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RWBK Chapter 80 Sabaody Archipelago

The Holy Land Marijois.

This city’s center is the home of the world’s Celestial Dragons, an enormous castle that seems to reach for the stars, surrounded by clouds and mist, unlike anything in the mortal realm.

The outskirts of the city are the headquarters of the World Government, the office of the Five Elder Stars, and the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku.

The suburbs even further out are where the World Government’s high officials and the Celestial Dragon’s slaves reside.

Rhodes and the others arrived at the Holy Land Marijois through the roads of Dressrosa.

Upon arriving here, Rhodes was not as awestruck as he was before when he gazed upon the sea or up at the sky.

The world is worthy of awe, but this corrupt and degraded noble government and the self-proclaimed gods, the Celestial Dragons, are not.

Their journey through Mariejois went smoothly, except for some discomfort caused by the Celestial Dragon guards’ show of power and slightly scrutinizing and arrogant glances.

Before long, Rhodes and the others arrived on this side of the Great Line.

However, there was a difference here.

Instead of a fully technological lift, there was a more magical bubble gondola.

This type of bubble is a unique product of the climate of the Skypiea archipelago and is very practical and beautiful.

Another journey of ten thousand meters ascent.

Rhodes and the others once again landed at the Red Port, only this time it was the Red Port on the first half of the Great Line.

This port is clearly more prosperous and bustling.

As soon as Rhodes and the others emerged from the bubble, someone came up to them, ready to say something, but suddenly saw the smile that wasn’t really a smile on Soros’ face, and these people were suddenly scared and fell back.

Soros, who works for the World Government, may not be much in front of strong people like Rhodes, but for these ordinary merchants, he is an irreplaceable big shot, who cannot be offended.

Soros couldn’t help but smile.

In the New World, he may be unknown, but in the first half of the Great Line, and in the archipelago region, Soros is one of the few big shots, and no one knows how many people treat him as a VIP.

However, seeing Rhodes’s indifferent gaze, Soro shook all over and quickly led the way.

“This way please, this way please, I have a special boat heading to the Sabaody.”

Rhodes nodded lightly and walked forward first.

Soros followed, half a step behind, while his demeanor was extremely respectful.

The group left quickly, leaving a deep impression on the merchants.

“Who is that young man? He can even make Soros so respectful and pleasing!”

“It must be the offspring of a high official in the World Government.”

“Oh, it really pays to be born into the right family. You don’t have to struggle your whole life.”

Everyone shook their heads and sighed, showing envy and jealousy.

At this time, Rhodes and the others also arrived at the port and boarded a very luxurious, even ostentatious, large sailboat.

Seeing Rhodes’s surprised gaze, Soros awkwardly said,

“I work for the World Government, so I naturally have to put on a good front.”

“That suits you.” Rhodes nodded casually.

Everyone has their own survival skills. Soros goes to great lengths to make connections and curry favor with the upper ranks.

Rhodes, on the other hand, just focuses on training and becoming stronger. When the time comes, he will naturally enjoy endless power, status, and wealth.

A position derived from strength is the most stable.


The Sabaody Islands are considered a transit point on the entire Great Line.

Not only is this place a lookout for pirates heading to the New World, but it is also very close to the Marines headquarters and the Red Port.

This naturally superior location has brought together countless pirates, marines, nobles, and officials of the World Government, as well as attracting countless merchants to do business here.

Due to the World Government’s indulgence of the Sabaody Islands, many powerful forces from the dark world, such as the Donquixote family, have many industries here.

This group of islands is known as the world’s largest commodity distribution center, where all kinds of treasures can be found, even extremely rare items such as Devil Fruits appear from time to time.

Rhodes came to the Sabaody Islands not only to see the so-called gray area but also to search for a famous sword.

His original long sword made by the revolutionary headquarters is no longer able to withstand the burden, even with the support of the Busoshoku Haki.

However, Rhodes does not want to frequently change swords. He prefers to get everything done in one step.

The best swords are the Supreme Great blades, and the second-best is still usable.

Rhodes asked Soros, “Which shop here has the best weapons, especially famous swords, and blades?”

“A weapon shop?” Soros was momentarily confused before slapping his forehead, “There’s a really good one on the 14th island. The owner is said to be a master blacksmith who’s made blades for many sword masters, and he’s renowned far and wide.”

“Oh?” Rhodes’s eyes lit up. This kind of person might have some really good swords in their collection.

The 14th island was a lawless area, with pirates carrying swords everywhere. However, there was still a basic order in place.

“This area is under the control of the Donquixote family, so normal pirates can fight as much as they want, but they can’t cause trouble in the shops,” Soros responsibly explained the local customs of the Sabaody Archipelago.

“I heard that this year’s supernova, Cavendish, has already landed on the Sabaody Archipelago,” Soros said.

“He’s a tough one, and he hasn’t even entered the New World yet, but his bounty is already 280 million Belly.”

The so-called supernovas are pirates with bounties of over 100 million Belly in the first half of the Grand Line. These people have exceptional talent and strength, and they also have a strong aura about them.

“Cavendish? He’s not bad,” Rhodes said with an indifferent expression.

Supernova bounties often have some inflation, so Cavendish’s real strength was probably around 240 million Belly.

Pirates with this level are at most a brigade general level, and perhaps they are slightly tricky to deal with due to some unique ability, but Rhodes could kill them easily as long as they were within his line of sight. They wouldn’t even be able to run if he wanted to.

“It’s called, The Ten Thousand Blades Pavilion!” Soros said.

“Although the Sabaody Archipelago has many shops and a huge market, it’s ultimately controlled by a few big powers. The Ten Thousand Blades Pavilion is one of them, and it has a history of hundreds of years.” Soros introduced as they walked in.

The staff had already come up to ask what they wanted to buy. Those who could come to the Ten Thousand Blades Pavilion were at least top-level swordsmen, and sword masters were not uncommon, so it was usually a big deal.

“Call your master,” Soros said haughtily to the small shopkeeper, despite his respectful attitude towards Rhodes.

“Who are you?” The shopkeeper asked, a little confused.

In a place like the Sword Master’s Shop, the highest position was not held by the shopkeeper, but rather by masters who oversaw the shop. These Masters were famous blacksmiths and the prized possessions of the shop, with significant influence.

“Please wait a moment,” the shopkeeper said, despite his doubts. He could tell by the man’s demeanor and well-groomed appearance that he was someone of importance.

As they waited, a staff member brought them some fragrant tea.

Not long after, the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching. An old craftsman with a beard in disarray emerged from the back, looking to be in his 50s or older.

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