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RWBK Chapter 9: One Month

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After reaching a certain level in the pirate world, almost everyone starts practicing alone, or finding someone to learn from, and improve themselves through battles.

Generally speaking, the master only plays the role of showing the right path, laying a solid foundation for the students, occasionally answering questions, and so on.

Therefore, after becoming a reservist, you are extremely free, and there is no obligation to gather and train somewhere; you plan your own time every day.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that being lazy is okay.

Not to mention the assessment at the end of the year, it is the occasional actual combat test that spurs the reservists to work and practice harder.

Of course, in a world where only the strong can survive, as long as you have a little pursuit, you will rarely waste time. Besides, Baltigo is not much fun, and it is boring.

Revolutionary Army Headquarters, second floor, a separate exercise room.

Rather than training in the hall in front of everyone’s eyes, Rhodes prefers to practice alone.

“One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six…”

Indoors, Rhodes was topless, doing push-ups to strengthen his arms, waist, and abdomen.

Sweat made the ground under him wet, but Rhodes was still maintaining the special way of breathing he learned from Hack.

Obviously, in these few days of exercise, he has incorporated this breathing method into his instinct, and he can maintain it even exercise that is meant to push the limits.

“One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight, one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine, two thousand!”

After doing 2,000 push-ups, Rhodes had no intention of stopping to rest and pushed himself as much as possible.


“Two thousand two hundred and thirty-two… two thousand three hundred and thirty-three…”


Once again, he wanted to hold up his upper body, but he stopped halfway, and fell directly to the ground, unable to stand up again, so he could only keep breathing.

“Is the limit two thousand three hundred thirty-three?”

His body was exhausted to the extreme, motionless like a salted fish, but Rhodes’ eyes were shining brightly. This feeling of strength growing day by day really made him infatuated.

Level 2: Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1


Swordsmanship Specialist – With the combination of human and sword, your comprehension of swordsmanship is greatly improved!

Thunder Control – The Rebirth of the God of Thunder, you can freely control the power of thunder!

Energy: 3/1000

Rhodes opened the attribute bar and glanced at it. Seeing the increased energy, Rhodes closed his eyes with satisfaction and took a break.


At the same time.

The Reserve Force training hall.

Rez was doing weight-bearing exercises. After mastering the special breathing method, his physique has gradually grown.

At this time, he was very confident. If he takes the Doroki strength test again, he would definitely be able to exceed 400, or even more.

“Rez, Rhodes isn’t here again today?” A tall and short-haired woman asked Rez.

“Nia-Sama, Rhodes likes to exercise alone.”

Rez said respectfully: “He seems to be practicing in the exercise room. He starts early and returns late, we rarely see each other.”

There are more than 100 reservist members in the headquarters, divided into ten teams.

Both Rhodes and Rez are under Nia’s command. She usually doesn’t give them orders, but they are led by Nia when they perform actual combat missions.

Being able to become a team captain as a woman, Nia’s strength is unquestionable, and she can easily smash Rez.

So Rez is very respectful.

“Hmph, what a lonely man.”

Nia snorted coldly, turned around, and left with some dissatisfaction; she was a little unhappy with this new team member who didn’t fit in well.


After three seconds of silence for Rhodes, Rez immediately restarted his training.


A month passed quickly.

This month, Rhodes had a very fulfilling life; every minute and every second was fully arranged.

Running electric current at night to strengthen his body instead of sleep.

And when he leaves early in the morning, he starts by eating an elephant of supplements and food. Thanks to the sufficient food provided by the reservists, he didn’t need to spend money.

After that, he starts doing physical exercises in the morning to control his soaring strength and speed.

In the afternoon, he practices his swordsmanship and develops his lightning abilities.

Day after day, almost every day, Rhodes could feel the growth of his physique and the improvement of his strength.

Rhodes never felt sick of this feeling of getting stronger step by step and was deeply immersed in it.

After a month, Rhodes’ body has changed a lot. Although it can’t reach the level of muscle bulge like Rez, it has become a lot better than the slightly thinner body he had before.

This is also a state that Rhodes is extremely satisfied with.


This is just an external change, and the real physical improvement is far greater than this image.

It was hard to estimate the strength of his physical body at this time. He only knew that if he went to test his Doroki strength at this time, he might easily achieve a top-notch result.

One afternoon.

As soon as Rhodes wiped out the hill-like lunch, he immediately returned to the training room and started today’s swordsmanship training and lightning development.


Bathed in the dazzling blue light, Rhodes is like the god of thunder who walked out of the age of mythology, extremely majestic.

“The intensity of lightning has increased again.”

“Sure enough, thanks to the accumulation of the energy bar of the book of knowledge, the intensity of thunder and lightning will continue to increase!”

Inside the blue light, Rhodes opened his eyes, dazzling like stars.

After a month of hard work, the energy has jumped to 66 points.

The intensity of lightning has increased a lot, and Rhodes clearly felt the change.

At first, the power of thunder that Rhode could control was only slightly paralyzing, and at the same time, it could only be attached to the body’s surface and could not be released.

As for the current Rhodes, the discharge alone can make ordinary people lose control of their bodies, and the thunder and lightning released can probably fly five or six meters away.

Closing his eyes, he controlled the lightning to spread to the blade in his hand, until the entire sword showed a light blue color.

But Rhodes didn’t stop.

He continued to increase the output of lightning, and slowly, the sound of lightning flicking resounded in the exercise room.

At this time, the blade of the sword was completely covered by blue light, which was extremely bright.

Rhodes held the hilt of the sword and gently swiped the sword at the testing stone in front of him. He hardly felt any resistance, and the corner of the test stone was cut off and fell to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Rhodes smiled lightly, feeling slightly satisfied.

The current lightning strength is not capable of performing big moves such as releasing tens of millions of volts but relying on the swordsmanship that has grown up, he can still burst out a remarkable power.

Of course, the most powerful feature of Thunderbolt is its penetrability. If this penetrability is blessed on the tip of the sword, Rhodes can even easily pierce steel.

But attaching it to the blade can also improve the sharpness of the weapon.

The one in his hand is just a very ordinary stainless steel long sword, but with the enhancement of lightning, it is almost as sharp as a famous sword!

“My strength has improved so much, it’s a little itchy.”

Feeling the surging power in his body, Rhodes smiled.

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