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RWBK Chapter 64 Rhodes In!

It was clear and sunny.

But when these pirates boarded the ship, it got a bit chilly, and even the sun couldn’t dispel it.

The sailor guards swallowed with difficulty, their eyes were frightened, and some were even trembling.

Miss Aisha, who seemed to be not afraid of the sky and earth, looked a little nervous.

Without even noticing knuckles turned white from clenching her fist.

“It seems that this pirate group has a good reputation.”

Rhodes thought so in his heart, and couldn’t help but stare.

The two in the front are obviously twins, one is slightly taller, but they have the same face. If it weren’t for the difference in height, it would be hard to tell them apart.

Seemingly aware of Rhodes’ doubts, Aisha said in a low voice but solemnly:

“They’re from the Twin Pirates that has recently gained fame. Captain Bar and Vice-Captain Bud are twin brothers. The two of them cooperate very well and are good at joint strikes. They even won against a powerful pirate with a reward of 170 million. .”

“The worst thing is… these two brothers are total perverts and like to torture beautiful women the most!”

Aisha clenched her fists, her face was as gloomy as water, and her eyes flashed with determination. If she’s going to end up being captured, she would definitely jump into the sea to avoid humiliation.

“It’s only 170 million, is it worth it to be so solemn?”

Rhodes pouted, someone with such a low bounty, Rhodes could kill him easily when he first debuted!

The silver fox back then was almost at this level…

“Are you crazy?!”

Aisha gave him a speechless look and was secretly disappointed in her heart. As expected, he was a young man who had never seen the world before.

And this time.

Bud was negotiating, he hummed in a low voice, while his face was full of flattery:

“Captain Bud, we can give you whatever you want, but just spare my family, can you do that?”

“Oh, dear brother as you already know the quality of the female slaves caught last time was too poor to withstand the toss, but this time I have to add something.”

Bar smiled creepily.

“I see that there are a few good ones on your ship.”

His eyes swept across Aisha and smiled.

“Can’t we have a good talk?”

Beard Guy gave up on peace, he didn’t want to hand over his daughter.

“The rules are easy, you defeat us, and you will be free. Choose whoever you want, but don’t you dare cry later!” Bar sneered.

If he hadn’t noticed how this merchant ship was filled with mercenaries and didn’t want to lose people, he wouldn’t come up with such nonsense.

However, Beard Guys needed that hope, the look on his face was a little ugly, so he retreated, and said sincerely to a burly one-eyed man behind him:

“Mr. Nord, I can only rely on you, we will fight together.”

Nord was a well-paid mercenary hired by Beard.

But at this time, Nord was obviously not too sure about this, his eyes were dodging a little as he said:

“We shouldn’t act recklessly. Life is the most important thing. If your daughter is gone, you can… give birth to another one!”

The prestige of the Twin Pirates was too great, he really didn’t want to fight them, and didn’t dare to collide with them, he just wanted to send these plague gods away as soon as possible.

Hearing this, many sailor guards around started stepping back.

No one wanted to collide with the Twin Pirates!

The Beard Guy froze slightly when he heard these words, especially after feeling the gazes of the people around him, his expression was extremely ugly, and his fists were clenched tightly.

Obviously, he won’t just give up his daughter, he wants to go back to his hometown safely after this business trip with his daughter, he can’t just accept this…

He said to Nord in a pleading tone:

“Mr. Nord, just join me if we couldn’t win them then you don’t need to die trying, we will just submit, I won’t force it.”


When Nord heard this, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

He was a little afraid that the Twin brothers would become fierce after the fight and kill them anyway.

It’s just a one-time hire, and he won’t lose his life for it.

Beard Guy was tangled, and the Twin Pirates were not impatient. Everyone seemed to be watching the show, including the twin, and especially, Bar, who seemed to like to torture other people and leave them in desperate situations.

Rhodes stood on the upper deck, watching the farce below, and couldn’t help shaking his head slightly.

At first, he thought that these people could handle it, and didn’t want to take action. After all, even if he defeats these little shrimps he won’t gain even a bit of an increase in the energy bar.

“Huh, why not, I’ll just consider it a warm-up.”

“What warm up?”

Aisha turned her head suspiciously.

But she found that Rhodes suddenly jumped up, drew a perfect arc in mid-air, and then landed on the bottom deck with a “pop”, right in the middle of the two sides.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads to look, and then froze for a moment.

Everyone on the merchant shipping side was a little surprised.

This mysterious young man stayed in the cabin as soon as he got on the ship and rarely came out, but he was highly valued by the captain’s father and daughter. Many sailors secretly envied him and wondered what is his deal.

No one would have thought that on such an occasion, this young man would dare to stand up. Hasn’t he heard of the vicious name of the Twin Pirates?

“Come back quickly!”

Aisha shouted nervously from above, for fear that this idiot would do something irreversible.

Rhodes turned a deaf ear and walked forward with an expressionless face.

Now that he has decided to make a move, naturally, he doesn’t need any nonsense anymore.


Before the pirates of the Twin Pirates could even have time to react, Rhodes suddenly disappeared in place.

It didn’t last more than a blink before that person appeared in front of the two brothers.

One punch, one kick.

Bang Bang!

The two famous brothers flew out like straws, spewing blood in the air, and then crashed into their own pirate ship.

Their large pirate ship trembled, causing quite a bit of wind and waves as if it was about to collapse!

The whole place was dead silent!

Everyone stared at this scene in astonishment.

The jaw of the Beard Guy and the others were about to touch the floor.

Aisha’s eyes were about to pop out looking at this scene in surprise.

The members of the Twin Pirates who were watching the show were all stunned. After reacting, they stared at Rhodes one by one, terrified, nervous, and afraid.

When Rhodes’ cold stares locked them.

These pirates were all startled; they felt a cold chill from the soles of their feet penetrating their brains the moment Rhodes stared at them, and then they instantly rushed to escape by jumping boats.

Just with a little bit of effort, the pirates on the deck fled, and people could even hear the pirates on their ship shouting to set sail…

However, Rhodes did not want to let them go.

Rhodes stepped using Soru, stepped on the void using Geppo, and even rose out into the sky as if there were invisible stepping stones in the air.

He walked step by step and finally reached the top of the pirate ship.

Under everyone’s gaze, Rhodes draw his sword and proudly raised it into the sky. Dressed in white, while being blown by the sea breeze, it seemed as if a god had descended into this mortal world.


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