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RWBK Chapter 55 True Strength

When facing an opponent on the same level as him, the sharpness and swiftness attached to the Lightning Mode may only give Rhodes an advantage to suppress him, but when facing an enemy weaker than him, this advantage will instantly expand and become extremely deadly.

Just like this cadre, if he were fighting against Eleanor, he would have been able to keep his foothold for a while. In other words, it is a powerful pirate with a reward of over 150 million, and his power is enough to make him a captain of a pirate group.

But facing Rhodes, he was instantly killed by his sword.

“It’s still a long way off.”

“Compared to a great swordsman who slashes icebergs and islands with a single slash. To them, this level is no different from a child playing.”

Rhodes’ expression was light, and he continued to walk toward the center of the island.

Along the way, the streets were full of blood and corpses.

Under his extreme speed, these ordinary pirates often couldn’t even react and died, which is a bit unfortunate for them.

The battle was its climax.

Rhodes swept and crushed, and the frontal battlefield was also steadily advancing under the command of Eleanor.

However, Ain was in a pinch.

During the collision, although she forcibly killed a cadre through her special devil fruit ability, she was also entangled by a swordsman who targeted her and she got caught up in a hard battle.

Because he had seen Ain’s special abilities, this swordsman did not give Ain the opportunity to use her abilities at all. With his superior swordsmanship and Haki, he suppressed Ain.


The moment they were separated by an explosion of cannon, Ain’s heart sank, and she stepped back without hesitation.

She was very calm, she could clearly distinguish the strength of the enemy, and after analyzing the odds of winning, she found that she was likely to be killed if she carried on.

So she decided to withdraw to the frontal battlefield. Regardless of everything, she successfully killed one of the pirate cadres, which can be regarded as a good performance.

It’s just that in one day, she lost to two swordsmen one after another, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Klang Keng!

Ain fought back while retreating. Facing this skilled six-style swordsmanship, even though this swordsman was stronger, it was difficult to hold her.

“Are you just running? Marine girl!!” The Swordsman was furious.

The pirate Ain killed was a good friend of him. If was just killed he wouldn’t have been this bothered, since they were pirates and they were prepared for such a day.

But this also depends on the method of death.

But the guy’s age was reduced until he was turned into a baby, then vanished; the poor bastard died miserably.

The guy couldn’t bear the tragic death of his companion.

Hearing his shouts, Ain’s expression was extremely calm, obviously, it was not the first time that she had encountered such a situation.

“If I can just find one of my companions, we can work together to kill him.”

As long as a teammate with similar strength to her stepped forward to hold him back she will eventually find an opportunity to use her retreat ability to finish him off!

And almost at the same time, she thought so, at the end of the street ahead, a sword-wielding figure that made her a little tangled, walked slowly over.

“Not this guy!”

She was defeated by him not long ago, and now that he’s seeing such an embarrassed side of her, Ain subconsciously felt a little unhappy and embarrassed.

“His swordsmanship is very powerful, and his comprehensive combat power should not be weak. If he cooperates, we should be able to kill the pirate at the back.” She thought in her heart and accelerated towards Rhodes.

A spare is different from actual combat.

A spare is only a test of swordsmanship, as well as physical fitness and other related qualities.

But in actual battles, there are more things involved.

Haki, physical skills, fruit ability, even the one’s will, and the surrounding environment. These factors are enough to affect the direction of a battle.

“Still… it’s quite embarrassing!”

Looking at this beautiful girl with a flushed face, while panting in front of him, Rhodes smiled and said, “Damn!”

Ain was in a hurry, she glared at Rhodes fiercely, and quickly instructed: “You are responsible for holding him back, I will attack.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to face the pirate swordsman who was charging at high speed with a cold expression.

Regardless of Rhode’s identity or age, Ain couldn’t ask Rhodes to do something dangerous.

After all, the enemy is a powerful and lethal swordsman, death may not occur, but if he breaks an arm or a leg or something, how will she explain this to Zephyr, how can she explain it to Gion?

“I’m being underestimated.”

Rhodes shook his head slightly, took a step forward suddenly, and said, “It’s better to leave it to a man to fight and kill.”

“Girls, just have to stay behind and be responsible for being beautiful.”

Before she could respond to this, Ain felt a gust of wind blowing by her side, and her long smooth blue hair fluttered in the wind.

The young man, whom she was responsible for protection, rushed towards the opposite side like this!

You are courting death… Eh, why is he so fast?!

Ain thought as she watched two sword-wielding figures collide.

She could only hear the sound of “Keng”.

When the two swords collided, the aggressive pirate swordsman flew out like straw, while spitting out a mouthful of blood in the air, unable to hold the blade in his hand, and flew out and fell to the ground in the distance.

And Rhodes didn’t stop there, and instantly flashed and reached the sky above Pirate Swordsman.

The swordsman let out a tragic roar, folded his hands in front of him, and Rhodes stepped down.

His foot, like a falling meteor, smashed the defense of the swordsman, and instantly crack the floor beneath him open.


The ground exploded!

The pirate was slammed heavily on the ground, opening a big hole in the street, his chest was deeply sunken as if he had been hit by a thousand-ton cannonball, and his heart was shattered.

With such serious injuries, he obviously didn’t last a second.

With one slash and one kick, the strong enemy has been defeated.

Ain didn’t even have time to change her expression, and she looked like she was still angry because Rhodes rushed out and ignored her orders.

The breeze was bleak, and a puff of fine dust on the ground was blown up slightly.

The scene fell silent for a while.

Ain was still silent and in deep shock, her big and bright eyes vibrated violently as if she had seen a ghost.

This strength is too exaggerated!

Are you really seventeen and not seventy?!

Ain was stunned; she could naturally see the various abilities that Rhodes exposed at that moment.

He had far better Haki, extraordinary speed and strength, and a power that… looked a bit like lightning.

With all of these put together, Rhodes doesn’t actually need more than two or three moves to kill her.

This was too shocking.

After a while, Ain returned back to her senses, and she muttered angrily to herself.

Originally, she thought he was just more talented than her, she didn’t expect his real combat power to be stronger than hers, much stronger!

Wow, this is so frustrating!

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