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RWBK Chapter 66 Devil Fruit

The sailor guards are very professional, and they are very familiar with the salvage work. They quickly turned the pirate ship upside down and swiped it clean.

When Beard Guy came to Rhodes with a list of belongings, he wasn’t even sure that it would please Rhodes.

“Your Excellency, these are all the goods salvaged from the pirate ship.”

The bearded man glanced at his daughter beside Rhodes in surprise, and then bowed his head respectfully, but sighed in his heart.

Silly girl, how could you think of winning the heart of such a hidden dragon-like figure.

Rhodes took the list and glanced at it. Suddenly his eyes widened slightly, and he said in surprise:

“There is actually a devil fruit?”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Beard handed over a delicate box containing a red fruit that looked a bit like a coconut.

“Is this the legendary devil fruit…?” This was the first time that Rhodes actually touch or seen a Devil Fruit.

“The Twin Brothers didn’t eat, is it because it’s not worth it?”

Rhodes rubbed the fruit with great interest, but after looking at it for a while, he lost interest.

He made relevant preparations when he was at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army and read the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, but there was no record of this fruit in it.

This is obviously an unknown Devil Fruit.

However, judging from the shape and other details, it is very likely to be a paramecia devil fruit.

If one person can eat one devil fruit, and if it’s going to be an unknown fruit, the best choice must be the Logia type, followed by the Zoan Type, and then the Paramecia type.

The Logia-type Devil Fruit, no matter what kind of element it is, as long as you eat it, you can almost have the power to sail in the four seas and even cross the first half of the Grand Line. Even in the new world, the Logia type is an extremely rare and powerful ability, which can conquer many people.

After all the three current admirals of the marines, all have powerful Logia-type abilities.

Next is the Zoan type.

This is because the Zoan type will at least guarantee you a boost in power; even the most common animal type can at least enhance the user’s physical fitness such as strength, speed, and defense.

If you are lucky enough to come across an ancient type, a legendary beast specie, then you will make a lot of money. With painstaking practice, it should be no surprise to become a big name in the pirate world.

And Paramecia…

This is very character-based. There are all kinds of abilities, strong and weak, weird and weirder.

The uncertainty is too huge.

The sentence “The strength of the fruit depends on the person” is quite correct, but normal people are not traversers, and their brains are limited by the world they are living in.

The most typical example is probably Buggy the Clown, a terrifying character who can easily be the strongest pirate in the world.

Buggy and Shanks are both trainee crew members of the Roger Pirates. Both of them were arrogant and dared to challenge the existence of Whitebeard head-on. Even if there is a gap in their qualifications, it is estimated that it will not be too big.

But 20 years later, Shanks has reached the pinnacle of his life, became a Yonko, and ruled the new world, but Buggy is still fishing in the weakest sea and even became Luffy’s first stepping stone as soon as he came out to the sea.

From this, it can be seen that betting your life on an unknown devil fruit of the Logia or Zoan type can work, but betting on the Paramecia type is simply a big gamble, and it can destroy your future.

Recovering from his chaotic thoughts, Rhode shook his head lightly.

With swordsmanship and thunder, his strength system is already complete enough. He doesn’t even look forward to the new talent that the system is hiding, at most it’s just icing on the cake.

What’s more, the side effects of eating a Devil Fruit are too great, not only to be restrained by seawater, but also restrained by sea stone cuffs, and even by dark fruit, he has no interest in it at all.

But even if he’s not interested, that doesn’t mean other people aren’t interested.

That’s what Aisha is.

She stared at this devil fruit with shining eyes, and her expression showed almost undisguised desire.

For the people at the bottom of the pirate world, Devil Fruit is almost the only way to go up.

She is different from her father who has already planned to withdraw from the sea. She has her own dream, especially after Rhodes appeared, and her dream became firmer.

And dreams without strength as a foundation are just empty talk!

This look is too hot.

Rhodes sensed it almost immediately, and he couldn’t help but smile softly, saying:

“I don’t need this devil fruit. I’ll sell it to you for 100 million Belly.”

Beard Guy was stunned for a moment. One hundred million Belly for a Devil Fruit is a steal. Because although Devil Fruit can be priced, it has always been priceless.

He pondered for a while and noticed Aisha’s expression out of the corner of his eyes. Only then did he understand, he bowed respectfully and said:

“Thank you very much for your generosity.”

“Don’t say these polite words, and give me the money quickly.”

Rhodes waved his hand indifferently.

It’s really useless for him to take this devil fruit, he won’t eat it himself, and his friends don’t need it, so he can only sell it in the end.

In this case, instead of having to go to the auction house by yourself, it is better to be a favored person and sell it to Beard Guy.

Aisha is a pretty good girl.

The father froze slightly, and then he hurriedly went and came back with a card, and handed it to Rhodes.

“Your Excellency, this is a universal bank card in the New World, with 200 million Belly in it.”

In fact, the treasures on the ship of the Twin Pirates are not worth 100 million, about 60 to 70 million, but Beard Guy is obviously a very good person, so he just made it up for Rhodes.

“A bank card?”

Rhodes took it and glanced curiously, “Is this related to the world government?”

“No, the Golden Emperor, an underground bank run by Gild Tesoro. The name of the World Government is not easy to use in the New World, so only people like the Golden Emperor can afford to open a bank.”

“This card is not registered, you can go to any island to exchange the money in it.”

Beard quickly explained.

“Golden Emperor?”

Rhodes pondered slightly, of course, he knew this guy.

Gild Tesoro is a person with golden fruit ability. he developed his devil fruit to the level of awakening. In terms of strength, he is a character on the same level as Doflamingo.

His status is, even more, bigger than Doflamingo.

Gild Tesoro is the head of Gran Tesoro, the world’s largest entertainment city, and controls many industries around the world. The most incredible thing is that he owns 20% of the world’s Belly!

The impact of so much money is simply immeasurable, and it is even enough to manipulate the Celestial Dragons, use the power of the world government, and use the money to dominate the dark world!

This is a super boss who really eats both black and white.

“No wonder so much money turned out to be inside a bank he opened.”

Rhodes muttered and sighed a little.

Fortunately, this is a world where force is supreme. Although the power of money is powerful, it also has limitations.

In the eyes of those who have really reached the top, Gild Tesoro is probably not too different from the Joker.


There were no other accidents on the next itinerary. The merchant ship arrived at the destination smoothly and slowly entered the port.

“Goodbye, everyone.”

Rhodes lightly jumped to the port, waved at Aisha and the others, and walked into the city without looking back.

“Separation does always hurts…”

Aisha’s eyes flickered with a faint strange color, holding the devil fruit in her tender little hands, her expression gradually became firmer.

“Have you really made up your mind?” Beard asked.


Aisha nodded lightly, “I’m gonna leave the new world, and I will start from the first half of the Grand Line until I return one day to this place.”

After speaking, she did not hesitate to eat the devil’s fruit.

“If not, how can I get closer to him?”

She muttered to herself, but her pretty face instantly turned bitter.

It’s so unpalatable, augh…

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