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RWBK Chapter 75 Victory

Rhodes has been exploring various combinations of the power of thunder and swordsmanship.

Thunder Dragon is one of those combinations; in fact, the strongest move that he could come up with, which blasted the mighty Ryuji into the air with a single strike, shocking the audience.

“This guy Rhodes is actually so strong?”

Sabo smiled wryly, his eyes full of shock.

The premonition really came true, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast, even with Sabo’s calmness, it was a bit hard to accept.

It’s not that he can’t accept being surpassed. With Rhodes’ demonstrated talent and potential, surpassing him is almost a certainty. Even if it feels a little uncomfortable, Sabo still agrees.

But he never expected that this day would come so soon…

As for Crow, Shanoa, and others who graduated at the same time as Rhodes, they have completely lost their words at this time, and they are all in a daze, their minds are blank, and they’re just in disbelief.

This… It seems that even the heavens cannot stop Rhodes at this time!

In the field.

Ryuji took Rhodes’ blow of thunder dragon head-on, which made the hand holding the sword tremble.

“This level of swordsmanship…”

Ryuji’s eyes were serious. If he was at his peak, he might still be able to catch up to him, but at this moment, he was a little bit powerless.


The next moment, Rhodes moved violently. Between lightning and flint, his whole body spanned a distance of nearly 100 meters in an instant, bringing out a stream of light. The speed he showed at that moment didn’t look any slower than Ryuji’s!

Ryuji didn’t dare to be careless and even raised his sword to greet him.


When the blades collided, huge sparks were blown out, and the sound of metal and iron clanging swept out like sound waves.

“His strength is inferior to mine!”

As soon as it collided, this thought flashed in Ryuji’s mind, but immediately after, there was a violent thunder roaring, and lightning piercing the air like silver snakes.

Seeing this, Ryuji’s face suddenly changed colors, he stepped back without hesitation, and at the same time swinging his sword, splitting the thunder.

But even so, through the conduction of the metal sword blade, the strong current still affected his body, and he trembled uncontrollably.

Although this range is very weak, in a battle of this level, any mistake may lead to losing the advantage.

The thunder in Rhodes’ eyes skyrocketed, and he carried himself forward without hesitation, swiping his sword and slashing. Taking advantage of Ryuji’s disadvantage, he gradually grasped the rhythm of the battle and suppressed the latter’s aura.

Aura is a very mysterious ability, that can only be possessed by the strong.

Rhodes is obviously a strong man, and he also has his own aura.

This aura is like his swords, going forward without hesitation, cutting everything.

Keng Keng Keng!

The sword blades collided continuously, and the power of thunder shook and roared wildly.

Even though Ryuji tried his best to restore the situation, facing Rhodes at this time, he seemed powerless.

Each has his style, and as a swordsman, Ryuji’s style is actually an offensive one.

Often, one blow of his sword is enough to make the opponent exhausted, so as to control the rhythm of the battle.

But at this moment, his strongest aspect was suppressed by Rhodes, and the rhythm of the battle became chaotic.

If he wanted to attack with all his strength, he would immediately be suppressed by Rhodes’ Thunder Dragon.

He wanted to use his speed to detour and look for weak points, but Rhodes’ speed was not weak at all. Whether it was the speed of the body or the reaction speed of his nervous system, they were top-notch.

In the end, a swordsman with an offensive style was forced to defend.

If it weren’t for the strong thunder currents that constantly affect his strength, he wouldn’t actually mind defending until he finds an opportunity to attack; however, this way, the further the battle progresses, the greater Rhodes’ advantage will be!

Boom boom boom!

Two brilliant sword Qi collided together, bursting out into the sky.


The deafening roar even made the people in the headquarters castle look over curiously, showing surprise, why is the lightning striking the ground over there.

By now, people like Crow and Nia couldn’t even comprehend this kind of power. They felt a bit of insignificance.

A random sword Qi is enough to kill them, and occasionally a thunderbolt can seriously injure them.

Under the leadership of the Hack and the others, they withdrew far enough away, but they could still feel the sharpness of the constant collision as if the air was stabbing their skins.

There was also the terrifying thunder that made their scalps tingle. Even after such a distance, their hair seemed to stand on end.

And finally, it ended.

Accompanied by a crisp sword groan, the famous dark green sword flew out of Ryuji’s hand and plunged into the ground far away.

Ryuji froze for a moment then glanced blankly at his trembling right hand.

He can still remember that day when he was defeated by that man and lost his arm, he practiced the one-hand sword style hard and vowed to never lose his beloved sword in battle.

Because for a swordsman, dropping the blade in battle means defeat.

Since leaving Wano Country and entering the new world, this oath has never been broken, but he never expected that today it would be broken by this young swordsman.

After a long time.

He just came back to his senses, looked at the indifferent young man in front of him with a complex expression, shook his head with a wry smile, and then said:

“I lost.”

There was a kind of relief in his tone as if had let go of something, and the whole person’s momentum gradually had a strange change.

This startled Rhodes slightly, showing surprise, but he quickly recovered his calm.

Is it so easy for the great swordsman to just give up?

It’s not like Ryuji is weak, and it’s not like he can’t find a solution for his lost arm if he keeps practicing he has the potential to be a great swordsman.

“You are really good. It seems that the world will witness one more great swordsman in the future.”

Ryuji said in a calm tone. After his sharpness had subsided, he seemed to have changed a little. His face was still solemn, but he was no longer aggressive. He was like an old master.

“Thanks for your good words. I will work hard.”

Rhodes wasn’t humble either. A swordsman who gave up on becoming a great swordsman is definitely not a good swordsman.

Rhodes was even thinking about defeating Hawkeye and taking the position of the world’s number one swordsman.

As for Zoro, well, let him challenge me then.

Ryuji didn’t continue talking, but just took a deep look at Rhodes.

Even though he just gave up on his dream, Ryuji couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised that this kid actually defeated him.

He once heard Crow talk about Rhodes, and he knew that this young man wasn’t even in his twenties, he was just seventeen.

At this age, he has the power to defeat him. This kind of talent and potential is really incredible.

Ryuji can also be said to be well-informed. During his years in the revolutionary army, he traveled all over the world, experienced all kinds of storms and waves, and met many young and strong men, but he has never seen such a monster.

This is no longer something that can be achieved by pure talent. Will, hard work, luck, opportunities, and other aspects are all indispensable!

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