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RWBK Chapter 2: Another Life Time of Being Handsome

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Rhodes didn’t pin his hopes on the other talents that may or may not be offered by the book of knowledge.

He’s a pragmatic person, who believes that only the power that is actually in his hands’ matters.

Therefore, after he opened the sword specialist talent, he has been insisting on practicing his swordsmanship all the time. In addition to his medical work, he spent the rest of his time practicing swordsmanship.

After clearing his mind and gradually regaining his focus, he locked his thought on his inner power which granted him that feeling of incomparable concentration.

For a moment, the world in his view has changed and lost its colors turning into a black and white one, yet everything was pulsating in it.

It was just an ordinary slash at that moment, but it was more than enough to cut the wooden stake into two halves.

Unfortunately, during these three months, apart from that one-time incident, he has never been able to enter that state again.

Afterward, he recalled some events from the original and felt that it was very similar to what Zoro used to defeat Mr.1.

“Rhythm of All Things… It can greatly enhance the damage dealt by the simple slash, and at the same time, it can also be used to defend against the Flying Slash Attacks, which is the sword energy.”

“Only when you clear your heart and focus on the sword, you will reach that kind of state…”

Rhodes thought quietly while practicing.

He asked Koala, the smart and lovely girl was very smart, and gave him a clearer answer.

The Rhythm of All things is very mysterious, but in essence, it is an unparalleled state of concentration.

In this state, the swordsmen can actually feel the rhythm of all things, and following that rhythm, even a rusted iron sword can through steel!


After half an hour.

Feeling numbs from all his body and especially from his arms was a sign for Rhodes to stop practicing his swordsmanship and find a place to rest.

“My body is still too weak…”

While heavily breathing Rhodes tried to relax his muscles, then closed his eyes and quietly recalled his last training session.

A great swordsman, will not just rest, and will try to detect and correct every slight mistake in his swordsmanship practice, maximizing the effect of each exercise season to the extreme.

Ordinary people will perhaps need two days or even a few more of unstopped training in to form muscle memory.

But Rhodes only needs one to two hours, thanks to this method, which makes the difference in efficiency huge.

“Rhodes, I think you should take part in the assessment that will take place later.”

Rhodes suddenly realized that Koala was standing next to him, and the whole time she was talking about something.

“Joining what?”

Rhodes turned his head and looked at her curiously.

“The assessment of the reverse force. It will probably include two tests, the physical power test, and actual combat strength. The qualified ones will join the reverse force of the Revolutionary Army and receive further training.”

Koala said with a smile.

As an instructor of basic physical training, she’s not only responsible for training people, but also shoulders the responsibility of discovering new talents.

The revolutionary army is not like the world government or the marine. anyone can be recruited immediately, Koby could join them easily after all. The Revolutionary Army can only rely on individuals all over the world to actively seek and recruit potential newcomers, but this way of course is inefficient and can cause spies to get into their system.

Fortunately, the leader of the Revolutionary army, Monkey D.Dragon is a very foresighted leader. Since the foundation of the Revolutionary army, he pursued a firm policy for newcomers.

They start collecting orphans from all over the world and bring them to Baltigo for training, these kids who were raised at the Revolutionary Army headquarters will undoubtedly grow to be the freshest and most trustworthy blood of the Revolutionary army. Therefore; they don’t really have to worry about loyalty issues.

“Further training?”

Rhodes didn’t really care about joining, but he was a little eager for further training.

Practicing alone has never been a problem, but he won’t mind having a better sword too. Without mentioning the advanced physical training he will gain, as well as more abilities he might obtain after joining the Revolutionary Army.

In a world where the pirates dominate, it’s basically impossible to survive alone.

“Okay, I’ll do my best,” Rhodes said.

“Don’t get all worked up and screw this up for yourself, you might struggle in the first test, but you will be fine once you take the actual combat test,” Koala said with a smile.

She seems to be enjoying this!

Rhodes nodded slightly, then he focused on resting.

He wasn’t afraid, but Rhodes didn’t like the idea of doing something he was not sure about.

Time gradually passed by.

Today seems to be a special day.

Rhodes could recognize a lot of people he saw around the place.

Most of these people were residents on the island.

This island was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army. Questioning the fact that the children on this island will become members of the Revolutionary Army is like questioning the blue color of the sky.

Of course, none of them will end up joining the navy!

Many people saw Rhodes standing with a sword in his hand and greeted him with a smile. The name Doctor Rhodes was very famous in Baltigo after all.

There were also many young girls who secretly looked at him from a distance with a blush on their cheeks.

Rhodes was a handsome guy in his past life, and crossing over to this world didn’t cost him his good-looking face.

He’s like an idol on this island.

Although this world has all kinds of disasters, illnesses, diseases, ugly people, broken systems, pirates, and killers, Rhodes came to a strange conclusion after he lived in it for a while; this world is eye-catching. Everyone dares to recognize the first, but there weren’t many people who dared to recognize the second.

The physical recovery of the people in this world is very strange. When Rhodes watched the anime before, he often saw how the protagonists sometimes suffer serious injuries; however, after sleeping and eating for a day they will just go back to normal life as if nothing has happened.

Unfortunately, Rhodes didn’t have such monstrous physical power.

But he prepared a lot of high-energy dried meat. In this world, this kind of thing contains extremely rich energy and nutrition, which is much better than having a Red Bull.

In just ten minutes, Rhodes could feel all the pain and exhaustion from his previous training session were gone, and he was ready to go at it again.

Gradually, the crowd in the training field started to calm down, and silence controlled the place.

The crowd that was standing on the edge of the field looked excited and full of curiosity watching the strange equipment they prepared for the test in the middle of the field.

“Is this the Doriki device that can measure the person’s Power Level?”

Rhodes narrowed his eyes.

The Doriki system in the original was rather vague.

The Doriki level for a regular marine soldier with a gun is about ten points, a Doriki of 500 or higher is classified as superhuman, Rob Lucci, who is known to be the CP9’s strongest in past eight hundred years, had 4000 Doriki.

I wonder what are the requirements for joining the reverse force of the Revolutionary Army?

It should be relatively high, after all, a member of the Revolutionary army needs to be strong so he could successfully do his quests.

No one has spoken a word before the test.

Under the resolute arrangement of Koala, the test immediately began.

And Rhodes, who was watching from the side, finally understood what she meant by the physical power test.

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