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RWBK Chapter 8: Breathing

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When Rhodes arrived at the meeting point, Rez and the others were already there, looking nervous, while glancing around.

The bottom of the castle has a large space in the center, and there are sturdy stone pillars standing up, big enough to cover a large person like Rez. The stone pillars glow with an icy luster, and they looked like they are made of metal and engraved with mysterious patterns.

Standing here, human beings will have a sense of insignificance.

Rez, who was the strongest among the newcomers, with almost superhuman strength, clenched his fists helplessly, and the arrogance in his heart subsided.

“The Revolutionary Army Headquarters…”

Rhodes wasn’t afraid. In this regard, transmigrators have an extraordinary psychological advantage.

He looked left and right, and a curious light flashed in his eyes.

No one knows how many powerful people and how many secrets are hidden inside these walls of the Revolutionary Army HQ; the base of the organization that is recognized by the world government, as the most dangerous.

Tap tap tap……

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps in the distance, which seemed very distant in this empty space.

Rez and the others turned to look.

And they saw a sturdy human being in a martial arts uniform walking slowly over.

“Murloc Hack?” Rhodes’ eyes flickered slightly. Is he in charge of teaching the reservists?

I don’t know where Sabo is now and how strong he is.

In front of Rhodes and others, Hack said in a deep voice, “I am your future instructor Hack.”

“Follow me.”

After he finished speaking, he walked in one direction, and Rez and others quickly followed.

Hack led Rhodes and his party all the way to the second floor of the castle unimpeded.

This headquarters is obviously heavily guarded, and there are many strong people hidden in the dark.

However, in the eyes of the real powerhouses, no matter how strong the defense is, it is all the same.

It was like the headquarters of the marines, which was invaded by the golden lion, Shiki, and destroyed half of it. After the war, it was even more fragmented. The headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was also destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates.

This is the world of the strong, and true strong people have nothing to fear.

After passing through several corridors, the group came to a wide hall.

In this hall, there are many young men and women who are slightly older than Rhodes and the others. They were practicing their own techniques or fighting each other.

When Hack stepped in, these people all stopped, looked over in unison, and saluted the fish-man Hack respectfully.

“Are they all from the revolutionary army reserve force?”

Rhodes glanced around; the enhanced perception made him more sensitive to the aura. I am afraid that every one of these reservists is stronger than Rhodes and Rez.

“Well, I should be able to live for two more episodes.” Rhodes withdrew his gaze and stopped paying attention.

Hack didn’t stop here but brought Rhodes and others to a smaller hall.

“Everyone sit down.”

Hack motioned for everyone to find a place to sit down, and then said, “This is where you will practice in the future, and also where you will live from now on.”

“Once you become a reservist, it means saying goodbye to the life of ordinary people.”

“What you will face next is not only my special training but also real combat. A battle of blood and fire, perhaps a savage pirate, or a wild beast.”

These words were extremely solemn. Rez and the others couldn’t help but look serious while feeling a bit of uneasiness in their hearts.

For a long time.

Hack the Murloc spoke, then his tone became a bit softer, and said, “But you don’t have to think about it for the time being.”

“Your top priority is to become stronger.”

Speaking of which, he paused slightly, glanced at everyone present, and said, “Whether you are a swordsman practitioner or a devil fruit person, you must understand one thing.”

“The strength of the body is the foundation of everything.”

“If your body is not strong enough, no matter how strong you are in other aspects, this body of yours won’t be able to carry on, and one day it will collapse. “

What he said was deafening and convincing.

Rez and the others seem to understand but not fully.

Rhodes, who is familiar with the plot, took it seriously. In the world of pirates, all the real powerhouses are monsters capable of fighting for days and nights; their blood bars are almost endless.

This is also the reason why Rhodes was so excited after he developed the lightning body enhancer technique.

In a sea where such monsters live, you can’t survive unless you become one of them too.

“Now, let me teach you a way of breathing first.”

The Murloc Hack said: “Although the strengthening of the body is accumulated over time, and there is no big shortcut. There are some very good tricks that can speed up this process.”

“One of the best tricks is this breathing method. A correct breathing method can make the muscles of the human body get sufficient oxygen supply, thereby speeding up the effect of exercises, and strengthening every part of the body, which leads to creating a superhuman body without flaws. “

Rhodes and the others listened quietly, while the Murloc Hack explained, then they tried to do as the Murloc Hack said.

The breathing method proposed by the Murloc Hack is very strange.

As a doctor, Rhodes knows very clearly that when a normal person breathes, he inhales a lot of oxygen, but when he exhales, he also exhales part of that oxygen, which is natural, because the human body can’t fully utilize all of that amount in one go.

And the method taught by the Murloc Hack can help you control the way of breathe and absorb and utilize all the oxygen.

The change of instinct is extremely troublesome, but the people present are not ordinary people, they are all semi-superhumans with a Doroki Strength value of more than 200. Naturally, it cannot be calculated by common sense.

Rhodes, who mastered the state of concentration, and developed the lightning enhancer body technique, had far better control over his body than ordinary people, so he quickly mastered some tricks and began to adjust his breathing little by little.


When he mastered this special way of breathing, he suddenly found that his whole body seemed to be different; he felt lighter.

The heartbeats were more powerful, and the brain seemed to be more awake.

“This way of breathing seems to strengthen the internal organs?”

Rhodes narrowed his eyes, and a dazzling light could not help but flash.

At this moment, he seemed to have found the reason behind the unscientific health bars of these powerhouses.

The influence of a big viscera on the body is comprehensive. If it can be enhanced through practice, it will naturally create a monster-like life.

And this is even more important to Rhodes.

It’s because of the fragility of his internal organs that he dares not let lightning reach those parts.

If you can gradually strengthen your internal organs through this breathing method. Once they reach a certain extent, they can withstand the degree of lightning current strengthening.

Once he achieves that, the lightning enhancer body technique will finally be completed, and Rhodes’ body would have no weaknesses.

“Well, you have mastered it so quickly?”

The fish-man Hack, who seemed to have noticed something, was slightly startled and took a deep look at Rhodes who was sitting on the edge.

“Is this the young swordsman that Koala mentioned?”

“He’s really terrifying.”

Learning this breathing method is not difficult. What is difficult is to integrate it into your everyday activities, even when you’re sleeping, such a thing will take years of training to master, and being able to master it so quickly means that Rhodes has extraordinary control over his body.

The Murloc Hack has taught so many reservists, but he has never seen such an existence.

It took Sabo a lot of time to do it.

“When you master this breathing method, you must try to turn it into an instinct and integrate it into every activity in your daily life, whether it is sleeping or exercising, one must maintain it.”

These words, Hack originally planned to say after everyone successfully comprehends the essence of this breathing method.

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