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RWBK Chapter 74 Invulnerable?


Seeing Rhodes’ unscathed appearance under Ryuji’s attack, Crow’s eyes almost popped out; he simply couldn’t believe it.

A few months ago, this guy Rhodes was only slightly better than him, and he only lost because he couldn’t use Haki.

He has worked so hard during these last few months to learn Haki, just to find that his rival is already able to stand up to his teacher.

This is simply… unscientific!

The others who graduated at the same time as Rhodes were also dumbfounded and their jaws were on the floor.

Not to mention them, even Hack, the Fishman who can be considered one of Rhodes’ teachers was shocked

Initially, He was proud enough to know that his strength is just slightly worse than Ryuji’s.

And Rhodes was able to receive Ryuji’s attack head-on. Doesn’t this mean that this guy’s strength is almost ready to compete with him?

Hack felt that ten thousand beasts were galloping past in his heart.

With Rhodes’ talent and strength that he already knew about, he actually envisioned the day when he would be surpassed by this guy, but he never imagined that this day would come so quickly!

“To achieve this level without the power of thunder, Ryuji really has no hope of defeating this guy.”

Koala clenched her fists, inexplicably looking forward to it.

And in the field at this time.

Sting, sting, sting…

Rhodes was using the power of thunder now, and at the same time, as he swung his sword, violent thunder swept across, turning into a pillar of thunder that rushed towards Ryuji.

The air was filled with electric arcs, making one’s hairs stand on end.

“Is this the rumored Thunder Sword Intent?”

“It’s really outrageously strong.”

There was a little exclamation in Ryuji’s eyes, but his expression was still calm, and he slashed out sending a sword Qi out without even thinking about dodging or evading.


The sword energy swept forward as if it was going to split everything, almost instantly splitting the thunder pillars that were targeting him.

At the same time, Ryuji stumped the round with his foot, setting off a gust of wind, and then as fast as lightning, he rushed towards Rhodes.

“But if this is all that you can do, then you lose!”

Ryuji’s eyes returned to indifference.

A top swordsman would naturally have such arrogance.

He was already a little uncomfortable when he was entangled by Sabo before.

Fighting Rhodes again at this time, even though he was truly amazed by Rhodes’ talent and strength, he didn’t want to hold back anymore.

No one would like to be a stepping stone.

Moreover, this kind of exaggerated natural-type thunder power and strong current will definitely affect him in a long battle, so a quick decision must be made.

“Ryuji’s slash is too strong, even Rhodes’ Thunder Sword Intent is useless.”

“A senior cadre is a senior cadre, in the end, they are not so easy to overthrow.”

Everyone watching the battle showed sympathy. Rhodes’ performance was amazing enough, but it was still a bit worse.

Everyone believed that if Rhodes were to sharpen his swordsmanship and Haki in the next few years, he might be able to defeat Ryuji, but right now, it’s still too early.

Sabo also shook his head slightly; not optimistic about Rhodes’ chances.

Only Dragon was as immovable as a mountain, and his eyes were always indifferent. He asked Ryuji to be in charge of appraising the junior’s strength. He never actually thought that Sabo and Rhodes could win. The specific reason behind this is so he can decide who to choose; that of course depends on which of the two will perform better.

Moreover, they needed some good beating. It is never a great thing for a talented man to have it easy all the time; occasional failures are more conducive to growth.

At this time, Ryuji burst out with an astonishing speed, like lightning across the sky, and rushed to the front instantly; in his head, he saw the end of this challenge with two slashes to the body.

“The middle-level characters in this department are indeed much stronger than Lao G and the others. No wonder even Sabo has no power to fight back.”

Rhodes secretly sighed.

Before refining the viscera, he was able to beat Lao G and Harmon violently by himself, because although these two were experts in physical arts, they were suppressed by him in terms of speed.

They didn’t have any AOE abilities, so they couldn’t deal with Rhodes at all.

But Ryuji is different. Ryuji himself is a top swordsman. In terms of pure swordsmanship, he is a step above Rhodes.

Besides, whether it is strength or Haki, he is far superior to the other two, and even the speed that Rhodes is best at is only one level behind him.

He is simply one step less than him in all aspects.

“Unfortunately for you, you came a few days late. If I confronted you before refining my internal organs, I’m afraid that even if I fight with all of my power I would only be able to put up a good show. But now…”

Facing Ryuji who came so close and slashed down with his sword, Rhodes’ eyes flickered with thunder.

The benefits of the initial viscera training did not only make his physique and strength skyrocket, which is reflected in the book of knowledge, but also accumulated more than 900 energy, advancing towards the full value, which is 947!

The color of the power of this level of thunder is extremely deep, and the violent power is enough to instantly turn an ordinary person into charcoal.

The previous sword Qi he used was just a small trial!

Holding the sword in both hands, the blue light in his eyes soared, and suddenly he swung his sword.

“One Sword Style Thunder Dragon!”

The nearly perfect power of thunder was driven to the extreme, and the sudden burst of power changed the color of the world. The only thing that everyone could see is the dark blue thunder.


The air was humming and rippling. Before the sword could be swung down, the mighty and irresistible power of thunder caused Ryuji’s expression to change suddenly.

“How is this possible!”

Ryuji was shocked. The thunder he used before was already amazing enough, but Rhodes could even make it stronger?!

Because the distance is too close, and he was already in motion to strike Rhodes down, it was impossible for Ryuji to just step back, so he could only swing his sword to meet him and hope for the best.

Almost at the next instant.

A thunder dragon that was highly condensed by lightning and glowing with pale silver light rushed out violently and slammed into Ryuji’s sword.

Even though Ryuji used all his strength to push his Busoshoku Haki to the extreme, and his whole body exuded an aura of cutting everything, he was still forcibly defeated by Thunder Dragon.


The ground split open, and a terrifying deep gully appeared, and Ryuji was forced back by the thunder dragon for more than a dozen meters. Every time he was forced back, the ground split in front of him.

By the time the Thunder Dragon dispersed, Ryuji was a hundred meters away, and in front of him is a shattered land.


A great amount of scorching blood with electric arcs rushed out of his mouth. Looking at the young man with the sword bathed in the terrifying thunderlight in the distance, he couldn’t help but show a hint of unbelievable shock.

With one strike of that electrified sword, the situation was reversed.

The audience was silent!

There is only one thought in everyone’s mind.

Is this real? Can the Thunder Sword Intent actually do this?!!

Even Dragon, who had always maintained aloof and deep manners, almost dropped his jaw and was extremely moved.

Even if he is in charge of the revolutionary army, he is well-versed in ancient and modern times, he knows astronomy from the top and geography from the bottom. He has never seen or heard of such a monster who can play with thunder depending only on his Sword Intent like this.

The Logia thunderbolt fruit is nothing more than that, right?

Koala was even more stunned. She had seen Rhodes’ thunderstorm some time ago, and she was shocked at that time, but after all, it has only been a few days!

This thunder dragon that tore through the ground is nothing in comparison! It abruptly changed the situation of the battle and repelled the senior cadre Ryuji.

“Hey! Isn’t this too much!”

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