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RWBK Chapter 73 Flawless

The little girl was quite confident.

Rhodes smirked, and then said, “Oh? Do you wanna bet?”

“Bet? Bet on what?”

“One hundred million Bellys!”

“One… 100 million Bellys? Since when do you have 100 million Bellys?”

Koala was taken aback.

One hundred million Bellys is not a small number.

If Rhodes didn’t sell that devil fruit, his fortune is estimated to be only six figures by now.

“Why do you care?! You just have to know that earned it fair and square, I didn’t seal or rob. So do you wanna bet or not, final word?”

Rhodes squinted at her as if looking at a poor soul, full of superiority.

Koala was so angry, she gritted her teeth and wanted to agree.

But suddenly she thought of something, her expression froze suddenly, and then he whispered angrily:

“I… I don’t have enough money!”

“You’re so poor, how much do you have?”

Koala thought for a while before opening her mouth and saying:

“About 84.3 million.”

After saying these words, Koala suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter. She was actually betting on family property, and it was a gamble that ruined her entire family.

Koala instantly became vigilant, staring at Rhode suspiciously.

Rhodes looked calm and frank as if there was nothing wrong, but Koala was such a clever person, she knew very well that nothing wrong was the biggest problem.

“You are deceiving me!”

Her delicate little face suddenly bulged into a bun, and just as she was about to continue to say something, the sudden battle in the field caught her attention.

Only a “clang” sound was heard.

When Sabo’s claws collided with Ryuji’s sword, there was a deafening sound of gold and iron, and an invisible wave of air burst out.

There was a momentary stalemate.

Then everyone saw that Sabo was thrown out abruptly, with traces of bright red blood oozing from his fist.

While Ryuji just shook his body slightly.

With one blow and collision, the verdict will be determined.

Sabo was not discouraged after losing the first clash.

For a strong man of his level, this injury is nothing at all.


In the next moment, he rushed out and with a flicker, he came close to Ryuji looking for an inside fight.


The two collided dozens of times in an instant. In the eyes of Crow and others, they could only see two fuzzy black shadows entangled together. Occasionally, shock waves spread out, tearing the earth with black cracks.

The earth trembled, the wind howled, and dust filled the sky.

But anyone with a discerning eye could see that the black shadow holding the sword was firmly suppressing the barehanded black shadow.

“This is the true power of a teacher!”

Crow’s expression was filled with pride.

Nia and others were also amazed. Is this the strength of senior cadres?

As expected, Brother Sabo is still too young.

“Ryuji’s age is at least twice that of Sabo’s. It’s normal to lose.”

Koala explained to Rhodes, and at the same time secretly rejoiced that she didn’t agree to bet against each other just now, otherwise she would have returned to where she was before liberation.


Rhodes was noncommittal.

Another fierce collision.

Sabo’s whole body was thrown out, his clothes were torn, his hair was messy, and his forehead was covered with sweat.

His eyes were extremely serious, but there was a trace of powerlessness and unwillingness.

Ryuji is too strong; he couldn’t find a single weakness.

He is behind Ryuji in almost all aspects, and his attack power and combat experience were crushed by the latter. If he is not very talented in physical skills, he wouldn’t even be able to handle himself in front of Ryuji up until now.

During the battle, even if he tried his best, it was still difficult to avoid his sharp blade, and he was hit again and again.

Facts have proven that

Even with one arm, Ryuji is still levels above him.

Sabo still has a long way to go.

Dragon shook his head slightly in his heart, and said in a deep voice, “The battle is over, Sabo you’re out, Rhodes you can go.”


Sabo quickly collected his mood, and when he passed by Rhodes, he reminded in a low voice:

“Be careful, his technique is perfect, almost flawless.”


Rhodes nodded casually.

Indeed, any Vice Admiral-level character in the headquarters has almost honed his various abilities to the extreme, and there are almost no shortcomings, especially this kind of character who is proficient in physical skills or swordsmanship.

“Is it Rhodes’ turn?”

Hack the Murloc, Gilteo and other high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Army were looking forward to it, but they didn’t have too much expectation.

Sabo is recognized as the number one genius of the Revolutionary Army. He learned from the leader Dragon, and his strength has been respected by the younger generation for a long time.

Yet even he can’t deal with Ryuji. Rhodes has just been promoted less than a year ago, so what can he do?

“I really don’t know why the leader asked Rhodes to go up. He is at most slightly stronger than me, how could he beat my master.” Crow was very upset.

Shanoa and other cadres are mostly like this.

Perhaps in the entire field, only Nia and Koala have more confidence in Rhodes.

Koala’s confidence was coming from what she saw today on the punch test machine, while Nia simply thinks that this man will not lose.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Rhodes.

But he didn’t notice it. He put one hand lightly on the hilt of the sword, looked calmly at Ryuji in front of him, and said:

“You fought just now, do you want to take a break?”

“No, it was just a warm-up.”

Ryuji said lightly, and a fiery look suddenly flashed in his eyes.

Since Rhodes was called up too, he knew that his intuitive guess about him was probably correct.

This is a very powerful young swordsman.

If he wants to win, he has to do his best.

“Pleased to be facing you.”

Ryuji said and then drew his sword.

“One-shot, instant slash!”

This is a special sword drawing technique.


The speed at which Ryuji drew his sword was almost as fast as lightning. The moment he drew the sword, a terrifying force was formed.


A dark green arc of light suddenly appeared.

Following Ryuji’s sword slash, this arc of light suddenly formed a bright sword energy, which was shot out instantly.

It looked as if it could cut everything, it was unstoppable.

Ryuji is definitely the strongest existence that Rhodes has encountered so far.

Facing the incomparably powerful swordsman Ryuji who is probably a samurai from Wano, Rhodes was ready to fight with an extremely strong fighting spirit, full of vigor.

“One Sword Style Lightning!”

Thanks to his enhanced new body, Rhodes exerted his strength to the extreme, stronger than any time before!

A bright silver-white sword energy was shot out, like a crescent moon, bursting out from his blade.


The two sword Qi collided in the air and suddenly exploded, causing two deep sword marks to appear on the ground.

Ryuji used to be a top swordsman. Although he lost an arm at this time and his strength became weaker, his understanding of swordsmanship did not decrease.

After it forcibly defeated Rhodes’ silver-white sword aura, the dark green sword aura was weakened a bit, and then continued to rush out, knocking Rhodes back two steps before finally dissipating.

“It really is strong!”

The initial collision was slightly weaker, but Rhodes’ fighting spirit was now even higher, his lazy attitude completely disappeared, and what was displayed before everyone was a serious state they had never seen before.

It was time to get serious.

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