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RWBK Chapter 58 Showing No Weakness!

Frontal battlefield.

Eleanor stood on the top of a tall building, with a solemn expression, unlike her usual goofy self.

Just now, under her leadership, the defense line of the Devil Pirates was quickly broken by the marines, and what was left is only some sporadic resistance.


Eleanor hung up on Ain and snorted softly; what a worry-free guy.

Lao G and Harmon joined forces, even Eleanor has to treat this seriously now. However, this little guy turned out to be really tough.

“Well, it’s a little impulsive, but it’s only in line with his age.”

“Furthermore, I guess watching him being beaten can change my bad temper.”

Eleanor smiled. Rhodes was usually too calm, like an old wise man who saw through the world, which was a bit annoying.

Eleanor quickly dispatched some guards out of the battlefield and moved toward Rhodes’ locations, while explaining the situation to the others.

“Hey, someone dares to bully our Rhodes, let’s beat them!” One of the girls shouted aggressively.

“Hey, hey are you okay? Harmon is a senior cadre of the Devil Pirates, and Lao G is also one of the core cadres of the Donquixote family. He is very powerful.”

The girl who spoke earlier laughed:

“Oh, and isn’t Eleanor with us?”

Eleanor was expressionless and said nothing. She was obviously used to this group of unscrupulous guards. She turned around in a dashing manner, then everyone laughed and quickly followed.

In the eyes of these people, Rhodes is not only the apprentice of their beloved Lieutenant General Gion but also a younger brother who needs to be cared for and loved.

This has nothing to do with strength, it’s just Rhodes’ age, which makes these female marines sailors have their maternal love overflowing.

Of course, the most important thing is that Rhodes is handsome, and also cute…


Lao G’s tactical intentions were clear and threatening, but unfortunately, he encountered Rhodes.

Rhodes’ strength is indeed not as strong as that of Lao G, and his Busoshoku Haki is not as well tempered as the two of them, but it is by no means as they thought, it turned out that defeating Rhodes will take more than just dragging this fight for a long time.


In Lightning Mode, Rhodes’ speed is enhanced, while Lao G will be eroded by the lightning that Rhodes unscrupulously unleashed. Although they are strong and have amazing resistance, they will always be a little paralyzed, affecting their performance.

With one increase and one decrease, Rhodes dealt with them very easily.

“Seal of…G!”

Lao G forcibly smashed through the Lightning and rushed toward Rhodes, then instantly throw his fist, taking the form of the letter G, at him.

Rhodes’ response was also very simple.

He retreated slightly, and at the same time holding the sword in both hands, he suddenly slashed horizontally.

One-Sword flow · Flash!

Of course, such a slash would have been fatal if it were another swordsman.

If Hawkeye were the one facing Lao G, it would be possible to cut open an island with a single strike, and it would be even easier to split the mountain and the sea.

Although Rhodes is not as good as Hawkeye, the power of this slash should not be underestimated.


The pitch-black blade brought an astonishing tearing sound, smashing through Lao G’s messy boxing skills, and sent him flying out, leaving a terrifying bloodstain on his body.

Without chasing after him, Rhodes’ expression moved slightly, as if he had noticed something.


With a flash of lightning, he disappeared in place.

Almost at the next instant, Harmon appeared in this position, and the punch that was supposed to hit Rhodes had to hit the ground because he lost his target.


Harmon retracted his fist and it was a large pit of several meters in diameter left behind.

The depth of this pit demonstrated the amazing power of Harmon.

Even Rhodes admired it, but he was not as good as him.

Having such strength doesn’t make you a master of physical art.

A true physique expert can exert his strength perfectly, and his control is extremely ingenious.

Just like the war in the original book, the captain of the third division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Diamond Jozu took the slash of the world’s largest swordsman Hawkeye head-on and knocked out a hill of ice with a punch.

Although Harmon’s control is not as good as Diamond Jozu’s, it’s still very good. It is no wonder that Lao G will invite him.


No matter how strong he is, or how good his control is, it is still empty talk if he can’t beat Rhodes.


Depending on his Lightning Mode, Rhodes flashed behind Harmon and suddenly slashed out with his sword.

In the previous collision, Rhodes was keenly aware that Harmon was the breakthrough point of this battle.

Because Harmon’s Kenbunshoku Haki seems to be weak, especially when he is surrounded by thunder.

As predicted.

When Rhodes flashed not far behind Harmon, he couldn’t react until the blade was down. At that moment, Harmon was suddenly shocked by the sharp sword energy coming at him, but it was too late to dodge.


The silver sword energy hit Harmon’s black body, and there were bursts of harsh sounds like cutting steel.

Harmon’s Kenbunshoku Haki was slightly weaker, but his Busoshoku Haki was extremely strong. He persisted for two moments before the sword energy finally cut through his Haki, tearing open his skin, and severing his flesh and blood, Rhodes could even faintly see pale bones.

But these two short moments were enough to make Harmon act.

He slammed his foot down, and bounce to the side, avoiding the follow-up attack of the sword Qi.


The dazzling sword energy continued to sweep forward, tearing apart the earth, and then crashed into a small three-story building, slicing it in half.

This terrifying destructive power stunned Ain and the others who were watching the battle from a distance.

Moreover, this battle situation seems to be a bit wrong.

Shouldn’t it be Rhodes who is being crushed and beaten?

Why does it seem like…

Ain and the other two looked at each other and they couldn’t help but show some shock.

Lao G and Harmon may not be considered super strong in the new world, but they are definitely famous pirates, and they are enough to be called strong in any place.

But these two famous pirates, even after they joint their efforts, still couldn’t defeat Rhodes, it can even be said that they were pressed and beaten by Rhodes!


Under everyone’s attention, Lao G and Harmon attacked frantically, constantly rushing toward Rhodes, punching, and kicking, even hitting with their heads, and biting with their teeth.

Up to now, these two strong physique practitioners have been struggling.

Lao G is a long-established powerhouse, but he was suppressed by a young man today. If it spreads out, he will probably be laughed at by his opponent for a lifetime.

He couldn’t stand it!

To this extent, Rhodes was not unscathed, and all that they could get from him is a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. This last attempt was a perfectly coordinated attack by Harmon and Lao G, and even when they caught Rhodes off guard he once again survived.

His offensive power did not diminish in the slightest, and it even became more insane, and fierce!

He’s showing now weakness!

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