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RWBK Chapter 59 Escape!

Most of the high-ranked pirates in this world are rough-skinned, and bulky-shaped, which comes with amazing vitality. Big showdowns between these powerhouses can even last for three days and three nights or even ten days and ten nights.

Even though Rhodes suppressed Harmon and Lao G during the battle, you can say that their lives have never been in danger throughout this confrontation.

However, because of some of the injuries, Rhodes caused them, the fierceness of Lao G and Harmon aroused. The two of them got mad and fought more and more crazy.

At some point, they looked more like beasts and didn’t pay any attention to their fighting styles.

The main goal was to hit Rhodes even if it means being hurt by his sword.

In this case, Rhodes, as an elegant swordsman, avoided such clashes with them.

With the speed advantage of the Thunder Mode, he moved at a high speed like a ghost, traversing the battlefield.


However, with the monstrous powers that allowed them to crack the round open with a single kick, Lao G and Harmon tried to block his path.

As a physical expert, Shuzo couldn’t help but express his admiration watching the battle.


Surely, the ferocity of the two was certainly shocking, each punch and kick had great power, but the most eye-catching thing on the entire battlefield was the young figure with a sword.

The violent power of thunder roared and roared, wreaking havoc on the audience, and the dazzling sword Qi swept across the four directions, tearing the earth. This exaggerated destructive power was obviously more than one step beyond Lao G and Harmon!

At this point in the battle, the entire space of several hundred meters around was shaking and trembling as the three of them fought.

Eleanor followed the movement with her personal guards, and when she finally got closer she couldn’t help but feel stunned when she first saw the battlefield.

“Hey, I never heard of this?! Brother Rhodes has such a strong power of thunder?”

“Oh, bad, my heart skipped a heartbeat looking at him.”

“No, it’s just that you were electrocuted.”

The guards all took a deep breath, and then relaxed and got playful with each other.

“Not only his swordsmanship is outstanding, but his combat power is also so strong?”

“What kind of apprentice did Vice Captain Gion accept!”

Eleanor’s face was indifferent, but she couldn’t help complaining in her heart.

As the number one apprentice under Gion’s command, she had a sense of pride before even though she had never been truly accepted as her disciple, now it seems that she is about to be taken over!

The battlefield at this time.

As the battle continued to heat up and the injuries on the body gradually deepened, Lao G and Harmon gradually came to their senses and had to sadly admit a fact.

That is, the two of them will not be able to defeat Rhodes together. If they drag on, they may even be killed by Rhodes.

After admitting defeat, the mentality of these two determined physique masters changed very quickly.

There’s nothing to be discouraged about, just run if you can’t beat him. It’s not like you haven’t run before.

As a pirate, who hasn’t been chased by the marines?

It’s pretty normal.

The two looked at each other from a distance and were about to implement their escape plan.

However, Rhodes was keenly aware of this change in their mentality.

His Kenbunshoku may not be as perceptive as Gion’s, but with the bonus of perception attributes, his perceptual ability is actually not weak, and he can capture a lot of details.

“Want to leave? Then you must first ask this sword for permission!”

A cold light flashed in Rhodes’ eyes.

In a matter of fact, his physical strength has also been seriously consumed. If he really keeps fighting, it is still unknown who will die first.

But since the opposite party admits the counsel first, he will naturally not miss this opportunity to pursue and expand the victory!


Rhodes channeled the power of thunder in his body to the extreme, the lightning, which had gradually calmed down before, suddenly became violent, like an earth dragon turning over and sweeping in all directions.

Almost at the moment when Harmon turned around and was about to escape, the ground under Rhodes’s feet cracked open.


In an instant, there seemed to be a flash of blue electric light.

Bathed in lightning, while taking advantage of this change in Harmon’s mentality, Rhodes flickered like a ghost, came to the front, and stabbed straight out with his sword.

The dazzling lightning gathered on the tip of the sword was compressed to the extreme, and even made the body of the sword hum and vibrate, as if it was unbearable.

This strike was silent, because of its speed, the sound was left behind!

At this moment, Harmon’s thinking was unprecedentedly clear, and the time seemed to slow down.

Damn it!

Hurry up!

There was despair and fear in his eyes, he could see it and he wanted to avoid it, but his body was already scarred by this long battle and eroded by lightning.

He could only watch it piercing his chest.

ho ho ho…

Blood started coming out of his mouth, mixed with some pieces of internal organs. Harmon glanced at the sword thrust in his chest, and then pulled out a wry smile with some difficulty.

Sure enough, the betrayers have no good end?

At the last moment of his life, Harmon’s eyes were dazed, but he felt an inexplicable sense of relief in his heart. Even if he died, at least he wouldn’t feel embarrassed or guilty when he meets his big brother in the afterlife.

This young swordsman is really powerful, and it is estimated that he will become a world-famous swordsman in the future.

In this way, if I die at the hands of such a person, I should have no regrets.

If you can’t be the strongest, you will be killed by the strongest…

Harmon thought so and the look in his eyes gradually faded; there was no unwillingness, only relief.

As Rhodes drew out his long sword, Harmon’s burly body trembled, and then fell to the ground like a pillar of jade.


Everyone stared blankly at this scene.

Suppression and killing are two completely different situations. The stronger the existence, the more he will be capable of killing such strong people.

Before that, Ain and the other two witnessed the whole process of Rhodes pressing Lao G and Harmon during the fight, but they never thought that Rhodes could actually kill one of them. Initially, they thought that it will only be possible with the arrival of Adjutant Eleanor, and in the end, they may even leave these two fiercely famous pirates retreat. They never expect…

Not far away, when Lao G saw this scene, he subconsciously retracted and stopped to help, but it just happened too fast for him to even do anything.

After this, there was only one thought in his mind.

“Escape, you must escape!”

Lao G felt an inexplicable sense of urgency.

When they both fought, they were suppressed. One-on-one, Harmon was killed within seconds, he estimated that it would not be long before he would be killed.

At this moment, Lao G’s desire to survive skyrocketed in his heart.

His eyeballs suddenly swelled, bloodshot all over his body, and blue veins appeared on his bald head.

Lao G turned around and ran towards the island, trying to escape the pursuit with the help of complex buildings.

In the blink of an eye, Lao G left this ruined battlefield and stepped into the alley, and that’s when he felt a bit of relief.

A leisurely voice suddenly came from midair:

“Those who dare to hurt our little brother should be buried here.”

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