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RWBK Chapter 57 Lightning Rage!

The battlefield fell silent for a while.

The light wind that blew seemed to pierce the heart with a bit of chill as the white-robed swordsman appeared.

The remaining pirate officers quickly retreated behind Harmon and looked at the traces on the ground with great fear.

This sword knocked back the strong Harmon so far. If he attacks they will definitely die!

Even Lao G in the distance was shocked. He quickly flashed and came to Harmon’s side, standing side by side with him.

Combining their strength is the answer; only then will they faintly overwhelm the other side.

“When did the marines find such a powerful young man?”

Lao G looked solemn.

The Donquixote family has hands and eyes on both the world government and the marines’ movements. It stands to reason that if there are newcomers of Rhodes’ level in the marines, they should be well known by them long ago.

“You must kill him now!”

Lao G’s slightly old face showed a hint of ruthlessness and determination. The birth of a new super-strong soldier in the marines is definitely not what Doflamingo wants to see. Right now is the best time to kill him.

At this time, Ain finally found Shuzo and Binz.

At this time, the two looked pale, bleeding from the corners of their mouths, covered in scars, and their bodies were extremely exhausted. Especially Binz, who had overused his abilities.

However, at this time, the two did not care about their injuries, they were both dumbfoundedly looking at the figure holding swords.

“My God, what kind of strength is this?!”

Binz couldn’t close his mouth.

Previously, when they fought Harmon, the guy was like a madman, knocking out the toughest plant under his control with one punch. His power was unbelievable.

But one slash from Rhodes’s sword forced Harmon back abruptly, and he needed both fists to stop.

What power this is?!

“This kind of destructive power is nothing less than the level of Vice Captain!”

Shuzo stared at the sword marks on the ground, and then murmured after a while:

“I know the Vice Captain Momonga very well. I have seen him cut off the pirate ships with one sword. He can be called a top swordsman. Even if Rhodes’ swordsmanship is not as good as Momonga’s, I am afraid it is not too far away.”

“His potential is really scary.”

Looking at the reactions of Shuzo and Binz, Ain had an inexplicable sense of relief.

Sure enough, it’s not that I’m too weak, but that guy is just a monster!

Shuzo wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, stood up looked at the battlefield, and calmly analyzed:

“Swordsmen’s destructive power is indeed unparalleled, but both of his opponents are first-class powerhouses with a strong vitality and amazing endurance. If they drag this battle for a long time I am afraid that Rhodes will be unable to withstand the pressure and flaws will be revealed.”

“Let’s hurry up and contact Adjutant Eleanor and ask her to dispatch some people to help. By now, the frontal battlefield should have gained an overall advantage.”

Shuzo’s combat experience is extremely rich, and he makes the most prudent decision in an instant.


Ain nodded slightly.

Ain quickly took out a Den Den Mushi.

While Ain was contacting Eleanor, the battlefield also ignited quickly.

Lao G and Harmon rushed in from the left and right and surrounded Rhodes from both sides. After forming a siege, they rushed forward.

This proved to everyone that they were taking this seriously.

Since Lao G decided to kill Rhodes here, Harmon naturally wouldn’t refute, he wouldn’t dare to ignore the words of this veteran cadre.

As far as he knows, Lao G was very prestigious in the Donquixote family. If it weren’t for his old age, Lao G would have become a top cadre long ago.


Most importantly, Harmon felt that it would not take them a lot of effort to deal with the young man Rhodes if they join forces.

After all, Rhodes is young. Young means that his physique has not been honed to the peak, and his Busoshoku Haki will definitely not be too strong.

In this way, the attack is high and the defense is low. When the two masters of physical art are fighting at a close distance, it is easy to find opportunities, obtain results, and kill the enemy.

Almost at the moment when Lao G and Harmon rushed over, Rhodes moved.


The moment he stepped, his body instantly turned into an afterimage, rushing out like lightning.

Facing the siege of the two, he was very calm, he held his sword tightly in his hand, and slashed out without any fancy moves.

Lightning Style: SMITE!

This technique, which combines swordsmanship with the power of thunder, was first used when he was in the reserve force a long time ago to cut off that pirate ship.

But he got much stronger since then, with Rhodes’ swordsmanship and the power of thunder now, what kind of power will burst out when uses it?!


The moment the tip of his blade fell, the heaven-shattering sword chant resounded through the fields instantly, covering the sky and the ground. The attack was as fast as a streamer, and it swept in all directions.

Lao G and Hamon had no time to dodge.

They could only use hardening to protect the body, and counterattack it at the same time.

“Iron Fist!”

“Cracking Mountain Fist!”


The thunder roared and roared; the lightning arc was dazzling, and the thunder was deafening.

Lao G and Hamon were instantly swallowed up in it.

Ain hung up the phone when the thunder roared. At this time, seeing this earth-shattering scene, she felt a little tingling sensation on her skin, and she couldn’t even hold the Den en Mushi in her hands and fell to the ground.

The poor phone bug didn’t have time to complain about the master’s ruthlessness, it immediately squirmed and hid behind Ain, shrinking into its shell and shivering.

“what’s going on?!”

Shuzo and Binz stared at this scene in astonishment, as if they had seen the most incredible thing.

The power of his lightning is too exaggerated!

The few remaining pirate officers were still thinking of attacking Ain and the other two, but when they saw this terrifying scene, they instantly lost their minds and hurriedly retreated.

Under the incredible gaze of everyone.


Two dark figures flew out of the thunder for more than ten meters before they smashed the ground.

It can be seen that neither Lao G nor Harmon survived this attack.

Their fists that were used to block this attack were severely damaged, and the rest of their body, which was usually as resistible as mountains, was also trembling slightly, and some places were blackened.

With one slash, two physical artist masters were wounded!

Lao G looked at the young man in white, who was bathed in lightning in the distance with a dreadful expression.

Rhodes’ outstanding power didn’t actually give him the desire to retreat, instead strengthened Lao G’s killing intent towards Rhodes. He decided that even if he sacrificed his life for it, he must kill him here!

“He must be killed!”

Lao G ordered coldly, with murderous intent in his tone,

“Behead him, and I guarantee you can become a cadre of the Donquixote family!”

Harmon took a breath upon hearing Lao G’s promise, his impetuous mind instantly stabilized, and murderous intent also appeared in his eyes.

Although Rhodes is strong, he is not irresistible. The biggest advantage of physique masters is their strong resistance.

As long as they find opportunities, their chances of winning are still very high!

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