Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 51 The Neo Marines!

The hot spring house, surrounded by a touch of white mist, obscured the moving figures.

The guards were lying on the edge of the hot spring. At that time, even the hot water couldn’t lift their spirit.

It is indeed very pleasant, and very comfortable to soak your body in the hot spring, but three months is really too long.

“Ah, when will this day be over?”

“I think it’s pretty good. You don’t have to think too much, just take it easy and you’re done.”

“No way… When is Gion-Sama going to finish training that little handsome guy.”

“Speaking of this, it seems that Eleanor-Dono is going to compete with the handsome guy today. I don’t know what the result will be.”

As soon as the words fell, they saw Eleanor walking in with a blank face. She walked fast, but also heavy, and she seemed to be sulking.

The guards are all human beings, and naturally, they are keenly aware that something was wrong, so they started whispering.

“Something went wrong!”

“Could it be that she got defeated?!”

“Tsk tsk, isn’t handsome Rhode weak?”

Even though the guards kept their voices down, Eleanor still heard them. Her already sulky face became even sulkier.

However, Eleanor had an emergency to report, so she just gave these guards a stern look and then quickened her pace. She then walked to the deepest part of the hot spring house, and said to Gion who was in the hot spring:

“Gion-Sama, there is a situation.”

Gion opened her eyes lazily, glanced at some of the torn clothes on her body, felt stunned for a moment, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Are you here to tell me that you got bullied by Rhodes?”


A few black lines appeared on Eleanor’s forehead, ignored this unscrupulous officer, then she just said expressionlessly:

“The Neo Marines, Captain, “Black Arm” Zephyr is going to attack a group of pirates in the waters near us, and he has sent a message asking us to cooperate in the battle.”


Gion was stunned for a moment, and her expression became serious.

Zephyr is a former admiral of the marines, and he has also served as the chief instructor of the marines for many years. Most of the current admirals in the marines are his students, and Gion is no exception.

“That’s right.”

Eleanor said:

“What we have to deal with is the great pirate Spark. Although “Black Arm” Zephyr is sure to defeat Spark, he cannot guarantee that there won’t be casualties among his subordinates, so he asked us to cooperate in the battle.”

“We have no orders. Whether or not to participate depends on your choice.”

After she finished speaking, she stood quietly on the spot, waiting for Gion’s order.

At work, Eleanor is still very responsible.

Gion squinted slightly.

She understands that Zephyr’s personality changed, and she knows what has been done recently, but there are too many things involved, Gion can’t do anything, so she can only let it go.

“Of course, we’re going to help.”

After thinking for a moment, Gion said:

“Anyway, Spark Pirates Group doesn’t belong to any of the Four Yonko, so if he wants to kill him, let him kill him.”

Eleanor was not surprised, she nodded and planned to go out to issue an order.

Ordinary marines, and other vice admirals, might have to be careful when facing big pirates like Spark, but Gion didn’t think much about it, it was nothing more than waving her sword a few times.

“Wait, change your clothes first,” Gion said, then burst out laughing.

Gion’s voice came from behind; mercilessly opening Eleanor’s scar again.


Unable to bear it any longer, Eleanor jumped on Gion.

A strange atmosphere suddenly took place inside the hot springs.


On the warship.

Looking at the island that disappeared under the sea horizon in the distance, Rhodes let out a light breath, showing a little emotion.

Now that he thinks about it, he came to Pirate World less than a year ago.

Excluding the first three months, the time he spent out, and the special training time, it’s more than six months.

For three and a half months at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, he practiced Soru and Geppo, and the Busoshoku Haki…

The other three months were spent practicing swordsmanship with Gion.

The three months on the Fire Island did not seem to be long, but in fact, it took up almost half of Rhodes’ training time.

For such a long time, his progress was of course very impressive.

The core improvement is of course in swordsmanship, and it was even enough to make him on an equal foot with Eleanor, who is a senior swordsman.

It can be said that after three months of special training, Rhodes’ swordsmanship has completely stepped up, even Gion cannot pick out too many flaws in it anymore.

Now he has the right foundation to set foot in the realm of great swordsmen.

At this stage.

It is also difficult for Gion to give Rhodes any further guidance. He needs to walk on his own now, create his own style, and understand the profound meaning of “sword.”

This is the only way to become a great swordsman.

In addition, Rhodes never stopped training his Haki.

Knowing that he made little success in the Busoshoku Haki before, he focused more on it.

However, the improvement of the Busoshoku Haki is always limited to the current physical state.

“My physical strength at this time should not be weaker than that of commodores of the marines. The speed and flexibility are even faster due to the mode of thunder.”

Rhodes used handled the rail and easily kneaded it into a twist.

Rhodes smiled upon seeing that and opened the attribute column.

Tier 2: Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1


Swordsmanship Specialist – Human and Sword -The understanding of swordsmanship will be greatly improved!

Thunder Control – The God of Thunder Was Reborn! You can freely control the power of Lightning!

Energy: 717/1000

“The power of lightning at seven hundred and seventeen…”

Rhodes smiled, and blue light flashed in his eyes.

With this level of lightning power, the destructive power is definitely enough to threaten the existence of the vice-admiral level. It may be a little off to deal with an Admiral, but the likes of the Read Admirals will definitely not be able to bear this damage.

“If it is matched with a higher level of swordsmanship, I don’t know how far it will reach. Even a Vice Captain wouldn’t be my opponent.”

Rhodes showed a hint of satisfaction.

In this sea, it is very difficult for a Rear Admiral-level powerhouse to roam alone; it is easy to encounter fatal crises, such as large sea kings, big storms, etc.

But someone at the vice-admiral level can take off on their own, even in the new world where the strong are like clouds, a little bit of care would be enough to sail.

Among the strong people in the entire pirate world, the Rear Admiral level is enough to rank you at the top. This is a goal that most normal people can’t achieve in their entire lives. Rhodes is now in this echelon.

Further up, there are existences that are only one step away from the peak, such as Marco the Phoenix, Three Disasters, and Doflamingo Family members.

In the end, of course, the peak powerhouse standing on the cloud and overlooking the sea, the Four Emperors, the Admiral of the Navy, the Great Swordsman…

“The hardest the road, the more exciting.”

Rhodes sighed with emotion, but he didn’t seem too proud. According to Gion, Rhodes is still at the beginning.

There are many people who are where Rhodes is now, but there are very few who went further.