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RWBK Chapter 62 The Merchant Ship

Gion is a very good teacher.

Regardless of her silky skin, beautiful face, and long legs, she is serious and enthusiastic when it comes to teaching, and she does not interfere too much with the students’ life paths, so she can be called impeccable.

“You could have at least left me on a better island… Why leave me here?”

Rhodes was standing on the coast, feeling the cool sea breeze, complaining about his beautiful teacher.

He and Sabo made an appointment for a meeting place, but Gion said that she running later, and she had to return to the G5 base in a straight line, so she found a manned island and threw Rhodes down.

It seems that Teacher Gion still has some resentment in her heart…

Rhodes thought angrily, turned around, and walked towards the island, first to taste the island’s special food.

On the warship.

Gion and Zephyr stood side by side, looking at the gradually smaller island from afar, with their good eyesight, they could even see Rhodes on the island.

After a long time, Zephyr said:

“Do you trust him that much?”

“He is my disciple, how can I not believe in him?”

Gion’s tone was calm and expressionless, but there was a hint of reluctance and hope in her eyes.

As Gion’s first and possibly last disciple in her life, Gion really had great expectations for Rhodes, even though they have only been with each other for more than three months,

Of course, Rhodes’ talent also surprised her.

But now that the apprentice is about to leave, there is always a touch of reluctance, hesitation, and hope.

As a top powerhouse, Gion knows very well, if she was kept under the protection of her teacher she would have never become a powerhouse, so she will not stop Rhodes from running alone.

“I’m going for a rest.”

She stretched her body and returned to her warship.

Only Zephyr was left standing here alone.

“Rod boy…”

“Don’t let Gion down…”

Zephyr murmured softly, then out of the corner of his eyes he looked at Ain’s dazed appearance on the lower deck.


Due to the unique geographical environment of the Pirate World, the islands around the world are very different in terms of the human landscape, technological level, and special food.

This highly differentiated feature naturally breeds countless hard-headed merchants who travel to and from the major islands, buy and sell, and earn high profits.

The island that Rhodes was on at this time was generally prosperous, and it also had several specialties.

In particular, one of the types of hairy crabs is produced offshore of the island and has the size of a grinding plate. The meat is extremely delicious and tender. It is even more delicious when paired with the sauce specially prepared by the chef on the island.

Rhodes had a big meal, and then took a walk to the port. He decided to board a merchant ship and head to the island where Sabo and Koala were at this time.

There are many ships in the port, and many strong sailors are carrying supplies up and down.

After wandering around for a while, Rhodes finally found a merchant ship with the same destination as his.

However, there were many people around at this time.

“What’s the deal here?”

Rhodes blinked and leaned over.

“I heard that the caravan encountered a pirate group before coming here. After a bloody battle, they lost a lot of guards. This time they want to recruit some temporary guards.

“A guard task?”

Rhodes murmured lightly, this is not bad, it just saves a fortune on the boat.

He didn’t have much money, and the only Bellys on him were given to him by Gion, and he spent a lot of money just eating the hairy crabs.

It’s a pity that there are not many marine bases in the New World, otherwise, he could catch a few pirates to exchange for the bounty.

The recruitment process is simple.

It is to show strength and lift a heavy enough stone lock to be selected.

This merchant ship seems to be quite famous. There are many burly men lining up to apply for jobs.

When Rhodes lined up, many people looked over and smiled.
“Young man, you have come to the wrong place.”

The man who spoke was 2.2 meters tall. He flexed his arms and posed in a standard bodybuilding posture, with exaggerated muscle outlines.

Rhodes curled his lips, his expression was indifferent, and he was too lazy to pay attention to this idiot.

Since Rhodes didn’t answer him, the big man couldn’t help showing a bit of resentment and stepped forward to test his strength.


His whole body was agitated, his arms exerted strength, and he lifted the one-meter-high stone lock directly above his head.

Rhodes walked over naturally, picked up the heaviest and largest stone lock, and flung it lightly, and it flew more than ten meters into the air. The scene was terrifying.

The pier was dead silent, and everyone was shocked.

How powerful is this young man exactly?!

The big man who showed off his muscles before was even more stunned and his face turned red.

Even the young lady in charge of the record was startled, she got up quickly and led Rhodes to the deck with a red face.

The captain is a bearded, middle-aged man, and has a strong sense of all corners. After he heard about Rhodes’ power, he had a good attitude and directly arranged the best cabin for him. He didn’t even mention the escort.

Rhodes was very satisfied with this, and gave him thirty-two likes, saying that if he was in danger, he would help.

“Thank you very much.”

Watching the hatch close, the captain was relieved and straightened up.

The young lady in the back asked suspiciously:

“Captain, even if he’s strong enough to lift the heaviest stone, I’ve never seen you treat someone this way.”

Dare to do business in the sea of

the new world, the strength of the bearded man should not be underestimated, and he has many strong subordinates hired by him. Ordinary pirate groups won’t have a chance against him.

“Being friends with such a young and strong man will never be a loss.”

Beard Guy smiled.

Businessmen are the most important contacts. With Rhodes’ age and potential, he might be able to come in handy in the future.

“Oh, I see.”

The little sister nodded in understanding.

The merchant ships did not stay on this island for long, and they left the port that afternoon and set out for the depths of the sea.

The performance of Rhodes throwing flying stone locks spread very quickly. This strength may not be much, but for most sailor guards, he is considered a strong man and is worthy of awe.

Rhodes didn’t care about this at all, and even rejected several young and beautiful girls sent by the Beard Guy.

Apart from eating, he almost stayed in the cabin for thunder practicing every day.

Because of the continuous deepening of the Thunder Body Tempering, the muscles and bones were continuously strengthened, which fed back to the internal organs to a certain extent.


It won’t take long for him to use lightning to strengthen his internal organs.

This will be a key node!

The strengthening of the viscera will completely make up for Rhodes’ last shortcoming, creating a flawless physique.

The sea is so vast, and there may be people who master physical techniques similar to dark energy. Only when the internal organs are strengthened can the danger in this area be reduced to the greatest extent!

In the dim cabin, a faint blue light flickered, and the air was filled with the smell of electric arcs.

Rhodes closed his eyes and kept working hard.

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