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RWBK Chapter 61 Separation

In this world, people who are called the strongest are simply monsters.

Any confrontation between these monsters will last for days.

From Rhodes’ point of view, age probably doesn’t affect the combat effectiveness of these monsters too much. But it will make the strongest man in the world in a way “vulnerable.”

It’s just like the elderly are prone to diseases.

Illnesses, injuries, and side effects that were completely ignored in their youth become extremely serious in old age.

This symptom is most real in Whitebeard.

The strongest man in the world, couldn’t use his powers properly anymore, the side effect of Gura Gura No Mi became too strong for his body, and every time it is used, it will damage him more.

But when Whitebeard was young, it didn’t seem to be a problem, or even exist, thus establishing the name of “the strongest man in the world”.

However, since the beginning era of the Great Pirates, he gradually grew old, but he still had to face an endless stream of challengers, among which Kaido is the craziest.

As a result, the side effects broke his body, affecting the strongest man in the world in all aspects, making him constantly weak, and he even ended up relying on medicines to maintain his life in the later stage.

in stark contrast.

Garp, the hero of the same era as Whitebeard, hardly encountered any hard battles, because of the conservative decision of the world government on the new world.

His daily routine was to stay at the Navy Headquarters, eat donuts in the Fleet Admiral’s office, occasionally go to the East Sea to train his grandson, and throw a few cannonballs to bully the little pirates, etc…

In this way, it was natural for him to maintain a near-peak combat power, and at the war, he even had the confidence to hammer Akainu’s head.

According to Rhodes’ speculation, in order to still maintain near-peak combat power in old age, the only way is to not be injured, especially the severe injury of losing a leg and a hand, and of course not to rely on an ability like the Gura Gura No Mi that affects the internal organs of the body.

“But I’m only seventeen years old, so I don’t need to worry about this for the time being.”

Rhodes shook his head, cast aside these messy thoughts, and concentrated on watching the battle.

At this time, the situation on the battlefield also changed a bit.

It seems that since she sensed Rhodes’ arrival, Gion’s sword strikes and moves got slightly slower, much slower than usual as if she was deliberately doing it for others to see.

How experienced fighter Zephyr, instantly sensed Gion’s intentions and restrained Spark very cooperatively.

On his always awe-inspiring face, he couldn’t help but show a smile, and for the first time, he had a little sympathy for Spark.

Poor Spark.

The dignified big pirate of the new world, the man known as the “devil”, has become a training puppet for Gion to demonstrate swordsmanship and teach her apprentices.

“Fuck, Sensei is mighty!”

How witty is Rhodes, he quickly noticed that mentioned it to Ain in a low voice, and then focused on watching Gion demonstrate the swordsmanship?

Two super strong men, cooperate with each other or cooperate with Gion to demonstrate swordsmanship.

This kind of opportunity is too rare!

Rhodes widened his eyes, trying to save every scene in his mind.

It may not be of much use for the time being, but after all, it is one kind of experience. Only by accumulating a lot of experience can you become a great swordsman at the very top.

After a few hours.

After Spark fell to the ground tremblingly and regained his human form, this unique swordsmanship session came to an end.

“I hope you rot in jail.”

Zephyr took out the sea floor stone handcuffs and put them on Spark’s wrists. The unique power contained in the sea floor stone instantly made Spark feel a wave of weakness in his body.

He glanced at Zephyr’s mechanical arm, squeezed a smirk, and mocked in an inexplicable tone:

“Black arm Zephyr, ho ho ho… So even after you lost your arm and family, you’re still seeking the justice that the world government and Celestial Dragons found?”

“You’re just their faithful dog after all of this. Justice?! What a pitiful justice that is!”

Knowing that he was destined to Impel Down, Spark wasn’t afraid to provoke Zephyr at all.

Gion looked angry when she heard this, and without any hesitation, she slapped consciousness out of Spark, who hit the ground bleeding from his nose and mouth.


“Don’t worry, I understand.”

Zephyr waved his hand and said indifferently:

“The marines focuses on the interests of the people and has its own judgment on justice. I will not be influenced by the words of these evil people.”

Not far away, Rhodes’ expression changed slightly when he heard this, and he shook his head in his heart.

This is a true hero, who dedicated his whole life to the marines, suffering disasters, and believing in justice, but in the end, he was betrayed by the world government, the marines, and everything he believed in.

Rhodes, who was an outsider in his previous life, didn’t think too much about it, but when he came to this world in person, he had to make guesses.

There are too many outstanding students taught by Zephyr. The three current admirals, most of the vice admirals, and the captains were taught by him.

It stands to reason that an existence like Zephyr will find an acquaintance were ever he goes.

But it’s a pity that Zephyr, the marines, and the world government, have different ideas and conflicts.

Perhaps because of Zephyr’s character, he will not do anything to lead the navy to mutiny, but the world government cannot ignore it and can only take precautions to force Zephyr away.


Next was the cleaning of the entire island, which lasted for three full days.

The great pirate Spark has been in business for ten years, and the wealth accumulated is naturally very considerable, and can even be described as a mountain.


Because it happened to be stuck at the time of the transaction with the Donquixote family, the marines harvested a batch of high-quality weapons and ammunition to contribute to the cause of justice.

As for the imprisoned slaves, they were dealt with according to the relevant rules.

On the warship.

Rhodes looked at the numb slaves in the port, and even if they were rescued, their faces were still ashen, and he couldn’t help but sigh sadly.

In the past three days, he has also had the chance to visit the underground space of the island. It was so dark and terrible that it was almost indescribable in words.

As a traveler from the modern world, of course, Rhodes disliked the slave system and the Celestial Dragons, which was why he accepted the revolutionary army so quickly.

“Darkness, cruelty, and oppression are everywhere, we can only do our best.”

Gion’s cold and indifferent voice came, with a rare trace of imperceptible tiredness.

Although the marines are an armed force under the command of the world government, it is actually the only stability maintenance organization in this sea. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the hope of civilians.

“Eliminating this tumor, the marines alone cannot do it.”

Rhodes knew that Gion was keeping him and hoped that he would join the marines and inherit this just cause, but he had his own ideas and his own path.


Noticing Rhodes’ expression, Gion sighed slightly, and the look in her eyes was a little dazed.

Every pirate has his own dream, and so is the marines.

Demonstrate justice, punish wickedness, become a hero, protect people…

As an admiral of the marines, Zephyr is so powerless. She is only a candidate admiral, and her strength and status are not as good. What can she do?

In the end, she said in a gentle and firm voice:

“No matter where you are and what your identity is, remember to keep in check your humanity, never cross that line.”

“Otherwise, I’ll be the first to catch you.”

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