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RWBK Chapter 60 Ending

Eleanor’s battle against Lao G went very well.

On the one hand, Lao G has been really worn off by Rhodes; his physical strength has been severally exhausted and his condition was not good.

On the other hand, Eleanor herself is a senior swordsman, who can easily have the upper hand in a one-on-one battle. Moreover, she also had a lot of assistants with her, especially a few beautiful snipers.

This fierce battle ended with the arrest of Lao G.


Standing in the ruins, Rhode let out a sigh of relief. There was a burst of fatigue and pain all over his body, but he was quite excited as if he had just come out of an Internet cafe after an all-nighter.

“The enemies are getting stronger and stronger.”

Rhodes sheathed his sword and shook his head helplessly.

In the world of pirates, anyone who’s called strong is actually considered a monster.

However, strength, speed, and endurance are nothing without the mastery of Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki alone are enough to make you invulnerable. And even if you lack power compared to your opponent, you will be able to drag the battle longer and make an escape route.

Moreover, Rhodes has one more major point, he’s now a very powerful swordsman. If he is like Luffy who relies only on his fists, it is estimated that he wouldn’t win the previous battle.

“No wonder Aoikiji and Akainu could fight for ten days and ten nights, and even change the climate of an entire island.”

“However we also have someone like Kaido who’s known for being the strongest creature in the sea. The existence of an immortal maybe even more frightening.”

Rhodes rested for a while and managed to recover a little. While thinking wildly, he walked towards Ain and the others.

“Are you alright?”

Looking at the pale faces of Shuzo and the other two, Rhodes asked casually.


Shuzo and the other two had black lines all over their heads, is he boasting?

“Hey, I can tell what are you guys thinking!”

Looking at the expressions of these guys, Rhodes reacted and pouted.

Am I that kind of person? You’ve just seen how strong I am, why do I need to brag?

Only then did Shuzo and Binz realize that they had misunderstood, and they scratched their heads in embarrassment and said:

“We’re okay, We should be able to recover after a few days of rest.”


Rhodes originally wanted to show off his medical skills, but after listening to the two of them, after he heard their answer he felt a bit disappointed.

At this time, the frontal battle was over, the second leader of the enemy was slaughtered, and Lao G was also arrested, so only the great pirate Spark was left.

However, judging from the faint tremors on the ground, it seems that Spark should still be stubbornly resisting.


I heard that this guy is an ancient animal-type ability person. He should be very strong. Even if he is not as good as Jack of the Beast Pirates, he should be a super big muscle tyrant.

At this time.

Eleanor walked over slowly.

She was dressed as a true commander, wearing a straight-fitting marines uniform, with a thin sword hanging from her waist. She wasn’t her goofy self anymore, and she even looked elegant. Rhodes couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her showing admiration:

“I can see it. You have the potential to be a captain.”

“Everyone, this time you have done a great job,” Eleanor said with a serious tone, then looked at Rhodes, “Beheading Harmon, the top cadre, and helping to arrest Lao G, one of the cadres of the Donquixote family, is a great achievement.”

Eleanor was expressionless, but a complex color flashed in her eyes.

She felt sorry that Rhodes would leave soon.

“I’m not from the marines, and the credit is yours to take.”

Rhode waved his hand and said casually.


Ain and the other two looked slightly surprised; they didn’t say anything, but they didn’t expect that the apprentice of a Vice Captain wouldn’t be from the marines.

Eleanor didn’t want to bring up this subject, so she quickly asked: “We’re going to clean the battlefield, free the slaves, and escort the pirates, how about you?”


Rhodes wanted to go back to the warship to rest, but after thinking about it, he might as well go and watch the battle between those guys.

The battle of the great swordsman.

Previously, it was just a surprise in Chronos Island, and it was only two small shrimps that were chopped by Gion. This time, he had to observe it carefully.

When Ain heard the words, her expression was also lifted, and she quickly raised her hand and said:

“I’m going too! I’m going too!”

It is difficult for any swordsman to resist the temptation to watch the battle of the great swordsman.

“Okay, but pay attention to your position, and don’t get too close.”

Eleanor said lightly.

That’s it.

Shuzo and Binz went back to recover from their injuries, and Rhodes went to watch the battlefield.


East of the island.

This place was originally a lush jungle, but now its appearance has changed greatly.

Mountains and forests were shattered, debris everywhere, the ground was cracked, and at the same time, there were terrifying abysses here and there.

Although Spark is a thick-skinned guy, it also depends on who he is facing. In the face of the sharp slash of Gion, the great swordsman, his burly body was covered with deep sword marks. Several of them were the kind of scars that can be seen deep in the bone.

“Damn it!”

“I won’t die here!” Spark roared angrily.

Facing both Gion and Zephyr, he didn’t have the slightest power to fight back.

Also, that woman’s attacks were too sharp!

Moreover, as an experienced soldier, Black Arm Zephyr is experienced and has an extremely precise grasp of timing, which often opens Spark’s defense to Gion’s sword.

The tacit understanding between these two is incomparable. Lao G and Harmon are not even worthy of carrying their shoes, they are not on the same level at all.

The three moved quickly and fought fiercely. Smoke and dust rose to the sky which obscured Rhodes and Ain’s vision. They could only see that the area was ruined.

“Is this the Sensei’s true combat power? This destructive power is too strong.”

Rhodes stood on the top of a tall building, looking at the sword marks running through the sea from a distance, he couldn’t help showing a look of amazement.

“Teacher Zephyr was also very powerful before, no, he’s still powerful!”

Ain pouted, feeling a little frustrated.

When Zephyr lost his arm in order to protect them, his strength was greatly damaged, and Ain always felt guilty for it.

Rhodes was dumbfounded. Looking at this sentimental little girl, he couldn’t help but smile and said:

“Of course, as a former admiral of the marines, Zephyr Black Arm was a hero of the same era as the others like Garp, Roger, and Whitebeard. No one can question his strength.”

It’s a pity that time is a butcher’s knife, and no matter how powerful an individual is, in front of the power of time, they are all insignificant like dust.

Ain snorted lightly, and nodded her head slightly with satisfaction, then said:

“If it weren’t for his lost arm, which caused a series of complications, Master Zephyr’s strength would never be much weaker than Vice Captain Garp’s.”

Injuries of the same degree in different periods have different effects.

He can’t be compared to red-haired Shanks who lost his arm during his heyday, even then he still stood firmly on the throne of the Yonko as if nothing had happened.

Zephyr is old, and losing an arm was simply an end of an era.

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