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RWBK Chapter 56 Reinforcement

The marines at this time were in a state of disconnection.

The three Admirals of the golden generation, as well as many vice admirals and rear admirals, have gradually entered their middle age, but the young generation that has been training to take their positions has fallen into a more embarrassing situation, and they seem to be unable to catch up to them!

With Ain’s talent and strength, in this generation of marines, she can be considered one of the next leaders; some other people are stronger than her, but not much stronger.

Growing up in such an environment, Ain’s confidence is naturally quite high, and she never felt much pressure from her peers.

But today, she suffered a sudden blow to the guts!

After losing to Rhodes in a spare, she still convinced herself that the gap was that big, she thought he only defeated her because he was a disciple of a great swordsman, but what she just saw made her finally understand that no matter what she says, the gap between the two is really huge.

“How can there be such a perversion.”

Ain whispered, no wonder he was accepted as an apprentice by Vice Captain Gion.

You must know that Admiral Gion, as one of the few powerful women in the marines and even in the world, has always regarded herself very highly. It is said that she has rejected Vice Admiral Chaton, who is also a candidate for the Admiral position, a hundred times.

At this time, Rhodes, who simply killed the enemy, didn’t know that this girl had gone through a long mental journey in a blink of an eye.

He slowly came to Ain and said:

“Have you seen the top cadre Harmon and others?”

“Ah, oh.”

Ain was slightly stunned by Rhodes’ sudden question, and immediately responded:

“If you didn’t encounter him on that route, then neither did I when coming down here.”

“It’s very likely that they met with Shuzo and the others.”

Before departure, Ain and other commandos each were assigned a defend a specific area and tried their best to prevent the cadres of the Devil Pirates from going to the frontal battlefield.

The overall tactical idea is probably to concentrate their forces to clean up the battlefield and then attack the pirate cadres.

“It is impossible for Shuzo to defeat Harmon with his personal strength, but he shouldn’t encounter trouble holding him back. Besides, Binz is not far from him.”

Ain knew her friend’s abilities very well and said confidently.

Binz is a have the grow-grow devil fruit ability. Although he is not strong in frontal combat, he is very good at controlling and defending.

As for Shuzo, he is strong physically and has a powerful Haki. When the two cooperated in the past, they successfully contained many strong men similar to Harmon.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple this time.”

Rhode shook his head.

Unlike Ain who was restrained by that pirate swordsman, Rhodes cleaned the area he was in charge of, and noticed some members who obviously did not belong to the Devil Pirates.

They were stronger and more arrogant, and of course, they died even more miserably.

“If my information is correct, the members of the Donquixote family are also participating in this battle. At this time, it is not just Harmon that Shuzo and others are facing.”

“The Donquixote?!!”

Ain’s tone became a little sharp, and she said quickly:

“Then let’s hurry up and help them, the Donquixote family is not easy to mess with.”

She was anxious and worried.

The Donquixote family is famous in the whole new world, and it has such a strong commander. According to Ain’s estimation, they wouldn’t send one of their Elite Officers to conduct an underground transaction, but still, they should be really strong.

Shuzo and the others can hold back a Harmon-level powerhouse, but if they’re facing the two of them, I’m afraid the line of defense will collapse.


As Ain expected, Shuzo and Binz’s situation was very bad.

If they were not fortunate enough to come across a green field with many flowers and trees that Binz used to build a line of defense, I am afraid they would have been defeated long ago.

In fact, the reason that he could persist until now is that the leader on the opposite side suddenly stopped, leaving only a few pirate officers attacking.

“How about it, have you thought about it?”

Lao G looked solemn, with a faint hint of oppression,

“Spark is surely going to die. Zephyr and Gion joined forces, he can’t escape. Even if we go to support, it won’t change the fact that he’s done.”

“Your business ability and combat effectiveness are very good. I will recommend you to the young master.”

After Lao G learned who besieged Spark, he clearly understood that the collapse of the Devil Pirates was inevitable.

Even if they can defeat the marines on the frontal battlefield, Gion and Zephyr are enough to sweep the entire pirate island, and no one will survive.

Harmon’s eyes flickered, and he was a little tangled. After all, the two used to be partners in the sea.

“Can you give me time to think about it?”

Lao G said coldly,

“If you wait until they finish Spark off, you won’t be able to run away!”

Harmon was shocked when he heard these words, he took a deep breath and said:

“Do you have any idea how we will escape? The port has already been occupied by the Marines.”

Lao G said indifferently:

“You don’t have to worry about that. Let’s get rid of these two annoying kids first.”


Harmon showed a hint of respect. Since he decided to join him, of course, he had to do a good job on the battlefield. He took the lead and walked forward.

At this moment, the accident happened.

A blue-haired woman suddenly joined the battlefield. Took advantage of the surprise effect and slapped a pirate cadre back by twelve years, and then beheaded him with her dagger.

“Damn you!”

Harmon was furious and rushed up in an instant.

These pirate cadres are all his confidants, and they will also be the team he raises in the ranks of the Donquixote family in the future. How can he bear it when one of them dies in front of his eyes?


The moment he rushed out.

A dazzling sword Qi suddenly burst through; tearing the air apart, causing an extremely harsh whistling sound.


Although Harmon was a bit surprised, he still managed to block it.

With his fists wrapped in a dark and shiny Busoshoku Haki, he slammed his fist onto the sword energy that was rushing toward him without showing weakness.


When his fist and sword energy collided, Harmon’s face changed colors instantly, his burly body was pushed on the ground forcibly for a full seven or eight meters, and his black face turned red.

“Bring it on!”

With a loud roar, he stomped with his feet, stabilizing his body, and at the same time he threw out another fist, which shattered the incoming sword energy.

Chi Chi!

The aftermath of the shattered sword Qi swept across all directions, cutting the ground with dense tiny cracks. The scene was extremely frightening.

Harmon took a breath with his eyes full of shock.

What a terrifying sword energy!

Could it be that a senior swordsman, or even a top swordsman, has also come here?

With a solemn expression, he raised his head to look in the direction of the sword Qi, and then saw a young and handsome man, standing with a sword in his hand, looking at him indifferently.

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