Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 49 Three Months!

In the distance, Eleanor and a group of personal guards were secretly watching Rhodes; they wanted to know what kind of a man could actually make Gion, who always thinks highly of herself, accept him as an apprentice.

“What’s going on, here? Vice Captain, Gion is actually teaching the basics?”

“My God did she got deceived by his handsomeness!”

“Is our Vice Captain finally ushering in spring?”

The guards chattered and kept complaining.

“He’s starting to practice the basics at this age?”

Eleanor felt a little strange.

Devil fruit is a shortcut to becoming stronger. If you get a powerful fruit, you can become stronger with a little development.

However, physical strength and swordsmanship are different, especially the last. Almost any swordsman starts to learn swordsmanship from a very young age and by his age they would have a solid foundation.

She had never heard of someone who picked swordsmanship halfway through and actually succeeded.

“Maybe Gion-Dono is just interested in the other qualities that this man has!”

Eleanor was disappointed, she thought Rhodes was an outstanding swordsman genius!

After watching him for a while, she quickly lost interest and went back to the hot springs to warm her body.


The polishing of the basics of swordsmanship was very boring and boring.

Repeating an action a hundred times, or nearly a thousand times is not something normal people can endure, not to mention Rhodes who needed to do 100,000 strikes.

This will not only destruct his physical strength, but it’s also a test of his will!

“A swordsman’s strike is not about power, or you will just be a reckless man!”

“The most important thing for a swordsman is accuracy, it doesn’t matter if it’s one slash or thousands of strikes, they must be all accurate!”

“Once your 100,000th strike is as accurate as your first your swordsmanship basics’ will be qualified!”

Gion’s words echoed in Rhodes’ mind, while his expression was extremely determined, and his eyes very focused.

His approach to training was very serious, he can even be called obsessed.

This was a world where martial artists are respected, and one’s strength can face an army, a country, and even suppress an era!

But strength cannot come out of thin air, and it takes arduous and long practice to be acquired. Rhodes knew this very well.

Rhodes swung his sword again and again, constantly fine-tuning every strike, while fully mobilizing every inch of his body’s strength into it…

Under this constant adjustment, Rhodes’ sword-slashing movements became more harmonious and smoother, and gradually he had a masterful demeanor aura around him.

An hour later.

Due to the fatigue of his arm muscles, Rhodes’ sword swinging motion got slightly deformed. He didn’t notice it himself, but Gion noticed it right away.

“Pay attention to your stance, and maintain your focused state. The angle of your slashes became a little off.”

Gion’s expressionlessly criticized him. But deep inside she was in disbelief.

Because Rhodes’ progress was so fast. It was as if a great swordsman had been reborn and now he is just regaining the power he lost in the past step by step.

Honing one’s basics of swordsmanship is easier said than done, and often requires years of perseverance.

Even with her, a great swordsman, teaching by hand, the speed of the training would not be as fast as it is now. Gion has even thought about extending the training period that she has set previously.

Unexpectedly, Rhodes once again stunned her with his unlimited potential.

The beginning was a bit rough, but now he’s doing 10,000 slashes without making a single mistake, and he achieved all of this in less than a month

“It seems that it won’t be more than three months.”

Gion’s charming face was expressionless, but there was a touch of loss and sadness in her heart.

This feeling is amazing.

With great interest, she planned a lot of tutorials and was even willing to go to battle in person, trying her best to carve and carve this rough jade.

But she didn’t expect that this piece of rough jade would evolve on its own and remove impurities on its own.

Without even using any effort, it just began to bloom!

Excellent students will certainly make teachers happy, but too good students can also be disappointing because it will make the teacher feels that their teaching is worthless.

Gion’s thoughts were very complicated, but Rhodes didn’t notice any of that.

He was immersed in his sword training.

He loved swordsmanship, he felt that he and the sword shared an inexplicable fate. Otherwise, the first talent of the book of knowledge would not be swordsmanship.

One strike, a second strike, another strike…

Drops of sweat dripped from his forehead, but it didn’t bother Rhodes at all. He waved his sword tirelessly, looking for the most suitable feeling.

Gion said that the true meaning of the “sword” that Great Swordsmen understood was derived from the foundation of swordsmanship. This sentence seems mysterious and elusive, but it actually gave Rhodes a clear goal.

Since the true meaning of swords is so mysterious that it cannot be captured or described in words, then the basics of swordsmanship should be exercised to the extreme, and only then the true meaning of “Sword” will emerge on its own.

Following the saying, go with the flow. Rhodes didn’t force it, this was the right step into the realm of the great swordsman, nothing is better, or faster.

Of course, Gion didn’t only teach him the basics of swordsmanship, but how to use it in actual combat.

Swordsmanship is not the same as physical strength. If you want to determine one’s progress, only actual combat can give you that clear image.

Only endless battles can refine one’s swordsmanship, such as Zoro’s battles with apes.

Of course, Gion didn’t have such a group of apes who were proficient in swordsmanship, so she could only go into battle in person, pressing her strength to fight against Rhodes.

This kind of sparring…

Of course, it is impossible for Rhodes to win.

Even though Gion is holding back, she could easily abuse him.

The two’s understanding of swordsmanship is not at the same level at all. Most of the time, Gion is just torturing Rhodes.


Rhodes spent most of his days practicing the basics of swordsmanship. Occasionally, he fought against Gion, then checked his swordsmanship with her. At night, he used the lightning forging, and of course, went into hot springs whenever he had the chance to relieve the exhaustion.

Three months passed quickly.

In the open space.

Eleanor looked at Rhodes expressionlessly, and said lightly:

“Gion-Dono is resting today, so I came instead to teach you a lesson or two.”

She was holding a delicate-looking thin sword, similar to the Western sword. People who use this type of sword are usually very good at stabbing.

Thorn is the most lethal sword stance, and the fastest, but also the most dangerous. Because this stance exposes the most flaws, and it is easy to be caught by others.

Rhodes was slightly surprised, he didn’t expect that this girl, who seemed rather quiet and had a low sense of presence, would turn out to be a female swordsman!

He didn’t have any contempt.

Being able to become Gion’s adjutant, Eleanor’s strength is at least comparable to that of a Rear Admiral!

“Is it okay?”

“Come at me!”

“Are you sure?” Rhode confirmed again.

“Young people these days surely talk a lot of nonsense; come at me, means come at me! You really think you can hurt me?!” Eleanor said impatiently.

She clearly doesn’t have a good impression of Rhodes.

Her expectations were too high at the beginning, she thought that Rhodes was such a genius, and would his skills left Gion with no choice but to accept him.

Unexpectedly, Rhodes came to this island and started to practice the basics of swordsmanship!

“Then here I come!”

After how she treated him, of course, Rhodes will not be humble anymore. With just a bit of effort, he suddenly rushed out like a phantom.