Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 48 The Hot Springs

The situation in the new world is complicated. The Yonko are supposedly ruling the world, but there are also many neutral and chaotic places, which are under the control of some big pirates, noble families, and underground organizations.

With this towering warship of Gion, as long they don’t enter the territory of the Yonko, their sailing will be absolutely safe and stable.

As for ordinary pirates, they will only look at the wind and flee when they see them.

Gion observed Rhodes in the past few days to understand all aspects of his abilities very deeply.

Rhodes’ progress was very fast, and in a few days, he corrected some flaws in his swordsmanship with the help of Gion and got more powerful.

At this time, the warship has already arrived at its destination.

It was an island with a very special land-form environment.

Looking from a distance, you can see a volcano standing like a pillar in the center of the island, surrounded by a large jungle; the sound of apes and tigers roaring incessantly could be heard from a distance.

Obviously, there are a lot of beasts living on this island, and the intensity is much stronger than the trial island specially divided by the Revolutionary Army headquarters for the reserve forces.

“I’m not sure whether this volcano is dead or alive?” Rhodes was slightly attentive.

When he saw the volcano, he thought of magma and Akainu. It is said that Admiral Akainu’s ability is to imitate the eruption of a volcano, not only the magma of extremely high temperature but also the explosive impact of the volcanos.

“We don’t know either.”

“After discovering this special island a few years ago, Vice Captain Gion will come here to rest every once in a while.”

Eleanor’s eyes shone with light; she seemed very excited.

Not only her but also most of the other guards.

The new world is different from the Grand Line, and the four seas.

The situation in the four seas is almost entirely under the control of the marines and the world government. Their domain is slightly weaker in Grand Line, but their control is still strong. There are many marines bases and branches, and some neutral islands that are also biased towards the world government.

In such an environment, if the marines want to get some supplies or rest, it is easy to find a place.

But in the New World, things are quite different.

The New World is the territory of the Yonko. There are many arrogant people who dare not give a face to the marines, and there are very few Marine bases.

In such an environment, it is a bit troublesome for marines warships to even get supplies, not to mention play and rest. Often, they can only have a good rest once they’re instructed to defend a zone.

However, as long as you have the guts…

Oh, no.

As long as you are strong enough, you can do whatever you want.

Since the hot spring was discovered here, Gion has been coming here often, and Eleanor and other subordinates have also enjoyed it.

Leaving the necessary guards behind on the warship, Gion led Rhodes and the others to the island.

The marine soldiers in the New World are all elites, and they can serve as school-level officers if they were placed on any other bases. Gion’s personal guards are even more fierce, and the beasts who dared to stand in their way were basically beaten to death and kept for dinner.

Passing all the way, Rhodes was stunned to see that there was an avenue leading to the top; he could even vaguely see the warships in the distance.


The group came to the bottom of the volcano. There were many houses scattered here and there, and you could see the mist of water emerging from the gaps between the houses.

This should be the hot spring house.

The team gradually split.

Seeing that Gion didn’t speak of any orders, Rhodes silently followed behind.


Rhodes suddenly discovered that only Gion and her personal guard were left beside him.

No wonder he could feel countless fiery gazes coming from some of the men that came with him, eager to replace him.

Rhodes pouted; be envious, be jealous, but it’s useless.


“Boy’a, do you really plan to take a hot spring with us?”

As they approached the hot spring house, Gion turned her head and looked at him with a half-smile.

Eleanor and the other guards laughed and laughed.

“He looks so immature and harmless, I didn’t expect it to be such a little perv.”

“Little handsome guy, big sister doesn’t mind being with you, come if you want.”

“Come on, come in, don’t be afraid.”

The guards stood in the hot spring house, and some of them even took off their clothes, revealing a large piece of white skin, which was eye-catching.

Naturally, there were no special bath towels here; thus, everyone jumped in naked.

Rhodes was moved by this scene, but thinking of the tragic consequences, he silently turned and left this paradise, looking for a hot spring on his own.

This place has the potential to develop a volcanic hot spring resort.

It didn’t take long for Rhodes to find an open-air natural hot spring. The hot spring pool was irregularly round and steaming.

Rhodes took off his clothes and entered the hot spring. The spring water with a suitable temperature nourished his skin and relieved his fatigue, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

This is the first time he has ever been in a hot spring in his past and present life.

The hot spring pool that Rhode was looking for was high in terrain and had a very broad field of vision. The hot spring houses at the foot of the mountain were all within sight.


From such a high place, Rhodes could see a lot of, let’s say, beautiful scenes.

“Sure enough, the natural training of the marines is the most efficient way to breed this kind of existence…”

Rhodes murmured, then quickly looked away, and out of the corner of his eyes looked at the deepest, largest hot spring house.

Talking about breeds, he had to sneak a look at the highest bread…

Even with the steam all over the place, he could still vaguely see…


The next two days.

Gion didn’t start teaching Rhodes immediately but was completely focused on relaxing and resting.

After she regained all of her energy, she called Rhodes and came to open space.

“In terms of swordsmanship, your advantage lies in the perfect mastery of your concentration. Most swordsmen are not as good as you.”

Gion held the practice sword and said lightly: “The shortcomings are also obvious. Your swordsmanship is too poor. It looks like you’re a complete novice.”

“Sometimes it’s really hard for me to understand how such a swordsman like you can comprehend such a powerful thunder sword intent.”

Speaking of which, Gion couldn’t help but show some doubts. She was really puzzled, but in the end, she could only blame it on Rhodes’ personal talent. Anyway, there wasn’t any other explanation, so she didn’t bother to care so much.

Rhodes nodded slightly, expressing his approval.

In this respect, it is undeniable that the talent he unlocked from the Book of Knowledge has allowed him to step into the realm of a swordsman in just three months. However, even though it also boosted his swordsmanship’s basic training, it wasn’t too exaggerated, so he still had to work hard.

Moreover, during the last three months, Rhodes’ main focus was on his physical strength and Haki, and he inevitably ignored his swordsmanship training.

That seemingly skilled and accurate swordsmanship of Rhodes, in the eyes of great swordsmen like Gion, is of course full of flaws.

Even his most basic skills are a little out of shape, this so-called great swordsmanship is lackluster; it depends entirely on the terrifying power of lightning and his speed.

“The foundation of swordsmanship is very important. Without a solid enough foundation, it is almost impossible to comprehend the profound meaning of “Sword” and step into the realm of a great swordsman.”

“Although the realm of a great swordsman is difficult to describe in words, it is ultimately inseparable from the basics of swordsmanship.”

Gion said softly, and then set the amount of training for Rhodes during this time:

“We will first set a small target for you, you need to do 100,000 strikes per day, if you can’t do it, then you will stab 100,000 times, and if you can’t do it, then you will go back to striking 100,000 times…”

After she finished speaking, she smiled lightly, “A student who knows the basics can always train on his own!”

Rhodes’ face darkened at that time.