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RWBK Chapter 63 The Rules Of The Road

Today’s New World is essentially leveling off, with constant skirmishes from all sides, but few wars involving the entire New World.

After all, although the Yonko has grown bigger and mega-shattered the world, they have actually become some kind of warlord forces similar in nature to the world government.

After all, it’s natural for power to bring order. Only with order can the economy and technology be developed…

For the vast majority of merchant ships, as long as they enter one of the Yonko’s territories, it means that they will get a guarantee that they will at least not encounter too powerful idle pirates.

Because most of the powerful pirate groups know exactly what it means to be up against one of the Yonko, so as soon as they enter their territories they won’t cause any trouble. However, some of the new pirates whose rewards have just exceeded 100 million are more courageous.

However, this kind of new pirate group won’t scare the merchant ships.

The captain of the merchant ship is a strong man himself, and he has some mercenaries by his side. His force is very powerful and considerable.

Of course, businessmen are generally reluctant to break out into conflict, and they value peace.

If you encounter a pirate group, you will usually first use force to deter them, and then you will be submissive to buy them with some money. Only when you are forced to, will a bloody battle occur.

In the cabin.

Rhodes closed his eyes, and a faint blue fluorescence appeared on his body. If he looked closely, the fluorescence was floating regularly, rippling like water waves.

After a long time, the faint blue light gradually subsided.

A pair of eyes suddenly opened, like two stars in the deep night sky, shining brightly.

Rhodes stood up, stretched out his body, felt the enormous power contained in his body, and couldn’t help but smile.

Compared to the time he fought Harmon and Lao G who had almost defeated him before, his physical strength was slightly stronger.

In general, he is still at the level of a Rear Admiral.

If he wants to go further and surpass Lao G, and even reach the level of a Vice Admiral of the Navy Headquarters, it is estimated that he has to rely on the strengthening of the internal organs, thereby driving the overall improvement, and stepping into a stronger field with the trend of perfection.

Any existence of the Vice Admiral level of the marines is a well-known powerhouse in this sea. They almost have no obvious shortcomings. Even on the battlefield of the top war level, they would shine.

If it is said that the Rear Admiral-level powerhouse is barely squeezed into the high-level of the Pirate World powerhouse echelon, then the existence of the Vice admiral level is to stand firmly on this echelon, even the most talented soldier in the reserve force may not be sure to reach this level.

This level can even be said to be the limit of mortals, and one step further up, there are some real monsters.

And with Rhodes’ power of thunder and swordsmanship, once his physique enters the rank of Vice Admiral, his overall strength may immediately become one of a kind, and few people would be compared to him.

“It’s still a few steps away, but I should get there soon.”

Rhodes murmured softly, his eyes a little expectant.

The Yonko’s Emperor Haki, the Shichibukai’s unique devil fruits, and the secrets of the Gorosei; he’s still far away.

But taking it one step at a time can always narrow the distance.


There was a knock on the door, so Rhodes opened the hatch.

It was a red-haired young lady with a good appearance standing outside. This is the captain’s daughter, Aisha.

She seems to be very interested in the young, handsome, and powerful man, Rhodes. She visits from time to time to ask about swordsmanship.

However, this woman is very sensible, and every time she gets hit by the wooden swords she cries, which does cause Rhodes bad feelings.

“I just knew that you woke up at this time. Did you know that you became the most mysterious person on the ship?”

Aisha glanced at Rhodes, her red lips were like fire, her chest was high, and she had a clear hint of seductive charm.

However, after three months of time at the hot springs with the sisters, Rhodes’ concentration reached an amazing level, he completely ignored Aisha’s subtle temptation, turned around, and walked into the cabin, quickly putting on his shirt.

Aisha looked at Rhodes’ profile from behind, and the muscles that were twisted like steel wires, and couldn’t help but lick her bottom red lip.

He looks very hot, and his strength is inhuman, so if he does that, he should be really good at it, right?

Thinking of this, her legs couldn’t close together.

In fact, it’s not that Rhodes is really terribly handsome. Strictly speaking, he is ordinary handsome, but with the bonus of age and strength, and the comparison of the people around him, Aisha’s senses were completely missed up.

“What are you thinking about?”

At some point, Rhodes came to her.

“No… nothing!”

Aisha hurriedly shifted her gaze while her face seemed to be burning with fever.

God, what the hell is the old lady thinking!

Although she followed her father on the sea since she was a child, Aisha is actually a girl who kept herself like a jade, and she has never had such an experience before.

Rhode didn’t think too much, and said casually:

“Let’s go, it’s time to go to the restaurant for dinner.”

“Okay… okay.”

Aisha took a deep breath and thought to herself, it’s just that this guy is so attractive, it’s definitely not that the old lady has low determination.

That’s right!

Accidents will happen.

Before reaching the restaurant, the ship, which was running steadily, suddenly jolted violently, and the lost-minded Aisha almost fell to the ground.

Rhodes frowned slightly, picked up Aisha, and walked quickly to the deck.

Before he got close, he heard a burst of shouting.

“A pirate group is approaching!”

“Bombardment! Bombardment! Watch out for evasion! Watch out for evasion!”

“We can’t avoid it, get ready for a battle!”

The deck was chaotic. Under the command of the Beard Guy, the sailor guards quickly stabilized their hearts and performed their duties.

Rhodes admired them and then looked at the sea in the distance.

There was a large pirate ship riding the wind and waves with many vicious pirates on the deck wielding swords.

“It’s really unfortunate. We usually don’t encounter a pirate group when we take this route.”

On the side, Aisha murmured in a low voice, and said with some worry: “I hope this time we can negotiate peacefully.”

Having said that, this guy already holds a gun in his left hand and a sword in his right, with a look of excitement on his face. He doesn’t look like a peace-loving Captain.

Rhodes felt speechless hearing her saying that.

The women who live in the sea are indeed very fierce.

Koala is like this, Eleanor is like this, Gion is like this, and so are her guards.

No one know what kind of black technology the pirate ship didn’t was equipped with, but it exploded suddenly and it quickly caught up with the merchant ship and began to forcibly board the ship.

“So that’s how pirates rob…”

Looking at the pirates who jumped across seven or eight meters in midair, a few black lines appeared on Rhodes’ forehead.

It’s really simple, rude, direct, and effective!

Yes, this is piracy!

Under the restraint of the whiskers, the two sides did not clash immediately.

The pirates also knew the rules very well. They laughed and stayed on the deck, waiting for their captain to come over.

Soon, two figures, one tall and one short walked slowly over from the paved plank, walking like tigers, their eyes darkened, but they looked quite imposing.

“My rules are very simple.”

“Fight these two and if we lose, we won’t take a penny, and we will leave you in peace!”

“If you can’t beat them, just obediently hand over 90% of your belongings and beautiful women, and you can save a life.”

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