Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 47 Teaching!

Gion, as a Vice Captain, and one of the candidates to be the next Admiral, was equipped with a marines warship of the highest specification; it was as huge as a hill.

The densely packed cannon looked terrifying, and its towering sail was covering the clouds and the sun. It looks like a moving fortress. If they’re ever faced with an ordinary pirate ship, it can be said that the artillery fire alone will make them cry.

The surprise was evident on Rhodes’ face, but deep inside he was actually calm.

As a reincarnated soul, there were many warships that he have seen in his previous life, which are bigger than this.

Gion was quite satisfied with Rhode’s expression.

In order to completely own this talented student, she did everything she could.

She killed the two brothers he struggled to defeat with one slash, leaving a bottomless abyss behind her, showing the insurmountable strength of the great swordsman, and then after she crushed Rhodes’ arrogance on the way, she finally brought out her expensive car.

“Let’s go down.”

Gion brought Rhodes to the top deck of the warship.

As soon as he landed, Rhodes sat down against the railing, not even wanting to move a hair.

Although it has only been half a day, his physical and mental energy was already exhausted, and they were on the verge of collapsing. At this time, he just wanted to sleep until the end of the world. As soon as he sat down, he fell into sleep not long after.

Gion glanced at Rhodes, but didn’t say anything, but faced the adjutant who came to pick her up.

“Gion-Dono, who is this?” the female marine soldier, Eleanor asked curiously.

She obviously did not expect that Gion would bring a young man back when she was just out to play.

Could it be that he’s her lov…

Eleanor’s eyes were full of gossip.

“Get aside.”

Gion knocked Eleanor on her forehead and said angrily, “This is my student.”

“Eh, student?!”

Eleanor rubbed her forehead, muttering in her heart: “Could it be that she’s planning to play a part in a teacher-student romance story? Sure enough, older women are provocative.”

At this time, when they learned that Gion had returned, a bunch of marines gathered on the top deck, and all of them were female soldiers. These were like Gion’s personal guards, and they were working directly under her command.

“Master Gion’s student?! The Vice Captain actually accepted an apprentice!”

“Hey, this little guy is quite handsome, but he’s a little thin.”

The guards looked at Rhodes who was sleeping on the deck and whispered.

The news quickly spread throughout the warships, and all the marines felt a little incredible.

The female guards were curious about the young boy, while the male marines were a bit frustrated.

Because the female marines on the Gion’s warship were all living on the highest level, they were accepted by her as guards, and they were all women, so there was nothing to say.

But this new student of hers is now also living on the top floor, which really made them… envy and jealous!

Gion came out to the deck again and had already changed into her standard marines clothing. With the word ‘Justice’ printed on the back of her cloak, Gion moved with the wind. Changing to these clothes made her lose a bit of grace and nobility, but now she looked more heroic and valiant, like a Valkyrie.

“Has anything happened recently?” Gion took the black tea handed over by Eleanor and asked casually.


Holding the document, Eleanor pondered for a while and said, “Everything is fairly stable.”

“The only big event is the showdown between Fire Fist Ace and The Knight of the Sea, Jinbe.”

“This battle lasted for five days and five nights, with no winner or loser. Later, Fire Fist Ace was captured by the Whitebeard Pirates. We don’t know what the final result will be.”

After speaking, Eleanor was quiet for a while, then couldn’t help but curiously ask about Gion’s experience these days.

Gion glanced at her sharply, but she still answered her, because even though Gion was her superior, she actually treated Eleanor as her little sister.

“Three geniuses at once?”

Eleanor frowned slightly, feeling that Gion is being a little reckless, and then immediately said: “How can you rashly accept apprentices, without even checking his background? “

Gion gently put down the teacup and said lightly:

“Identity, background, what does it have to do with me?”

“I’m interested in him and nothing else.”

There was indescribable confidence and arrogance in Gion’s tone.

She didn’t care about Rhodes’ identity at all, so what if he was a pirate? Or even from the revolutionary army?

As a super-powerhouse who has stood at the top of Swordsmanship, this is her right, who dares to stop her from accepting apprentices?

Just like Garp’s family, the guy’s son is the leader of the revolutionary army. Is there anyone who dares to say anything to Garp?

In this world, strength decides everything.

“All right.”

Eleanor was speechless for the while, and then she moved on to a more important subject: “We have also received an order from the headquarters. We have to go to the G-5 base and hold over the defense area with Admiral Kizaru.”

“He can wait, anyway, he is also in the base.”

Gion took a sip out of her tea and said, “Let’s go to Fire Island. My body hasn’t been soaked in a hot spring for ages. I will also be teaching my apprentice on the way there.”

“Uh, but, that’s not good…”

Eleanor was trying to say that it wasn’t good, but her expression was full of longing.

Gion glanced at this subordinate who never learned how to hide her true emotions, and then ignored her. She then narrowed her eyes slightly and began to think about the next tutorial.

After thinking about it, three months is still too short.

“If you learn slowly, it doesn’t matter in five or six months, just let Kizaru get off work.”

Gion thought indifferently.

The next day, in the cabin, Gion who was instructing Rhodes’ swordsmanship said indifferently:

“Purely use your swordsmanship to attack me.”


Rhodes concentrated his mind, stared at Gion with burning eyes, then took a step forward and kept waving his sword.

Or stab, or cut, or chop, or strike…

However, no matter how tricky the angles were, no matter how fast or strong the attack was, Gion was able to dodge it, and even took the time to hit him a few times with the body of her sword, causing him to feel numb.

Rhodes was tormented for half an hour, his whole body was slapped red by Gion’s sheath; at some point, he started wondering whether he had offended Gion in some way.

Gion finally stopped and let out a light breath.

“Do you know why I can hit you, but you can’t hit?”

“Because Master is a great swordsman, with quick responses, strong strength, and a stronger Haki than mine.” Rhodes calmly patted his horse.

“This is just one aspect. Do you know who is the worst poker player?”

Rhodes: “…”

Could it be that Gion and Fujitora both like to play cards?

“It’s a novice! How do you not know that?! This is your problem, you’re overthinking stuff!” Gion looked at Rhodes speechlessly and said: “A novice often shows his emotions and anger when playing poker. When he gets a good card, he will be high-spirited, and when he gets a bad card, he’s downcast. These kinds of people are easy to figure out and winning against them is inevitable.”

Rhodes reacted instantly, “You mean, I’m revealing my intentions before I attack?”

“Your eyes are too focused on the target you want to attack. An experienced person can see through your thoughts, predict your attack route, dodge in advance, or counter-attack you without even needing to be stronger than you.”

“Of course, you usually have the power of thunder to cover this up, and your speed is very fast, thus ordinary people can’t see through it.”

Rhodes had a feeling of awakening.

After all, no one taught him before. He only fought a few battles, and he didn’t learn many skills when it comes to swordsmanship.

“Then what should I do?”

“Face your opponent head-on, observe from the corner of your eye, hide your thoughts, and don’t reveal your intentions.”

“Now come at me again!”