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RWBK Chapter 71 Core Refining

At the same time.

On the top floor of the Revolutionary Army headquarters, a slightly gloomy conference room.

Sabo was reporting back the mission to Dragon.

Starting from Rhodes’ assessment of killing Silver Fox, encountering Vice Admiral Gion in Chronos Island, the latter accepting Rhodes as her disciple, the separation of the three, then the reunification and the last rescue operation. Sabo explained everything in detail. No lies and no emotions were involved in his speech.

Because he knows very well that in front of Dragon, any lying or personal preference is meaningless.

He was the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and he didn’t build up this great power out of nothing, if he doesn’t even have the ability to distinguish between real and fake news, he might have been infiltrated and dealt with by the world government long ago.

“That’s how things went.”

After finishing speaking, Sabo stood there respectfully, his expression seemed to be calm, but he secretly looked at Dragon’s face from the corner of his eyes, obviously, there was no superficial peace in his heart.

Similar to Luffy and Ace, Sabo is also the kind of existence who is willing to be your friend once he recognizes you.

Although he didn’t get along with Rhodes for a long time, he had already recognized him as a friend of the same age in the revolutionary army.

They are competitors and combat partners.

“Do you have a good impression of Rhodes?”

Dragon’s tone was very calm, and his expression was very indifferent. Sabo was completely unable to figure out what this mysterious teacher was thinking.

He pondered for a while, then cautiously opened his mouth and said:

“Rhodes is a trustworthy person, and his dislike of the world’s nobles and dark systems which is shown in the general direction is also very sincere.”

“Not only me, but Koala also thinks it’s impossible for him to be led astray by his marine teacher.”

As he spoke, Sabo couldn’t help becoming nervous.

Even in their previous discussion, both he and Koala felt that Dragon wouldn’t pursue the matter, but they always had a bit of concern about this matter.

The so-called concern can turn into chaos.

In an environment like the Revolutionary Army, Sabo hardly had many friends of the same age. Rhodes’ behavior and character could be called the one that suits his taste the most.

The scene fell into silence for a while, and the atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.

After a while, Dragon suddenly said: “Your mentality is in a mess, this way you won’t be take the responsibility for the future of the Revolutionary Army.”

“I’m not suspicious of Rhodes, I was just testing you.”

Sabo finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard these words, and scratched his head in embarrassment.

He knew that he has just lost a few points, but he didn’t regret it. If can’t feel stressed when his friend is in a trouble, then he’s just a scam.


At this time, the phone rang, and Dragon raised his hand to answer it. A voice sounded from the other end, which seemed to be Morley, the commander of the Western Army.

“Boss, the person in charge of the Kano Country just died in battle.”

“The cadre Siyue is dead? What’s the situation?”

“During a meeting to discuss the division of forces, he died at the hands of the Godfather of the West Sea, Capone Bege. The Happo Navy also participated.”

“I see. I will immediately send someone to take over the revolutionary affairs at the Kano Country.”

After finishing speaking, Dragon hung up the phone and pondered.

Neither the Happo Navy nor Bege is easy to provoke. Ordinary cadres and even senior cadres may not be able to deal with them.

Who should I send?

Dragon was thinking and suddenly raised his head to look at Sabo. After several years of training, Sabo is obviously good enough in terms of strength and ability.

Wait… There seems to be another one!

In that case, let’s compare the two, it happens that Ryuji is also at the headquarters.

He thought for a while, and a perfect plan appeared in his mind.

In the middle of the night, everything was silent.

Rhodes sat cross-legged on the bed and entered deep meditation.

Kenbunshoku is different from the spiritual sense of cultivation. It is an ability to sense the breath of creatures and the emotional changes in one’s heart, and it cannot be used for internal vision.

But Rhodes is a little different.

The addition of perception attributes from the system caused a subtle change in Rhodes’ Kenbunshoku. He could vaguely “see” the movements in his body, just like when he awakened his Busoshoku Haki.

However, compared to before, what Rhodes can “see” is much clearer, and he can even tell which is which.

At this moment, in Rhodes’ induction.

The muscles and bones are the most powerful and vibrant, while the internal organs are a little bleak, which means that they are overwhelmed.

At this moment.

One after another small and weak thunderbolts flashed out, followed the blood, and spread in all directions. What is different from before is that in the past, these thunderbolts would only pass through the muscles and bones.

But this time, at will, it slowly approached the internal organs.

The stimulation of the electric current caused obvious changes in the sensitive and fragile viscera, and they began to squirm slightly as if they were twitching.

Chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and a series of various symptoms appeared. Rhodes almost spit out a mouthful of blood, and his skin turned red as if he was about to ooze blood. At this time, the heart was stimulated and the blood flow accelerated.

Such a terrifying performance made Rhodes shudder violently. Fortunately, he didn’t try to temper his viscera recklessly back then.

“c-calm d-down……”

Out of pure determination, Rhodes managed to stabilize his mind and continued to test slowly.


With his rich experience, he quickly found a certain balance point, and the electric current began to stimulate the viscera regularly.

There wasn’t much discomfort, just like the first time he tempered his muscles and bones.

The foolproof preparations are finally ushering in the harvest. Rhodes did not encounter too many accidents and started refining his internal organs without any danger.


The thought flashed through his mind, and Rhodes gathered all his thoughts and devoted himself to strengthening the viscera.

This kind of strengthening that is almost visible to the naked eye has not been experienced for a long time, so he couldn’t help but feel how he missed it.

He felt every minute and every second passing.

In Rhodes’ perception, the aura of his internal organs is rapidly increasing.

The entire sensed picture, the imbalance caused by the obvious gap between strength and weakness before, has been gradually made up, and it looks much more comfortable.

The next day, early morning.

Rhodes opened his eyes, and a look of joy flashed across his face.

“The first session of the viscera refining was successful!”

He slowly got up and got out of bed, and walked a few steps.

Maybe it’s his imagination but after the internal organs were strengthened he feels as if his soul was transferred into a new body.

No matter how he moves his hands or feet, his whole body is wriggling in response.

This feeling is extremely wonderful as if the body is completely new, even the air seems to be fresh, his breathing became extremely smooth, and there is a feeling of being able to use his body freely and vividly.

“The most obvious change should be the increase in physical strength!”

After a little experimentation, Rhodes came to this conclusion.

In the past, his physical strength was far inferior to that of real veterans. If he was dragged into a protracted battle, he would easily suffer.

But now that his core has been strengthened, this shortcoming has been made up for.

When the internal organs are strengthened to a certain limit, he will have that amazing stamina the strongmen of the pirate world have.

Three days and three nights, or even ten days and ten nights of fighting wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

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