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RWBK Chapter 76 New Journey

The moment they heard Ryuji admitting defeat, Crow and the newly-promoted revolutionary soldiers came back to their senses. Suddenly, a series of gasping sounds sounded on the field, and a layer of fine dust was rolled up.

“Rhodes actually defeated a senior cadre…”

This news is undoubtedly unbelievable, but the fact that it happened before your eyes, you have no choice but to accept it.

This is too much!

Although Rhodes was very strong before, he was actually not so strong as to break through the sky. It was a kind of strength within the scope of understanding, and the talent potential displayed was also acceptable. Some people like Crow and others still had the intention to catch up and surpass.

But in this battle, the astonishing strength that Rhodes displayed was really unbelievable, and it shattered any hopes they had before.

“He’s really a monster…” Shanoa shook her head with a wry smile and completely lost the will to chase after him.

In this life, she would consider herself lucky if she reaches the height of Ryuji.

But Rhodes, this boy who is seven or eight years younger than her, has already surpassed Ryuji.

The gap between them can hardly be measured.

Moreover, she is very clear that this gap will probably become wider and wider until she can no longer see him.

Crow was also a little depressed.

Even his most respected teacher is no match for Rhodes, so he has nothing to say. The previous hope and self-confidence seem to have become a joke.

These young people of the same generation as Rhodes were in awe.

Hack, Gilteo, and other senior leaders of the revolutionary army were also amazed and looked at Rhodes with a kind of respect.

It’s no longer the way they used to look at him as a junior.

Strength determines status.

With Rhodes’ ability to defeat Ryuji, no one would foolishly treat Rhodes as a young junior.

This boy in white is enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them!

If it weren’t for the lack of qualifications, he might be directly promoted to a senior cadre.

“Win…I won, Rhodes won!” Koala covered her mouth in surprise.

“Yes, it’s really amazing.” The look in Sabo’s eyes was a little complicated.

He clenched his fists and his eyes gradually became firmer. It seemed that he has to work harder, without slacking off.

The moment Rhodes sheathed his sword, the battle finally came to an end.

It was only then that people noticed how shattered the battlefield was. Sword marks intertwined, and the ground was scorched black as if it had been baptized by thunder.

“Come with me Rhodes, the others leave.”

Dragon said in a deep voice, and the rest of the revolutionary army dispersed one after another, but before leaving, they all took a deep look at Rhodes.

Having seen this battle, they had only one thought in their minds.

That is, one more step and this young man will become a strong man who can change the world.

How long will take?

One year, two years, three years?

No one knows, but even if it will take three years, this guy will only be twenty years old!

meeting room.

“Your task this time is to go to the Kano Country and take over the work of the senior cadre, Siyue. Kano country is one of the countries that recently joined the World Government. The country is powerful, but the situation within it is complicated. There is also the large-scale armed organization Happo Navy, which is currently in charge of it. These are related Information, check it out when you have time.”

Intelligence control officer, Gilteo handed over some documents.


Rhodes took it with a nod, glanced at it, and memorized it all in his mind.

Next, Gilteo explained Rhodes’ task in detail.

Generally speaking, dealing with the underground forces, collecting materials, propagating revolutionary ideas, etc… The violent overthrow of the regime is not yet the first choice of the revolutionary army.

“Actually, you should be fine dealing with this task.”

Gilteo said: “However, on this journey, you will travel alone from the New World to the Western Sea. You call this the last test. “

“I hope you can complete it satisfactorily, and don’t be careless.”

In the eyes of these senior leaders of the Revolutionary Army, Rhodes, who has demonstrated terrifying potential, can be called the future of the Revolutionary Army, and no one wants such a seedling to have an accident.

But at this level, if you don’t go out to sea and gain experience, it may be difficult for you to fully reach your potential.

Therefore, no one tried to object.


Rhodes nodded, suddenly feeling weird.

Normal people break into the Grand Line from all over the world and finally enter the new world. This journey can often make a person transform and grow slowly through time.

But Rhodes practiced in reverse…

He started from the new world where the strong are like clouds, then to the first half of the Grand Line, and finally back to one of the four seas of the Blue Sea.

Of course, this is not to say that there are no strong players and no danger in the Grand Line of the Blue Sea.

Rhodes, who is familiar with the original work, is very clear about how many crouching tigers and hidden dragons this sea is hiding, and there must be many retired strong men on the Blue Sea.


These places are also where the Marines control the most tightly. Because of Rhodes’ identity as a revolutionary army, the personnels of the world government are also potential enemies.

In a sense, it is even more dangerous than the new world.

“Okay, you go and get ready first, we’re leaving tomorrow.” Gilteo laughed.

Rhodes nodded, turned, and left.

After he left, the meeting room suddenly fell silent.

Gilteo pondered for a while, but couldn’t help but said: “Boss, the matter about Gion and Rhodes…”

He looked worried and a little uncertain.

But Dragon waved his hand to stop him from finishing his sentence, and said calmly, “Haven’t you seen it yet?”

“For such a talented young man, it is impossible for Gion alone to influence his will and standpoint, even I can’t.”

“We just need to know that his position is definitely not on the side of the Celestial Dragons and the World Government”

“To overthrow a behemoth like the world government, we must learn to be tolerant and accommodate and combine all forces of resistance.”

Dragon’s tone was deep and his eyes were dark.

The world government has ruled the world for 800 years, and it is difficult for anyone to estimate how deep its roots are.

Even the Marines, who are their allies, are suffocating. What is there in the dark is simply unmeasurable.

At this time, Rhodes, who had just walked out of the conference room, ran into Koala, Nia, and Sabo who were waiting for him.

“How is it? When are you going to leave?”

Koala said with a smile.


“Let’s have a meal together, it’s a farewell.”

“Okay.” The four set off and soon arrived in the town.

The streets and buildings are still the same. They have been away for more than half a year, and there is still no change.

Walking on the street, Rhodes could feel many eyes looking at him, with awe, longing, admiration, and even envy…

It is estimated that the news of the battle was spread by the reservists.

Perhaps the townspeople don’t know what kind of figure the swordsman Ryuji is, but they still understand that Rhodes is already an unreachable star.

After the farewell meal, Rhodes did not return to the headquarters castle immediately. Instead, he met with the old doctor and chatted with him for a while in the clinic before leaving the town and returning to the castle.

Tomorrow, he will leave this windy and sandy, remote island, and embark on a new journey.

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