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RWBK Chapter 79 Up To The Top of The World!

The sea gradually calmed, and the wind and waves subsided.

People finally caught their breath and looked at each other, each seeing in the other’s eyes a dreamy, unbelievable sensation.

“Thank goodness, we’re saved. I thought I was a goner just now.”

“Who is that guy? He’s so handsome and strong. He seriously injured a Sea King with just one sword.”

“He’s amazing. He looks pretty young too! He has such unlimited potential!”

The crowd regained their senses, swallowing their saliva and wearing looks of relief at having survived a disaster.

At this point, Soros walked to the ship’s railing, his eyes filled with complex emotions.

“It seems that I’ve misjudged him. He’s already the predator!”

Soros was filled with amazement.

He had thought Rhodes was a solitary man who had been struck down by a strong pirate in the New World.

But with this kind of talent and potential, no matter where he was, or where he went before, he would be the one doing the striking, not getting struck down.

The two black-clad bodyguards followed behind. They were both tall men over two meters in height. But at this moment, they blushed and wished they could bury their heads in the sea, especially the one who boasted he could beat ten of Rhodes. The guy almost knelt down on the ground.

Rhodes paid no attention to any of this. He looked calm and slowly landed on the deck.

In an instant, the entire ship fell silent, save for the sound of the sea breeze, and all the people wore looks of awe.

Soros saw the opportunity and quickly walked up to Rhodes, respectfully saying:

“Thank you very much for coming to our aid, I am grateful.”

“Don’t say these polite words, just send someone to deal with that food.”

Rhodes was not as cold as Soros had imagined, but instead pointed excitedly at the tentacle in the distance and said.


Soros was slightly taken aback. He seems like he really does like tentacles?

He didn’t dare to neglect and quickly ordered his men to drive the ship over and arrange the tentacle. He also called the head chef on board and asked him to do his best to prepare the food, making sure to satisfy Rhodes.

The head chef had also witnessed the divine-like scene just now and naturally didn’t dare to neglect it. He shouted and started to work.

In a short while, the rare seafood was made into 18 dishes, with a fragrant aroma.

Rhodes ate with great relish and tasted the deliciousness of the deep sea.

The meat was very fresh and more delicious than the grilled snake. It also contained abundant energy and nutrition and was very invigorating.

“No wonder strong people sailing on the sea are rarely starved to death. Sea Kings may be difficult to deal with, but low-level sea beasts are enough to easily satisfy the needs of the entire ship.”

Rhodes almost swallowed his tongue and saw from the corners of his eyes that Soros and the others were standing respectfully not far away, sniffing the smell of food, constantly swallowing saliva, but not daring to approach.

Even the head chef was like this.

Rhodes smiled and said, “Let’s eat together, I can’t finish it all by myself.”

“This, this doesn’t seem right…”

Soros said this but started eating the fastest.

“It’s really good!”

He praised it, as food made from Sea Kings was truly top-class food that only strong people could enjoy.

Soros, with his status comparable to that of a state-owned enterprise chairman in the real world, rarely ate it, and most of the time it wasn’t fresh.

The two black-clad bodyguards carefully watched Rhodes, their hearts always feeling a little uneasy.

Because they realized a very serious problem.

When they spoke contemptuously earlier, Rhodes wasn’t too far away. Perhaps ordinary people, or even ordinary strong people, couldn’t hear it, but with Rhodes’s strength, it was probably crystal clear…

Thinking of this, the two super mercenaries, who had caused a stir in the underground world and killed over a hundred million bounty pirates, seemed like wronged primary school students facing their teacher, shrinking together, with their two-meter-plus heights looking about the same height as the normally-sized Rhodes.

They didn’t even have the desire to eat, just hoping that Rhodes wouldn’t pay attention to them.

Rhodes’s gaze didn’t even fall on them. He wasn’t so cruel as to take someone’s life because of a couple of contemptuous words, but a slight reprimand was still necessary.

This time, learn the lesson and don’t look down on people because of their age in the future.

In the future, there will be many young people with extraordinary strength.

This time, the host and guests enjoyed themselves.

Soros’s ability to adapt to the situation was impeccable.

If Rhodes was a normal strong person, he would have confidence in building a relationship and even achieving a fairly equal status.

But with Rhodes’s age and strength, he didn’t have much confidence.

Moreover, he had to think deeply that with such strength at such an age, there must almost certainly be a powerful teacher behind him, or an unknown force supporting him.

This trip may have just been a test of his skills.

People like that should just be kept in the back of his mind. It’s not worth the risk of getting involved with them, as it could be either a blessing or a curse.

Rhodes didn’t know about the self-projections of this business official.

After filling up on food and drink, he returned to his cabin to continue his endless, grueling training.

He wouldn’t let temporary prosperity distract him and he was very clear about where all this respect came from. Strength is the foundation of everything.

The stronger he is, the more he can understand his own insignificance.

He still has a long way to go to reach the peak of the sea.


As they continued their journey, it went smoothly.

One day later, they passed the inspection of the G1 branch of the Marines and were allowed to proceed. The merchant ship soon arrived at the Red Port, just below the holy land of Mariejois.

In this world, there are two ways to enter and exit the New World: one was through the sky, and the other was through the sea. The path before Rhodes was the government-exclusive route that ascends 10,000 meters into the sky.

Of course, others could also pass through this route by applying for permission, but it often takes a long time to wait and requires giving up their ships.

Soros had already prepared the necessary arrangements and, upon arriving at the Red Port, led Rhodes and the others straight to the lift. The interior of the Red Port was unremarkable, especially the half of the port on the New World side, which was almost undeveloped and heavily guarded by formidable soldiers everywhere.

As they walked on the road, the surveillance never stopped. With Soros leading the way, Rhodes and the others quickly boarded the lift.

The lift was made of a special metal with extremely strong bearing capacity and was very wide.

Rhodes and the others stood on it and were barely noticeable. Soros directed his subordinates to carry the cargo while Rhodes curiously looked around.

The elevator now ill go up ten thousand meters…

In the previous world, Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, was only about eight thousand meters high.

“I wonder what kind of energy drives it,” Rhodes muttered in amazement.

Soon, Soros was ready and called out to them, and the elevator slowly rose, very smoothly, with hardly any bumps.

The high altitude in the pirate world is different from that on Earth in the previous world. A high altitude does not make it impossible for humans to survive.

“No matter how many times I see it, I feel tiny like dust.”

Soros sighed beside him.

The altitude here is already very high, and the Red Line below has long since become a small black dot. Looking out to the sea, it is vast and boundless, and the blue sky seems to be within reach.

The faint fog seems to be within reach, and this feeling of standing on the clouds makes one feel as if they are trampling the entire world under their feet, irresistibly fascinated.

“No wonder the World Government built its headquarters here.”

“This place is indeed worthy of belonging to the top of the world’s power.”

Rhodes whispered to himself, leaning on the railing and looking far into the distance, with deep look in his eyes.

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