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RWBK Chapter 65 One Strike!

The sky was clear, and it was as vast as ever.

But whether it was a pirate, Aisha, or the others, only that young man in white with a sword in hand was in their eyes.

holding the long sword, Rhodes waved it gently, and spit out the world in half.


Nothing can describe the sharpness of his sword!

It seemed that it could cut even heaven and the earth into two pieces. For countless people, they could only see magnificent and dazzling lightning striking the ship.

This sword energy hit instantly, easily cutting through the deck of the pirate ship, and then directly splitting the cabin. The keel, which is tougher than steel, only lasted for a moment before being cut off.

At the same time, the astonishing power of lightning spread out, sweeping in all directions.

Trick, prick, prack…

Facing the terrifying lightning energy, these ordinary pirates couldn’t resist it at all!

For a split second, the pirates who were still on the deck were electrocuted; their hair stood on end, and then fell to the ground one by one, twitching, foaming from their mouths, and dying.


An eerie cracking sound came.

Then Aisha saw that the large pirate ship suddenly trembled slightly, and suddenly split into two, while the cut looked extremely neat.


The pirate ship, which was broken in two, capsized in the sea, setting off an astonishing wind and waves, rippling away in all directions.

“My God, this, this is too much…”

The Beard Guy was stunned, while Mr. Nord barely managed to squeeze a few words.

“This guy…is so strong!”

The dagger in Aisha’s hand fell to the ground, but she was unfazed by it, her eyes were locked on Rhodes with an astonished look on her face.

Watching Rhodes defeating the two brothers truly surprised her.

But watching Rhodes standing in the sky, cutting the boat with one strike, is a bit unacceptable.

After all, Aisha and her father always did their business trips on her borders of the new world. Although they have heard of the destructive power of the top powerhouses, it is the first time that they have seen it with their own eyes.


Rhodes floated back to the deck, glanced at the capsized pirate ship, and put his sword into the sheath.

He was very calm as if he had done nothing.

Well, in his point of view, this is true. Rhodes’ current strength is levels above these brothers and the silver fox, who he had a lot of trouble defeating when he first debuted.

There was silence on the deck for a while.

Everyone looked at Rhodes’ back in awe as if they wanted to say something in admiration, cheers, etc., but no one dared to speak, not even whisper, as if they were afraid that Rhodes would also give them a word.

“Sure enough, no increase in the energy bar, shrimps are shrimps, in the end, even if you chop a ship full of them, it will still be the same…”

Rhodes shook his head slightly and suddenly felt that the atmosphere was not quite right. He clearly won, why is there no sound at all?

He turned around slightly and looked at the group of people behind him.

Seeing that they were all nervous, he couldn’t help but smile:

“If you want the loot you better start before it sinks into the sea.”

He spoke softly and looked like a normal young man, which subconsciously relieved the bearded guy and the others.

“This, this…”

Beard Guy was used to these situations so he was the first to recover. He came back to his senses and seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t know what to call Rhodes.

“Just call me Rhodes, and I would like to thank you for giving me a ride.”

Rhode was unexpectedly very kind, so he quickly waved his hand and said: “It’s really my pleasure.”

Rhode was polite, but the Beard Guy did not dare to disrespect him, because the power that this young man just showed was too powerful.

“Thank you very much for saving us.”

“We will be responsible for salvaging all the property of the pirate ship. These are your trophies, and we will never touch the slightest bit of them.”

Seeing him act like this, Rhodes suddenly felt a little bored, and said lightly:

“As you please.”

After saying that, Rhodes stood quietly as if thinking about something.

Beard Guy did not dare to disturb him, so he saluted again, stepped back a few meters, then slowly turned around and began to direct the sailors to salvage.

The mercenary Nord was the most ashamed out of the bunch, so he took the lead and jumped onto the wreckage of the pirate ship, and was shocked by what he saw.

At first, he thought that the pirates of the Twin Pirates were so powerful that they shouldn’t die even if they lost their ship.

So he rushed up with that in his mind, and just to make up for his faults so that the devilish young man would not be dissatisfied with him.

But when he arrived, he found something entirely different from what he thought.

He found the corpses of pirates, floating on the sea. They were all dead.

He even found the mutilated bodies of the two Twin brothers.

That man, while cutting the large pirate ship with one sword, he destroyed all the pirates on it at the same time!

“This is too much…”

Nord was silent. He has been a mercenary for some years. It is not that he has never seen such a powerful existence as Rhodes.

But being so strong and so young is a little scary.

However, he didn’t have any feelings of jealousy. After all, the gap between him and Rhodes was so great that he couldn’t even produce emotions such as jealousy, only awe was in his heart.


On the deck.

Aisha stood not far away with a tangled face, she wanted to go up to chat with Rhodes like usual, but she had an unusual faint sense of alienation.

Strength brings awe, and awe naturally leads to alienation.

“What’s wrong with me?! He won’t bite if I ask him for contact information!”

Aisha hesitated for a long time, she murmured in a low voice, and a decidedly tragic look flashed in her eyes, like a soldier who was about to go to the battlefield.

She was afraid that if she didn’t go up now, she would never have the chance to talk with this man for the rest of her life.

Rhodes Kenbanshoku Haki was as sharp as ever, and his perception was clear. He couldn’t help but smile softly, sensing her state of mind, this was a little funny.

He turned around, met Aisha’s panicked eyes, and said in a mocking manner:

“I didn’t expect that Miss Aisha, who is not afraid of the sky, would fear me just like the others!”


Hearing this slightly teasing tone, Aisha froze for a while, and couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. A few moments later she got inexplicably angry.

“Who told you I was afraid of you, you’re too arrogant…”

She snorted softly and said sourly.

Obviously, the age difference is not big, she is a bit older, but the difference in strength is so terrifying.

Rhodes smiled slightly and said, “Forget about it, it’s time now to do what we haven’t done yet.”

“W-What… what do you mean?”

Aisha blushed, he surely means that, right?

This guy is too strong, what if he tries to force her, should she accept it, acquiesce, or obey?

Ah, isn’t this a little erotic…

Rhodes gave her a strange look, and said, “Let’s eat.”

“It’s dinner time now.”

After the Thunder Body Tempering exercise, he was hungry!

Aisha’s face darkened.

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