karl transformed into his half-beast mode, his body became larger and larger, approaching a height of three meters, and when he sprinted, it was like a tank rampaging with great momentum.

Rhodes did not collide with him head-on, but turned on the lightning mode and waited for an opportunity.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and saw a weak point, rushed forward instantly, and slashed out with his sword.

“One Sword Style: Raiken!”

Chi Chi!

Under the increase of the power of lightning and the imbuing of the Busoshoku Haki, the blue-black blade was wrapped in an astonishing tearing force, slashing on Karl’s arm, and the scalp-tingling sound of cutting erupted.

After a brief stalemate, the blade slashed through Carl’s Busoshoku Haki, and then slowly cut through his fur, Carl, who was resistant to guns and artillery, was still cut deeply by Rhodes’ sword.


Under the pain, Carl’s eyes turned red like a mad lion and slashed at Rhodes with his machete.


Rhodes did not hesitate and instantly stepped back. He is not a rough-skinned monster like Carl, he will die if he takes this hit.

But at this moment, Rhodes’ Kenbunshoku trembled violently, his eyebrows tingled, and his heart seemed to pop out!


I’m gonna die!!

Fortunately, Rhodes’ response was extremely fast, and was barely able to keep up with that information thanks to the activation of the power of lightning

Therefore, in just a split second, he responded, leaning slightly to the left inconceivably.

At the same time.

A pitch-black bullet, like lightning pierced through the sky, shot in front of him in an instant, rubbing the skin of his forehead and flying over.

A trace of blood slid from his face.

Rhodes could feel the burning pain coming from his forehead, and he could even smell a little burning sensation in his head, but his expression did not fluctuate at all. Instead, he became more and more indifferent, giving the sense of extreme danger, more dangerous than facing a beast in the wild!

“A sniper?”

“It’s been a long time since I was hurt…”

Trick, prick, prick…

The power of lightning seemed to be provoked, frantically agitated, and continued to spread as if a lightning field was formed here!

The next moment, Rhodes stepped forward and instantly flickered like lightning tens of meters in the air, and crashed into the roof of a building not far away.


Accompanied by the sound of buildings collapsing.

Before he had time to go to support his brother, Karl saw his brother Carlo being blasted out, spewing a mouthful of blood in the air, his face flushed, his hair standing on one end, and he fell heavily to the ground.

“Are you okay?”

Karl hurriedly ran to the front and asked in a low voice while staring vigilantly in Rhodes’ direction.

Carlo’s face was blue and white, with a hint of shock and disbelief mixed in.

He was found by Rhodes and ended in one second!

After all, snipers are not very good at close-range combat.

The most unbelievable thing for him was that the shot he was so patient to take didn’t hit!

It only rubbed his head a little!

But that was enough for Rhodes to determine his location!

“It’s so fucking unrealistic, how could this kid react!”

Carlo cursed and stood up enduring the pain, slightly behind Karl.

“This isn’t good, let’s contact Boss Burkley quickly.” Carlo glanced at Rhodes who jumped from the roof, thought for a while, and decided to call for reinforcements first.

He wasn’t a thick-head like Karl, he has a clearer understanding of the situation.

With the strength shown by Rhodes, even if the two of them are stronger, they will never be able to kill them.


A specially-made signal bomb flew out of his hand, flying at an extremely fast speed, flying high into the sky like lightning, and then exploded into a bright red emergency signal for help.

“Huh, how troublesome!”

Rhodes frowned slightly. He was confident enough to kill the two brothers, but he wasn’t sure that he could do it in a short time. After all, the combination of one fighting really close and the other shooting from distance was difficult to deal with. Moreover, most of the powerhouses in the pirate world had tenacious vitality.