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RWBK Chapter 72 The Results

A few days later, the practice room.

This is the highest-standard training room in the headquarters castle. It is made of a special material that is only slightly weaker than Seastone, and it is about tens of square meters in size.

The various equipment here is top-notch. They can measure the strength and speed in detail, and roughly evaluate the strength of the person. But that’s only applied at the Cadres’ level if it goes higher, the equipment will simply get destroyed.

Koala used to practice here.

Rhodes stood in front of the punch strength testing machine, pondered for a while, and then concentrated a bit of strength before he punched out suddenly.


The testing machine vibrated violently, and then a dazzling red light kept flashing. It looks like it had been ruined.

There was a mark several inches deep where his fist hit, and the lines were clearly visible.

“Well, this isn’t working.”

Rhodes touched his chin, secretly trying to evaluate his own strength.

The strengthening of one’s core cannot directly enhance physical strength and agility, but it can play a role similar to integration and coordination.

Prior to this, due to the fragility of his viscera, Rhodes couldn’t fully exert his body strength.

Because once he tries to channel all of his strength, he will end up hurting his internal organs.

But at this moment, with the improvement of the strength of the viscera, this restriction has gradually disappeared, and the power that Rhodes can exert has increased by a full 20%!

What a terrifying increase this is!

With Rhodes’ strength at this time, even if it is only 20%, it is enough to defeat ordinary pirates with over 100 million, and ordinary revolutionary army cadres may not be able to stand in front of him.

“This level of strength should have surpassed the original Lao G. I don’t know how much difference there is between this level and a Vice Admiral of the Navy Headquarters.”

A trace of thought flashed in Rhodes’ mind.

“However, even if there is still a gap in strength, with the power of thunder and swordsmanship, my destructive power is completely comparable to that of ordinary Vice Admiral in the headquarters, or even higher.”

There is also a big gap between each Vice Admiral

Ordinary people would be easily beheaded by an existence of Doflamingo’s level, but the top Vice Admirals of the headquarters can contend in a short period of time without losing the wind.

All in all, after refining the viscera, Rhodes’ physical strength has been greatly improved, his breathing has been light and deep, his basic qualities have also been strengthened, and his overall strength has risen by a level.

If he faces Lao G and Harmon again, the battle should end faster.

At this time, footsteps suddenly sounded from outside the door, and then Koala opened the door and entered.

As soon as she came in, her eyes were fixed on the fist test machine in front of Rhodes. Seeing the clear fist mark on it, she was a little surprised and said:

“You’re practicing your physical skills?”

If it’s a sword swing, this destructive power is of course nothing to be surprised by, but if it’s a fist, it’s a bit surprising.

“No, I just got a little bit stronger after practicing a little bit,” Rhodes said.


A few black lines could not help but appear on Koala’s forehead. What do you mean you got stronger after a bit of practice?

No one can get this strong after a bit of practice!

From Koala’s point of view, someone who’s proficient in Fishman Karate, the power of this punch completely surpassed her by a notch.

Koala sighed: “Let’s not talk about this ever again.”

“The leader asked me to call you over. It seems that there is an important task. Let’s hurry over.”

“Okay, I’ll take a shower first, my whole body smells like sweat,” Rhodes said.

“Go, go, go.”

Koala was a little impatient and her tone was very aggressive.

While waiting, Kerla came to the punch test machine with a blank face, mustered all her strength, and punched out.

Then Koala unexpectedly discovered that her punch couldn’t even leave marks on the punch testing machine.


Koala’s beautiful eyebrows twitched slightly; she took a deep breath before suppressing the urge to dissect this freak, Rhodes.

Of course, if she does that, it’s very likely that Rhodes will overturn it.

Rhodes took a shower very quickly, and after a while, he got dressed and walked out of the bathroom, and said to Koala:

“Let’s go.”


Kerla didn’t say a word and led the way angrily. On her pretty face, the four characters “very upset” were written brightly.

Rhodes didn’t bother to talk to her. How can he be blamed for increasing his strength so quickly?

In silence.

The two kept moving forward.

Rhodes was surprised to find that Koala was leading him outside the headquarters castle.

“Could it be that you got so angry that you decided to find a place to fight with me?”


Sensing the increasingly weird eyes behind her, Koala finally lost her composure and snorted coldly:

“It’s a battle.”

“You are too strong. In order to prevent the castle from being destroyed, the battle location was set outside.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Rhodes saw many figures standing in the distance, including Monkey D. Dragon, Murloc Hack, and many other high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Army, as well as Crow and other new members of the Revolutionary Army.

Farther away, Sabo was confronting Ryuji in an open space.

“It seems that this task is very challenging that Ryuji is actually in charge of the strength appraisal.”

Rhodes was thinking, but he didn’t stop on his feet. He came to Dragon and bowed.

His expression was very calm, and he looked at Dragon indifferently.

Perhaps the normal revolutionary army, even Sabo and Kerla, would feel nervous and at a loss in front of Dragon.

But it’s impossible for Rhodes to be afraid.

In the eyes of Rhodes, who is a time traveler, whether it is the Yonko, Dragon, or the existence of the Gorosei, they are just towering mountains waiting for him to step over.

There is respect, but no fear.

Dragon stared fixedly at Rhodes, staring at the latter’s pitch-black eyes that were as flat as a mirror lake, and then suddenly raised the corner of his mouth, and said in a low and restrained voice:

“These eyes really deserve to belong to the strongest existence the reserve force has ever witnessed in the past twenty years.”

“Thank you.” Rhodes was neither arrogant nor impetuous and made a steady deal.

“Very good.”

Dragon turned around with a smile, and said to Sabo in the field:

“You two can start now. Don’t be shy about going all out. I will be responsible for your safety.”

With Dragon’s strength, it is completely enough to control the situation of the battle, and there will be no accidents.

Sabo and Ryuji nodded.

“Thanks for having me.”

As a junior, Sabo naturally saluted first, and then took a fighting posture.

“You go first.”

Holding the hilt of the sword, Ryuji said softly to Sabo, with a condescending look on his face.

Seeing this, Sabo’s expression remained unchanged. His hands became claws, and he kept moving around Ryuji, like a cheetah about to attack, looking for an opening.

Ryuji’s expression was always calm.

Even when his back was facing Sabo, there was not the slightest fluctuation. The whole person just stood there quietly, with one hand lightly resting on the hilt of the sword.

Rhodes narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at it for a while, and suddenly said in a low voice, “Sabo can’t win.”

Koala turned her head in surprise and said somewhat dissatisfied: “Sabo is very strong, and he will definitely become a senior cadre soon. Ryuji is strong too, but he’s also injured.”

“In my opinion, the outcome is hard to tell.”

She snorted softly, not sure if she was still angry.

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